Comic Con 2017: Thoughts and Review

Good evening everyone!

I would like to kick this post off by first saying that whilst it has been a while, I’ve gotten a lot of studying out of the way, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to give this blog some more attention.

So, let’s get started then!
Besides being a huge lover of books, I am also very interested in comics, anime, and Comic Con. Comic Con wasn’t always a thing on my tiny island, introduced about 6-7 years ago, but now it’s really grown and the amount of attendees, as well as artists, keep growing!

This Comic Con would be the 3rd one that I’ve attended so far, and whilst overall it was enjoyable, it wasn’t what I was really expecting when compared to my other experiences. There was always something in the other two that kept pulling me back, making me not want to leave; but this time, however, I was very relieved once I left.

This Comic Con took place on Saturday 2nd and Friday 3rd, and my boyfriend and I decided to go on Saturday. We arrived around 3ish, at the MFCC in Valletta, Malta’s capital city, and found the hall to be jam-packed with people. Thankfully there was still breathing room, but it was incredibly crowded. Quite the turnout! There were also a number of artists and comic stands and funko-pops for sale, and a few tables at one end with computers and game consoles, and right before that, there was this huge car (which I thought was VERY out of place) where very (very) loud music was being played from. Normally, I’m all for good music, but this was unfortunately a bit too much. I couldn’t even hear the person next to me properly. It also felt much more commercialized – it felt less about the comics and anime and bringing like-minded people together, and more about making money. I don’t think that was the intention, but it was just a vibe I got.

However, despite this, there were LOADS of artists. An insane amount! And not just local – there were also international artists! As well as Lee Townsend and two foreign authors who were there to sell and sign their books, and whilst I was loving that, I felt really shy and with the music I couldn’t have really good conversations with them about writing and publishing. However, that was a huge plus for me.

In all, whilst I did leave a bit disappointed and out of place, I will definitely be going back next year.

Also, below are items I bought from Comic Con (in order). Some drawings, pins and a comic by Elle Stubbings, a black-and-white comic and some postcards by Iella, and a signed book of The Damsel and the Dragon by Mae McKinnon! Very excited to get into this book 
How are Comic Cons in other countries? Does anyone have any other thoughts on the Maltese Comic Con? Agreements/Disagreements? Please let me know below! 



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