Untie the Blindfold

We share a breath-taking world, beautiful in its harmony but tainted with corruption, abuse of power and oppression. Yet, some of us cannot see or recognize the presence of the latter. If our country were truly tainted by corruption and abuse of power, why wouldn’t we be able to see it?

Because we’ve been blindfolded. We’ve been blindfolded by the corrupt oppressors themselves. We are constantly bombarded with one-sided party-owned news media, which glorifies one leader and shames or ridicules the other.

Any one of us, irrespective of our political views, can fall victim to injustice. We can all be fooled. But how are we to recognize such abuse of power if our leader is constantly glorified to us? And how are we to fight this injustice if we can’t see it?

It is precisely that constant glorification, which the blindfold represents. Consequently, as we become increasingly subject to domineering party-owned media, our blindfold thickens, layers are added on, and we move farther away from the truth. So how do we strip this blindfold off?

In two steps. We first uncover one eye, to take a peek at the truth. Moving out of the comfort of our blissful ignorance is a herculean task itself and requires our full strength to face the not-so-pretty reality which follows. But once you catch a glimpse of it – the injustice, you’re tempted to pull the rest of the blindfold off. That temptation turns into conviction once you realize that the corruption you just got a glimpse of, is costing lives. It cost the life of a remarkable woman 31 months ago, the life of another, who fell victim to a corrupt construction industry 2 months ago, and it cost the lives of another 12 people, left to drown, a month ago.

By then, you’re convinced you to have to pull it all off. In practical terms, you seek the truth, which is not always handed to citizens on a silver platter. You untie the blindfold which is party-owned media and decide to turn to unbiased, truthful news. You follow non-partisan media pages. Once you do, you can continue to appreciate your country’s beauty, but you can also freely recognize corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and injustice for what they are. You’re free. And you can see.

Some of us have gotten to this point, and are criticized as being traitors of patriotism, for pointing out the injustice and the inconsistencies. Yet, many of us are still blindfolded – and those of us who are still blindfolded, are often praised as being patriots. True patriotism, however, must incorporate the willingness to improve one’s country – and to improve it, we must be able to point out its strengths and weaknesses.

Free from tainted, biased vision and preconceived notions, then you are able to decide anything and everything for yourself. Is corruption one of our country’s weaknesses? And if it is, are we partly to blame for failing to challenge and question what happens around us?

Party-owned media is unlikely to be voluntarily scrapped anytime soon, but the extent of its brainwashing influence primarily depends on whether we allow ourselves to be subject to it or not. 

Written by: Krizia Testa

(This article was originally posted on civilsocietymt.com)


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