How Art Can Make You Happy – Book Review

This year I promised myself that I would be reading more books that are outside my comfort zone. One of these books has been ‘How Art Can Make You Happy’, by Bridget Watson Payne.


Why is art magical? How can it make us happy? How Art Can Make You Happy offers the keys to unlocking a rich and rewarding source of joy in life. This easy, breezy handbook is full of insight that will help regular people begin a more inspiring and less stressful relationship with art. With tips on how to visit museums, how to talk about art at cocktail parties, and how to let art wake you up to the world around you, this little guide makes it possible for anyone to fall in love with art, whether for the first time or all over again.


This was an adorable book and I really enjoyed reading it. There was a ton of information and advice on how to start developing a relationship with art, as well as on the importance of art, which I appreciated the most. I love how this book kept re-affirming that the only one who can account for your taste is YOU. You don’t have to know about all the different styles and movements to be able to appreciate art. You just need to like what you like and be happy with that – fuck what anyone else has to say about it. Art is stunning, it’s everywhere, and everyone should enjoy it in a way that’s good for them. This book goes through everything – why art is magical and will make you a happier person; finding the art you like; approaching art in public places, alone or with others; looking at art in your own home; talking about art; and how you can start making art yourself!

This book fully embraces the ‘do what you will’ attitude for art appreciation, and it keeps that up throughout the entire book. It was very refreshing and made me re-think how I interact with all the different types of art available to me, but particularly the visual arts. I don’t really talk about the kind of art that I like, but I want to change that!

Here are some Instagram artists that I like:
Fiona C. B.
Consuelo Verona
Yaoyao Ma Van As
Ellen Stubbings

If you’re looking for a book about art that will help improve your views and relationship on the subject, this is the book for you!

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What kind of art do you like? Do you have any artists you would recommend?


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