Response to Bookstagram-slamming articles

Hey guys!

So for you guys on Bookstagram, some of you have probably seen what’s been doing down with the articles from the Guardian (here) and Vulture magazine (here).

Whether or not you agree to these articles are your choice – however, there are a few important points that need to be said:

1. Bookstagrammers READ books. We love them, we’re obsessed with them, it’s literally almost all we talk about in the captions of our photos, and to people in general. We discuss genres, our current reads, movie adaptations… anything and everything including books. And if it encourages other people to read, even better! It’s a chance for all of us book-lovers to connect and talk about what we love. Yes, there are very few people who post a photo of a book just for the likes, but it’s very wrong and ignorant of you to assume that that’s what an entire community does. Please, do your research properly.

2. Book photography is still photography, and we can do whatever the hell we want to them in these photos.

Photos are a huge part of Instagram, and so we have to be a little creative when it comes to what we post. If that means lying on books, wearing knee-high socks and ‘looking suggestive’ (knee-high socks are hella cute and so what if it’s suggestive? It’s 2018!), all that is totally valid. Photos are an art form, no? So then why do we have to say negative things about it? You don’t see me being negative about art I don’t like. Art is subjective, and it always will be. But, that doesn’t mean that you completely belittle the efforts of all the talented photographers in this community.

3. We’re influencers, and we’re just as valid as the beauty and travel ones.
So besides our obvious love for the written word, some of us are actually trying to make a name for ourselves in the influencer/blogging/publishing industry or community. We have goals, and dream collaborations, just like beauty and travel bloggers.

Mainly, we’re just doing what we love. For some of us, working hard, dedicating time and effort, and having a big enough following as a ‘bookstagrammer’ or book blogger opens doors to collaborations with big names in the publishing industry – be it the companies, editors, or even authors, as well as other companies (bookish merchandise, candles, book accessories like bookmarks or book-sleeves) looking for a partnership/collaboration. Maybe even different companies altogether. This is something that, while we may not all be working specifically for it, it’s something that we all appreciate and look forward to. And isn’t that what beauty and travel influencers do too?

Honestly, this community means the absolute world to me, and I feel so welcome and supported and loved; there’s no hate or judgment, and all we want to do is be open about what we love. That being said, I will not stand for it being talked about so negatively.

Please just try and go one day without assuming; it’s what got all of us into this mess, and if we continue down this path, it will only get worse. Think about what you’re saying, do your research, and please keep in mind that whilst this community is small, we’re mighty. And we won’t be backing down any time soon.


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