7 Steps to Mastering Comic Con

Whether you’re a Comic Con expert or a first-timer, you’re bound to realise you’ve forgotten something by the time you finish reading.

Venue Change

Unless you want to trudge through traffic towards Valletta only to realize you’ve cursed your way to an empty conference centre – keep in mind that this year’s con is at MFCC not MCC! That said, be prepared for a bigger venue and more people to impress with your cosplaying skills. 

Got Your Tickets? 

To all the indecisive souls, that have been putting off ticket-purchase decisions ever since phase one of the tickets was launched – time’s almost up! You can try your luck in our competition and get 2 tickets for free or opt for the Superhero package to get extra goodies on top of a 2-day pass. 

The Budget

We hope you’ve started saving to make sure you get the best out of the Comic Con experience. Whilst you can always choose not to spend a penny aside from tickets – what’s Comic Con without a quality cosplay, and a ton of impulsive purchases of merch and memorabilia? 

Support the talent!

Besides the big businesses and the publishers; above all Malta Comic Con is a platform for creators big and small, local and foreign. So, take the chance to indulge in all the local talent, support some familiar faces and get to know some new ones! 

Get Cultured! 

Attending Comic Con and not knowing at least a couple hundred pop culture references is simply unheard of. Regardless of what other obligations you have, it is imperative that you binge-watch all the superhero films, tv series, anime, cult classics you can think of prior to the con. 


Cosplay [ˈkɒspleɪ] noun Probably the most anxiety-inducing and laborious part of Comic Con and practically a nightmare that will keep you up several consecutive nights. But as soon as you start seeing your vision come alive and imagine yourself strutting down the stands, you’ll realise it’s all worth it.


“Let’s Go!” Although obviously Comic Con is not exclusively anime and manga, it would be good to brush up on your Japanese knowledge. Be it knowing the language, culture or customs – you’d definitely get the chance to impress fellow Japanese artists and enthusiasts! 


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