Bonġu Malta

Just when I thought I had heard it all, and just when I believed that rock bottom had already been digged into, I happened to log into my Facebook account, and whilst scrolling through my newsfeed a flashy headline hit my eyesight. Mrs Michelle Muscat, the beloved wife of our country’s Prime Minister, had just declared that she was more sorry than Daphne Caruana Galizia’s own family when she was notified of the latter’s gruesome assassination. Upon reading this statement, I just kept staring at my iPhone’s screen for around five long minutes. Unable to react. Unable to twitch an eyelid. For how could I react to such a headline?


A few minutes later, when my mind had finally commenced processing that phrase which I had just read, a myriad of emotions started kicking in. Despair. Sadness. Hurt. Anger. All at one go. Then the natural question kicked in – but what on earth was She thinking when issuing such a statement? Did She even bother to even dare to think about the consequences such a statement would leave on Daphne’s family? And let’s face it – who was She trying to kid?

Two days later we get to know that She is the socialist mastermind behind her husband’s agenda; so much so that She proudly claimed to be more socialist than Dr Muscat himself. But, we also learn (to our huge surprise) that She is a normal woman, a normal wife, and also a normal mother to two female children. The irony. Has She perhaps forgotten that Daphne was a normal wife, a normal daughter, a normal sister, a normal aunt, a normal mother to three male children, and a normal lady, too?


I guess we all express our grief in different manners. But, to compare your grief to that of Daphne’s own kins, Mrs (or should I say Goddess?) Muscat, is nothing but a loud alarm bell echoing disturbing noises of your egocentric mania.

Malta – about time you wake up and turn off the alarm clock, no? #BonġuMalta

Written by: Mariah Mula


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