Interview with Martin Cauchi Inglott – MEP Elections 2019

In this video, PD Martin Cauchi Inglott replies to a series of questions posed by youths regarding his MEP candidature.

*A Bird’s Eye View has asked every MEP Candidate as of January/February 2019, when this initiative was launched, to participate. No preference was or will be shown to any party and/or individual. Should you have any questions feel free to ask*

Q.1 – 00.07
What is your view of political correctness?

Q.2 – 01.15
How will you approach the public tansport issue in order to engage more people to use the system more frequently, and ensure that it is more efficient for its users?

Q.3 – 05.01
What is your main goal as a candidate and what would you wish to work towards should you be elected?

Q.4 – 07.15
How do you propose we deal with the integration of migrants that have already arrived and are living in the country?

Q.5 – 09.11
What is your view on illegal migration to Europe?

Q.6 – 10.42
What is your view on Eurosceptic parties, who openly preach against the EU and its values in the European Parliament gatherings?

Q.7 – 13.26
What do you think can be done about the huge overpopulation problem that the world is facing right now?

Q.8 – 14.46
How do you intend to address the worrying phenomena that are global warming and climate change?

Q.9 – 16.01
Will the issue of ever increasing rental prices be voiced if you are elected? Are you willing to push for the EU to regulate rental prices?

Q.10 – 18.20
With a ‘no deal’ Brexit possibility, in your opinion, what should the EU’s stand be with regards to the UK?

Q.11 – 19.40
What is your view on European federalism and the opinion that there should be a ‘United States of Europe’

Q.12 – 22.45
What is your opinion on the legalization of Marijuana in Malta?

Q.13 – 26.13
Why European politics, not local?


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