Abortion, solution or setback?

Due to lots of talk about abortion as of late, it was decided to openly voice our opinion about this. Given, this topic is one of extreme controversy, especially as of the last decade, which is understandable. What is not understandable, however, is the fact that people are getting away with the murder of a potential human being, whose fate and future is still undecided but guaranteed, and yet the majority of people think of it as acceptable, and is widely accepted in the Western world.


It should be widely understood that a child in the womb is an independent organism, relying on the mother for vital vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals, which are taken from mainly food. Just because the baby is inside a woman, though, doesn’t mean that the baby is an extended part of the mother’s body. Which hence means that both the mother AND father have no right to decide whether the unborn child should live or die. Certain feminists lately state that since the baby is a part of their body, they have full control over it and can do whatever they want with their body (hence proposing that they can decide they can abort the child). The second part is acceptable and fathomable, but as stated before, the baby is NOT part of the mother’s body. The mother’s womb is just a temporary place for the baby to reside in until it is strong enough and ready to be born. If a baby had another environment that feeds it with all the vital vitamins for its health and strength, people would no doubt use that method instead of the natural one.

Of course, there are cases of rape, but this will be dealt with in a later article.

In the end though, it is the behaviour and attitude of our society that has to change in order for this problem to be solved, and not by passing laws that prohibit abortion. If one would realise that they are taking the decision to end the life of a purely innocent child, they would not take the risk of all the stress that comes with ending that life. Of course, this all depends on the upbringing and values of the person in case, but that comes round to society again. It is society’s duty to change its attitude about this subject. If one kills a person of any age, they would be sent to prison. But if an INNOCENT, UNBORN child is killed…it’s as if nothing ever happened. This mentality has to be reformed.

Education is the best and only way to modify and eliminate this mind-set that seems to be permanently imprinted into our minds that abortion is something that is accepted. When one mentions the term “abortion”, it should be directly linked to something as grave and grotesquely horrifying as “homicide”. It is an unnatural and immoral way of exterminating a guiltless life that has not yet *lived*.

In my opinion these should be the views of society on abortion.

Written by: Matthew Cassar


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