Of Myspace and MSN | The Internet before Facebook

The internet is a vast place, ever since its inception, it’s been growing to the eternal “wonderland” it is today. However, as all things, it has changed, drastically. So, unlike the Fortnite kids of today, us that have a little more internet experience can remember some of the old knick-knacks of this miracle of human ingenuity

MSN Messenger

MSN in all its glory, remember it? It’s surprising how the transition to easy chatting took until we ended up at today’s levels. Nowadays, it’s so easy thanks to platforms like Facebook and its subsidiaries. Back then, you’d have whole chat rooms, were you’d join the room first and then talk, sort of like the in-game chats in modern titles.

Dial-Up Modems

If this wasn’t an article, right now, I would be screeching in your face. If you’re a bit younger, you might ask “WHY?”. Well, to be perfectly honest, I would be trying to replicate the horrifying sound of the old Internet. Back in the day, these fancy new modems didn’t exist, and before broadband was widespread, to connect to the internet, normally, one would have to use a generic telephone line to connect to the ISP, however, the modem would detail this process by producing sound frequencies according to the connection and it was this sound that will always remain in our minds, stamped as a reminder of the 90s and early 2000s.


Myspace still exists, but it’s far from the days of its glory. Originally, Myspace was a website designed for the circulation of a network of blogs and accounts, a sort of beta Facebook if you please. In most of the late 00s, Myspace was the largest social media site, designed to share the vast array of files, images, music and videos put forward by the large contingent of users it shared. By 2009, Facebook had passed it by amount of unique users in the US, signalling the beginning of its decline. To this day, we can say that Myspace is a fallen titan of the social media world.

Image result for myspace memes


Ok, to be honest, Yahoo! Is still around, but come on, when was the last time you saw someone use Yahoo!? This doesn’t just need to be about Yahoo!, but other search engines in general, that have since fallen prey to Google’s popularity. Does anyone remember “Ask Jeeves?”? Or even “Ask.com”?


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