How Maltese Traditional Parties let down Conservative Youth

In this day and age where globalisation seems to dictate the current world order, liberal ideas and liberal movements seem to be the new normal. Found in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has a long-standing political tradition composed of two parties grappling for the majority over the other. When one speaks of Maltese politics, instantly the image of two individuals grappling at the ends of a rope, lost in a game of tug of war, is evoked. It is hard to imagine anything else within the political sphere of Malta.

Our Mediterranean passion does little to inspire us to break away from political association with a respective party— which is more often than not inherited down from our parents. We have been conditioned to just accept the political scenario as is as if it comes through a divine rite sent from above. Such a constructed idea not only pours pestilence into the mind of a free thinker but also blinds youth to obstructed thinking.

The irony exists within the sameness the traditional parties hold. Where they have an abundant and obvious difference in both strength and votes, they make up with the likeness they share within their views. What they promote has now become inherently identical.

Such a merge in ideology has left conservative youth derelict. Without a party to which they can relate and cast their vote, conservative youths are left with no real representation in government. To say the least, within parliament itself there is no direct representation of any form of conservatism within Malta. It has been this way for a while.

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More often than not we speak of a generation of youth that is more open-minded to new ideas, which embrace the liberal movement with open arms. Yet, throughout Europe and the world, we see a growing rise of conservative youth movements, which surely should not be ignored.

Without a party representing them or their ideals, conservative youths are left to walk around wondering what to do with their vote. The latter is an inherent right that carries immense value. In no way does the voters deserve to be given to the lesser of two evils.

With no outlet for conservative youths to join, we can see a split within the said faction. Some youths choose to align themselves with more radical leaning groups such as far-right movements which perverse the true conservative movement. Other youths have instead chosen to abandon such conservative values in trade for a more centre positioned ideology, one which would fit the current political narrative found in Malta.

The few conservative youths who remain true to their ideology are left disgruntled and disappointed within the political scene found in Malta. It is about time that an authentic conservative movement is formed with visible representation within a domestic context. Such a conservative movement should not be one with archaic attitude, one formed solely by old-school conservatives, but instead by the youth who not only have a lot to contribute to the world of Maltese politics, but also can offer a fresh perspective to the table, of a generation which not only wishes to see change taking place, but craves for certain moralistic values to return centre stage on a political level.

Written by: Juanita Galea

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