Is Spiderman actually getting cancelled?

No more Spiderman? What’s that about?

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a trip down memory lane as I exposed my younger brother to the wonder that is Epic Rap Battles of History.

One of the rap battles we ended up watching was Stan Lee VS Jim Hansen. While I’m sure that Stan Lee needs no introduction, I’m proud to inform you that Jim Hansen is the brain and the hands behind The Muppets.

The rap battle starts in the usual format with the usual banter until the two writers start to see eye to eye. Then in comes Mr Walter Disney – the man whose corporation owns the intellectual property of both men.

So sadly, the 2015 rap battle seems all too relevant now with the Disney VS Sony Spiderman debacle.

It might seem unfair to some people but personally I’m placing most of the blame on Disney.

Disney’s recent focus on remakes which are bound to be cash-cows and the ever expanding entertainment empire are just symptoms of a greater change in the company’s focus of maximising shareholder’s wealth above all. The companies on Wall Street might have been too big to fail in the 2008 financial crash, but Disney is starting to become too big to care.

Nonetheless, I must admit that Disney still holds a special place in my heart starting with my love for Goofy and on to Marvel itself, yet if the deal does end up falling through I would love nothing more than for Sony to have a massive hit with the next Spiderman film.

While I realise that some might be hesitant to trust Sony given some of its flops with the franchise in the past, it might surprise us like it did with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This would be very hard to do as the film would need to be completely cut off from the MCU thus leaving pivotal moments such as the blip and Iron Man’s death out of the picture.

However, in Far From Home we start to see Spiderman start to come out of Tony’s shadow and the ending left enough room for a change in direction for Spidey.

Sony would have the opportunity to focus more on the character himself and finally deal with issues such as Uncle Ben’s death and his relationship with M.J. This would allow Sony to go in a more quite direction which is not part of the general template for a Marvel movie.

Nevertheless, Disney and Sony will probably come to an agreement eventually since there is simply too much money on the line for both companies.


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