The Repetitive Rebirth

In an almost unprecedented societal crisis, it is critical that young people are at the table, have a voice, and remain engaged. We’re not the ones making the decisions, and yet we’ll be dealing with the consequences of today’s happenings in our working lives for decades to come.

It was around two years ago, when this organisation was conceived as an environment for online debates. The goal at the time would be to put forward a choice of topics, allow the public to choose a topic via poll, and present that topic, which would be followed by what was hoped to be a debate via comment section. It was through this means that the organisation aimed to help cultivate the society of tomorrow which would consist of active, engaged members of society who are capable of debating issues based on dynamic thought, a breath of fresh air from the rigid debates we’ve become so accustomed to over the past few years. Naturally, the attempt failed miserably, and after a few tries, one could easily realise that all was in vain. Of course, losing a battle is a far cry from surrendering the war, and so new options were sought.

The next step was to re-evaluate. That, we did, after which the group of three at the time, found itself writing articles about whatever interested them, hoping for enough people to read them to make a difference. This trend continued, and as the group grew, more articles started being written, reaching a peak of around three per week being published. During this time, the organisation saw its very first signs of attained maturity, as it started managing its first sprouts of public relations and recognition by other organisations. Sounds great right? Well, as is the case with so many cars, the fuel they’re running on just isn’t enough to keep them running forever, and they eventually run out. And this organisation, like countless others, fell victim to fatigue and eventually grinded to a painful halt.

I don’t want this to be a very long story, as an article will follow outlining our vision for the future, so I’ll just fast forward a couple months and say that this process has till the day this article was published, happened no less than twice. In fact, this is the first article published in the ‘second awakening’ of this organisation. Of course, one would be unwise to simply assume that this time there won’t be any of the difficulties of the past, and even more unwise to assume that the same fate as the past does not await it.
After all, a famous motto we like to observe, is that all ideas are terrible ideas, unless proven otherwise. So, we might not yet know for sure that this is a great idea, but we’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to carry out our moral duty and proving it so.


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