Meet the turtles you want to save!

Want to meet the marine life we’re all trying to save?

For their second consecutive year, S-Cubed is giving you the chance to (literally) dive into the marine world. They’re organising a Try Dive on 21st September which you can partake in just for €30.

We’ve all had scuba diving on our bucket list at some point. This is the perfect chance to check it off and spend an afternoon living your full Little Mermaid fantasy.

Underwater diving gives you the opportunity to appreciate marine nature up close and personal. Forget the days of peering behind glass windows at aquariums or at pixels of fish online. Granted diving may sound easier than it is because of all the professional equipment involved.

But don’t worry, S-Cubed has you covered with expert divers on standby making sure your dive is super safe and secure. This means you won’t just be there gawking at pretty fish and coral reefs. If you think diving’s up to your alley, this try dive is the perfect chance for you to kickstart a new hobby! No experience or equipment needed, leave it up to S-Cubed and DiveShack Malta.

Here’s how a try dive normally pans out:

The experts will teach you the basics of diving techniques before you actually dive deep. The instructor will guide you every step of the way and explain all the equipment and precautions. Once the training is done, all that’s left is to take the plunge!

This experience is the perfect way to see what diving’s all about or just to spend a fun afternoon exploring the deep blue. What’s a better end to summer than getting in touch with the sea?

Check out S-Cubed’s event right here

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