This Year’s Recap: 2018


1. Turkey starts military offensive to drive Kurdish militia from nothwest Syria
2. US Federal Shutdown after senetors fail to reach deal over ‘Dreamer’ migrants
3. Three people killed after train derailment in Milan


1. Jacob Zuma resigns South African presidency after defying ANC orders to quit
2. US gun control fury as Parkland mass shooting leaves 17 dead in Florida
3. Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang shows both South Korea and North Korea march together in the opening ceremony under the Korean Unification Flag


1. Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia poisoned with Novichok
2. Xi Jinping granted presidency for life as China removes two-year limit
3. Russian voters hand Vladmir Putin fourth term as president


1. Former Brazil president Lula Da Silva arrested to serve corruption jail term
2. Seventy civilians reported dead after chlorine attack in Syrian city of Douma
3. Kim Jong Un crosses border between the two Koreas to meet Moon Jae-in
4. Cuba’s National Assembly announces Miguel Diaz-Canel as new president, ending Castro’s 59-year old leadership


1. Donald Trump announces US pulling out from nuclear agreement with Iran
2. Ireland votes to repeal law making abortion illegal
3. US moves its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
4. Iraq has its first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS in the country


1. Denuclearization promise follows US-North Korea summit in Singapore
2. US announces withdrawal from UN Human Right Council
3. Saudi Arabia issues driving licenses to women as ban listed
4. Canada became the second nation in the world, after Uruguay, to legalize marijuana


1. US import tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods takes effect
2. Greece wildfires leave 87 dead and 1500 homes destroyed
3. $109 billion wiped off Facebook’s market cap as growth slows after data breach
4. After 20-year military standoff, Ethiopia and Eritrea agree to normalise ties


1. Apple Inc. becomes the first company with $1 trillion market cap amid record quarter
2. Italy’s Morandi bridge collapses during a violent storn in Genoa, killing 43
3. The Vatican officially opposes death penalty in any and all cases


1. Blaze destroys around 20 million items at National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro
2. India’s supreme court rules to decriminalise homosexuality
3. Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesian island of Sulawesi kills 2256 people


1. Journalist and Saudi Arabia critic Jamal Khashoggi killed inside Istambul consulate
2. Rightwinger Jair Bolsonaro sweeps to victory as Brazil’s president


1. Democrats take control of US House of Representatives in mid-term elections
2. UK and EU strike Brexit withdrawal agreement in Brussels
3. Russia seizes three Ukrainian warships in the Sea of Azov stand-off
4. Scotland becomes the first country to back teaching LGBTI+ issues in schools


1. French government suspents fuel tax rises after mass ‘yellow vest’ protest
2. UK Parliamentary Brexit vote on withdrawal agreement postponed
3. Mexico is selling its $218.7 million presidential plane to use funds for poor communities
4. Governments agree implementation of Paris climate change deal in Katowice


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