Don`t blame immigrants – they aren’t the ones wrecking Malta

The Government`s supposed resolute and decisive stance on immigration is nothing but a pretence.

Does the Government think that its stand on the current immigration issue, which sees 350 migrants being stuck on board a Captain Morgan ferry outside our territorial waters, would fool the general public into thinking they have an anti-immigration administration?

Will you be fooled by this government? I honestly beg you not to be.

But the general public has most likely fallen for this trick.

The administration knows that the public is concerned about immigration. Knowing this, it has engaged its propaganda campaign in a move of opportunistic fashion with the migrants aboard the Captain Morgan vessel simply being mere tools.

The reality is that the administration couldn`t care less about the problem of an ever-increasing population in such a small landmass and the consequences it brings with it.

The truth of the matter is that ever since the election of the Labour Party in 2013, the annual population growth in Malta went from 0.4% in 2011 to 3.3% in 2018. We have seen a net gain of 7,349 EU nationals, but also a net gain of 9,209 non-EU nationals coming in droves to the island. In 2010 we had a population of 414,989 and 8 years later that number went up to 475,700, an increase of 14%. 1 in 7 people living in Malta is a foreigner, which according to Eurostat is 14% of our population.

Time and time again, during electoral campaigns, we get promises concerning pushbacks and parties trying to fool the public (and successfully doing so) into thinking that they are acting on our behalf. Yet, our economy is nothing more than one built on cheap labour and mass importation of workers.

The bourgeois bohemians who have made the Auberge de Castille their home don`t really care about this, it doesn’t threaten their income or their job, but they will affect minimum income Maltese citizens at the lower end of the rental market. It is quite ironic that at the moment the Government is perfectly fine with not letting in the migrants just outside our territorial waters, but then publicly states that we need more workers from outside to boost the economy, and if you criticise this statement you will be deemed a racist. Those who employ these unskilled workers want to maintain the current trend. Economically this is ludicrous, but politically it makes sense as they mean votes during election time.

Furthermore, we’ve even continued the destruction of our lovely traditional villages through monstrous concrete structures gobbling up every last bit of aesthetic beauty in sight. Do we really want the island to just become one big version of Sliema, a cosmopolitan jungle of buildings with only a third of its population considering themselves active participants in local community life, not to mention traffic problems, air pollution, noise pollution and a lack of urban planning? If the nation becomes a featureless, overpopulated, multicultural dystopia, those on top won’t care. They will still be rich enough to afford peace and space when they have become impossible dreams for the rest of us. For them and their relaxed rich donors, immigration means cheap nannies.

Migration in this country, legal and illegal, continues apace. The propaganda about the economic benefits of this is ripe. The pressure on housing and transport is huge and growing.

We have been betrayed. It is not the fault of the migrants with whom we must live in harmony, but of the major parties that have nothing to offer but empty words.

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Written by: Jake Muscat


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