Five Things That Might Make 2021 (a bit) better

2020. Words cannot begin to describe the rollercoaster of emotions that has been this year. We all thought that WW3 almost happening in January was as bad as it could get… Oh boy were we wrong. However, let’s try and make this different. Let’s not go about sulking saying “My oh my, everything is bad”. Instead, with the vaccine looming on the horizon, here at 1-Up Club, we are trying to feed off the positive and hopeful vibes. A bunch of us sat down and created a list of what we’re genuinely excited for 2021!

President – The return of classics- Putting Cinema back in action

Since 2020 basically cancelled everything, a lot of releases planned for this year had to be moved to the next one. Daniel Craig’s last James Bond film is now scheduled for 2021, Space Jam 2 is also scheduled and even a sequel to the original Ghostbusters movies! All in all, a good year for the classics already.

Events Officer – Cobra Kai Season 3

The Original Poster for Cobra Kai Season 3

Cobra Kai is a weird work. Imagine if you try to superimpose the adult life of a kid from a show into sort of the same setting, weird right? Well, as weird as it is, we love it. Cobra Kai is the spiritual successor to the original Karate Kid films, even featuring the same main actors all grown up trying to navigate their way through life. 2021 will see the release of Season 3, which will surely take this amazing story to great places.

Internal Secretary – Concerts

Social Distance is currently the name of the game, and quite rightly. Health has to take a priority in such a trying time, and so, mosh pits, which even before pandemics were quite a risky endeavour, have taken a long break. There have been cases this year where certain festivals and concerts managed to create either a drive-in environment or spaced out any available seating. While they were still concerts, the real vibe was lost. So, we’re hoping that once this all boils over, we can return to proper headbanging and moshing.

Media Officer – The return of Star Wars?

2020 ended with a bang, sort of. The release of The Mandalorian‘s second season was a great coping mechanism for many these past few weeks. The season has consistently provided great stories, interesting characters, beautiful visuals and overall an extremely enjoyable experience. This all begs one massive question, is Star Wars back?

This is a hell of a question to answer. Disney clearly thinks it is, of course they do, even after those disastrous sequels. A few weeks ago, just before the Mandalorian finale, they announced a huge amount of new media that will soon release, all hoping to ride on the great atmosphere that Mandalorian created. Well, we’re certainly hopeful, and we recently discussed this more in-depth in our new podcast called 1Up-cast which you can catch on Twitch or our YouTube channel.

Public Relations Officer – A heap of Anime and Manga

The Announcement Poster for Ratchet Clank: Rift Apart

Our PRO is incessantly keen on anime (but in a good way). 2021 marks a good year for the genre with the fresh release for the Dr. Stone anime series. As well as series 2 of Promised Neverland. 2021 will also see the release of a new third-person shooter for the Ratchet & Clank franchise called Rift Apart. This should be an exciting edition to an already amazing series of games. Best of all, it’ll be available on the next-gen PS5, that is, if people will be able to buy PS5s in 2021…


All in all, we’re hopeful for 2021, we have to be, it’s a way by which we help ourselves to get on with it. We highly recommend trying to be hopeful for the future, as that way, each and every one of us help to make it truly better.


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