Generation Labour

Partit Laburista, a party which is infamous for its mob powered rule and state-sanctioned ‘thuggery’ during the ‘70s-‘80s. After 25 years in opposition, albeit those 2 years being a failed government in the late ‘90s, it reinvents itself as a progressive force of change. Only to be marked by the obscenities of perverse corruption and the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Now just imagine that this Party, one that always has blood smeared on its hand whenever it’s in power, is able to stay in government for generations. You read right, generations, with an ‘s’.

Having a corrupt PL in power for generations is a scenario people who oppose the party would dread to see. But it is a possibility that has a very good chance of being our country’s future. With the leader of Opposition, Adrian Delia, predicting that the populace will go to the polls early, it is time to worry.

Because let’s face it, if Prime Minister Robert Abela calls an early election, we will essentially have a massive electoral machine, the PL, against an opposition that is in tatters.

This reality has been buzzing in front of us for a while now.

Malta Today polls speak for themselves, Adrian Delia is dwarfed by Robert Abela. When you have 26% of PN’s 2017 voters trusting its rival in chief, you know that Malta will have massive political and constitutional issues.

More so, if the an election takes place now, current polls show that Labour may win 68% (49.1% : PL vs 23.3% PN) of the vote. That’s right SIXTY EIGHT PERCENT!

If PM Robert Abela calls an election, current polling shows that he has a good chance of achieving a supermajority. Which gives him and the Labour Party unlimited power.

The PL is only a heartbeat away from getting a super majority.

Which means that they are in striking distance to assault and rape the constitution as they always have. Only that in this scenario, the party of thugs and journalist assassins, will have the magical powers of the supermajority. This means that the PL, will have the political power (66% of the seats in parliament) to change Malta’s most important laws, the constitution and also the general elections act.

In other words, they will have the power to change the rules of the game to their favour and keep the opposition party at rock bottom.

This is how Parliament would look like more or less if Labour wins a super majority

But apart from the polls (now we are getting into some speculation), the Labour Machine seems to have been activated into full effect. All of sudden, the government is giving out good news.

Hunters will be given nice chunks of wooded areas through a management deal, Eur 12 million to 7,000 government workers for injustices committed in the past, and investment schemes being announced.

Something doesn’t seem right, they are surely up to something?

This is why Delia’s words are so scary. With him saying that we may go to the polls early, it more seems like a heads up rather than a prediction. Seriously, why would the leader of the opposition say such a thing?

Just imagine, a party that is notorious for creating demigod Leaders, who fuel mob violence and call it the spontaneous act of the people, are in power…forever.

And with that said, we Maltese face an unprecedented predicament. If nothing is done, we might as well start preparing for a generation of Labour.

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