Behind every victory, lies a shadow

It is unjust that young people today are described as irresponsible.

The notion of considering all youths as irresponsible is a rather heavy generalization. Usually, it is older people who have this type of view on today’s young people, even having coined the term “snowflake” for youths of the 21st century whom they consider ‘less psychologically resilient ‘. My question is, however, what have adolescents done to deserve such criticism?

Having started on the pathway to independent life, it is natural for teenagers to experience a sense of adventure and want to try new things constantly. This attitude might be looked down upon by conservative elders, which seems to automatically receive a response from the youths who chafe at being held back from exciting new experiences. In pursuit of their curious wanderings into new experiences, some might unconsciously hinder their potential future with things like alcohol, drugs and smoking. It is this harmful behaviour that encapsulates a portion of the criticism which young people sustain.

It’s nothing new to find an article pop up about recent drug activity among teens or maybe even violent crimes committed by young adults. Nonetheless, we can say that the negative news seemingly over-shadows the positive news. This offers a dramatized, sensationalized image of youth in the media which is, unequivocally, wrong. Alas, the amount of delinquent youth is also largely outweighed by dutiful young people who feel misrepresented due to circumstances like these.

It’s safe to say, that the newer generations seem to have views and opinions which contrast greatly with those of the older generations. This might merit further conflict where elders deem youths irresponsible and they retort. The idealistic and innovative nature of today’s adolescents, which roots from being raised in a world where knowledge is at their fingertips via the internet, contradicts with elders’ refusal to accept change and vouch for the comfort of what they’re used to.

The inherent idealism of youths is what allows our society to continue improving and moving forward. If it were not for it, the many modern improvements in medicine and quality of life would never have happened. Hence, I feel as if calling all youths irresponsible is a great injustice to all those who do their utmost in aiding the continuity of the world.

Written by: Ella Micallef Darmenia

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