Otto Settembre

The 8th of September harks back to three occasions that have unequivocally shaped
us as a nation. Every single one of these occasions ushered in the end to the
besiegement of the land we call home. Through strength and perseverance, our
forefathers and foremothers stood up and fought long and hard, but never in vain.

Their actions will only be in vain if we, the Maltese of these times, continue allowing
our nation to undergo yet another siege. What we are witnessing now is a new type
of enemy — one of our own. One which has slowly slithered its way into every
institution, and slowly began asphyxiating them, to such an extent that at some point
they, the enemy, felt that they should slither no more because all was under control.
The enemy enjoys impunity, and to this day acts with such bravado that you’d expect
an Oscar to be in order.

Do not think of this as scaremongering – do you not see the parallels with all three
prior sieges? Do you not see the calculated manoeuvres, the game of cat—and—
mouse? The shed blood? These are parallels of course: substitute the foreign enemy
with the greedy politician, the covert spies crossing borders with cronies of one
minister infiltrating another ministry, and so on.

Just like generations past, we must fight. But just like the enemy is different, then so
must the fight be different — through peaceful protests and education. And just as
before, it is not one long battle that we have to win, but many relatively short ones.
We must protest for a strong opposition. Unite for a strong and electable third party.
Fight, by means of education, against the bipartisan mentality plaguing this country.

Let the 8th of September instil in the youths of today the energy and will to protest
more and work harder. Let the 8th of September motivate a generation of politicians
free from the greed that has enthralled this country’s institutions. Let us strive to have
our own finest hour.

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