Bobby The Buffu

Bobby is one special person.

Even though he has been Prime Minister for only a few months he enjoys one of the highest trust ratings among the Maltese ever recorded. Not even the man of the year for corruption, Joseph Muscat, had that privilege.

Yet, despite his seeming popularity, Bobby has this special gift of being the amazing Buffu that he is and spontaneously pisses off people with his talking.

Everyone is well aware that Bobby loves the sound of his own voice, we can all relate to that press conference when he spoke endlessly.

His kazzata comment about whether there will be a second wave was one impressive feat. ‘Il-mewg qieghed fil-bahar’ as Bobby spoke in front of the love of his life, the camera.

What topped it all off was when he encouraged people, while using party-owned media not national, to go and enjoy the sea. His comment simply made social distancing rules that were reluctantly accepted by the country questionable and redundant.

And now our Prime Minister has pulled of a new case of hilarious buffoonery, THE AMNESTY.

Illustration by ‘Il-Lunchbox’

According to him this is just a mechanism for those people who broke lockdown regulations by mistake, using the example of people placing flowers next to the tomb stones of their loved ones.

He either is a genuine guy or he has some nerve. Honestly, I’m going with the second option.  Knowing Labour Politicians they will just use this to try and buy votes.

We will refund your illegal act and as gratitude you will give us your vote.

The reality is that this is how the system works, the classic pjaciri, we speak about it in the shadows but we never say it openly. The beautiful thing about it is that Bobby is saying all this out in the open.

Bobby the Buffu has now turned the toxic attitude of pjaciri into government policy.

He just showed that the effort of the frontliners who couldn’t see their family because they were dealing with the virus; the effort of the policemen who did their utmost to enforce the law; and the effort of all those Maltese citizens who tried their best to obey the rules meant nothing to him.

Everybody is eager for that day to come when life can get back to normal and then comes this Buffu of a Prime Minister who panders to the emotions of every person.

Yes, his desperation for popularity (or populism one might say), is so bubbling that at times he is willing to go against the national effort. Only this time, Bobby the Buffu has gone as far as to undermine the law.

He betrayed the national cause, turned it into a joke for simple vote buying.

Bobby just showed us that he is simply a Buffu with muscles, he can’t be taken seriously.

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