Cosplaying: the what and the why

With Malta Comic Con just around the corner, you’ll probably start seeing a lot of cosplays cropping up on your feed. Before assuming a condescending stance and wondering why adults are playing dress-up, we’re here to tell you what cosplay is all about. To do this we asked 1-Up’s very own cosplay connoisseur, Emma, about her venture into cosplaying. 

The reason why I cosplay is complicated because; let’s be honest in my case there are more cons then pros. It breaks my bank account, creates extra stress, messes up my sleep schedule and makes it seem as if an earthquake happened in my room. However, if you had to ask me to give it up, I’d very easily tell you it’s not possible.

Cosplaying allows me to be a more confident and outgoing version of myself.

When I’m in cosplay the word shy doesn’t exist because I’m able to just meet new people. Also, the amount of joy I experience when someone approaches me to take a photo with me is immeasurable. When that happens, you feel as if the hard work you put in to it was all worth it because it was acknowledged.

I’m saying all this but I’m still new to the cosplay scene. So, one can imagine that I’m still learning with every single cosplay. Especially since before cosplay I had no real background in pattern making and sewing. Also, I really don’t help myself because I’m quite fussy about making everything from scratch practically (I’m not a masochist, I promise).

Who I cosplay is also important for me because I always want to cosplay a character that touched me.

I never just choose a cosplay simply because their outfit is stunning or they’re a popular character. I choose a character because I relate to them or I look up to them. For example, I cosplayed as “Prince Noctis” from “Final Fantasy 15” because of how much of an impact his story left on me (not going to say too much because spoilers). Another one was “Krul Tepes” from “Owari no Seraph” who even though she’s a little vampire she’s still a powerful queen.

Cosplaying is honestly something I wish to continue doing until I’m no longer able to move my fingers.

It’s given me friends who now I can’t really function without. It’s helped me be more confident with myself. Even though cosplay is hard work it’s all worth it because of the overwhelming amount of positive emotions you experience when you see it on you completed for the first time.


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