A Year That Won’t Disappoint | Part 1

We’re in December, which means that 2019 is almost with us. If we reflect a little bit on the year that has just passed, we can’t deny the fact that it has indeed been a wonderful year when it comes to blockbuster films. From ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ to ‘Ready Player One’ to ‘The Incredibles Two’, the list goes on… So why not in this case, we also see what’s coming up in the coming year? Here at 1-Up, a large part of our contingent are massive movie fans, and a lot of our events are based on these movies, so let’s indulge in what we think would be the most awesome!

Let’s start from the beginning, January.

There isn’t much coming up in the first month of next year. Of note, there is ‘Glass’, a new superpowers movie featuring Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy and Bruce Willis. Jackson will be returning as his popular character ‘Mr Glass’ from the earlier movie ‘Unbreakable’. M. Night Shyamalan’s direction will surely make this crossover with his other film ‘Split’ interesting. Another featured film coming out in January will be ‘Serenity’, a thriller featuring Academy Award winners Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.

February, 2019’s first month of animation prowess.

We’re starting to up the ante here. Two major animated sequels are coming out in this month. First, ‘The Lego Movie 2’ will be upon us. The first movie was a blast featuring a solid cast and an interesting animation style featuring stop-motion and CGI, this time featuring space invaders. Next, we get the third instalment in the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ series. These will both surely sweeten up the cold month of February.

March, when Disney comes knocking.

Its March when Disney really gets going. Not only do we get ‘Captain Marvel’, Brie Larson’s anticipated entry into the MCU, but we get the first of Disney’s live-action remakes of 2019, ‘Dumbo’. With Tim Burton leading, the remake is sure to turn some heads with a sweet sense of nostalgia for those who grew-up watching the Disney classics. Meanwhile, ‘Captain Marvel’ will start to unfold more into the story of a new superhero, a character which seemingly will have a massive impact into the conclusion of ‘Avengers’. Apart from these, Tom Hanks will star in a new war thriller called ‘Greyhound’, based on the stories of the Atlantic convoys of WW2.

April, DC’s comeback?

‘Shazam!’ is the most noteworthy movie of April 2019. This may be another strong push from DC to elevate their lackluster superhero movie universe. Till now, the movie adaptation seems to be exciting, maybe it will add to the stellar effort brought up by ‘Wonder Woman’. Another two movies of note in April, are the new reboot of ‘Hellboy’, directed by Neil Marshall and ‘Pet Semetary’, another novel adaptation of a Stephen King work.

For now, I’ll leave it at that. We’ve just covered the first four months, and already, we’ve seen some exciting prospects. 2019 surely will provide us with plenty to be excited about, but allow me to cut in for a moment to remind us that we’re still in 2018. In fact, there’s still another major movie coming out, ‘Aquaman’, and here at 1-Up Club, we’re excited for it, so much in fact, that we’ll soon be organizing an event to unite all fans, and go see the movie together! Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more info. In the coming articles, we’ll continue exploring the next months of 2019, to see what movie and popcorn goodness awaits us! 


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