Thank you, England, for taking one for the team!

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. Yes, this is another article about Brexit and the complete disaster the inept British government is creating for itself.

But rather than looking at Brexit as a catastrophe, I suggest we look at it as a saviour to us all. By us I mean those who will remain in the European Union, if you’re British I strongly recommend you jump ship while you can.

In 2017, Eurosceptic and Nationalists all around Europe, like Le Pen in France, De Volkskrant in the Netherlands, Afd (Alternative für Deutschland) in Germany, Salvini in Italy,  Jimmie Åkesson’s Sweden Democrats Party in Sweden, and many more, hailed Britain’s referendum results and called it the beginning of a domino effect that will end the European Union, with Salvini comparing the EU with “the Titanic about to sink”, and the pro-Brexit newspaper ‘Daily Express’ boldly stating that “Europe is in trouble as across the continent countries are gearing up to hold their own referendums on membership of the super state.”


Even Donald Trump chipped in favour of the results and managed to spurt out a relatively coherent sentence; “I’m a big fan of the UK. We’re gonna work very hard to get it [US-UK Trade Deal] done quickly and done properly. Good for both sides.” (Michael Gove’s interview with Donald Trump – 15th January 2017)

But, 2 years later, not a single group outside the UK is still advocating for their own country to leave the European Union. Even the most adamant of them all, Marine Le Pen and her party, the National Front (now renamed to ‘National Rally’) has changed her mind and now says that “We can improve the daily life of French people without leaving either Europe or the euro.”


The vote for Brexit was, especially for the older generations, an attempt to relive the emotional heights of the Second World War, with recent surveys suggesting that 61% of Leave voters say that they think that “significant damage to the British economy to be a price worth paying for bringing Britain out of the European Union”, and if that wasn’t enough, when asked whether the loss of their own job or that of a family member would be a price worth paying for bringing Britain out of the EU, 39% of Leave voters still believe that it would.  (


Brexit will then fittingly go down as the United Kingdom’s rescue of the European continent, resaving it from Nationalism. However, rather than rescuing us the old-fashioned way, through diplomacy or war, they decided to try it out for themselves in order to show us what a disaster such action would be.

The sacrifice taken by the British has shown us that, like it or not, the European Union is better than any other alternative for every country in this continent, and leaving it, especially if your entire system of laws and governance was intertwined with the EU’s system for 44 years, is not that great of an idea.

Anyways, for those who are unhappy over the fact that the European Union will lose some of its territory and influence, don’t worry. We’ll probably get half of it back by the end of the next decade 😊.


Written by: Nathan Portelli


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