CineXjenza: where science meets cinema

What is CineXjenza?

CineXjenza is a project run by the Malta Chamber of Scientists and S-Cubed – Science Students’ Society, in collaboration with STEAM School and Spazju Kreattiv. The concept behind this initiative is to inspire discussions on science through the medium of film.  

What goes on at CineXjenza?

Each CineXjenza event consists of a film screening followed by a discussion on some of the scientific themes and ideas portrayed in the film. These discussions are led by experts in the area of study related to the film themes, who will tackle the film with the current state of research to see if it is possible or is not to achieve what is presented. A total of six films, varying from sci-fi flicks to biographies to documentaries, shall be screened throughout the scholastic year.

When and where will CineXjenza be held?

The first instalment shall be held at the Spazju Kreativ Cinema on Tuesday 22nd October at 7.00 pm, where the film ‘Children of Men’ shall be screened. This event is also a collaboration with the student organisations MBSA and MMSA.

Children of Men, based on the 1992 novel The Children of Men, follows society on the brink of collapse after 18 years of human infertility. England is one of the last countries with a functioning government and has now imposed extreme laws on refugees, whilst illegal immigrants are seeking sanctuary in England. The film follows former activist Theo Faron, who has been kidnapped by a militant immigration rights group, to help an immigrant, Kee. She reveals she is pregnant, a miracle in these times.

The post-film discussion shall be led by Dr Max Dingli, an obstetrician and gynaecologist who is part of the team at Mater Dei which provides assisted reproductive therapy and IVF. Wine and light refreshments will be served during the discussion.

Can’t make it to this month’s edition? No worries, there’s plenty more to come. Make sure to mark these dates on your calendar.

  • Hidden Figures – Tuesday 19th November
  • Filfla and Comino – Tuesday 10th November
  • Arrival – Tuesday 11th February
  • Get Out – Tuesday 17th March
  • Chocolat – Tuesday 21st April

Free entrance complete with snacks and wine!

Entrance is entirely free and open to the general public (that also includes the snacks and refreshments). The aim of this event is to serve as a platform for raising discussions about science and film around Malta.

For more information check out the CineXjenza Facebook page, the Children of Men Facebook event or the Spazju Kreattiv website.

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