ICTSA’s The Million Dollar Idea

ICTSA is once again hosting The Million Dollar Idea! The event which, like many others, suffered from cancellation last year will not meet the same faith this time round, as it will be taking place entirely online.

What is ‘The Million Dollar Idea’?

TMDI (The Million Dollar Idea) is an annual start-up competition where both individuals and teams of up to 5 people compete against each other to come up with and develop a business idea related to the theme which, thanks to COVID-19, has been consistently talked about for the last year, ICT in Health. Through multiple workshops throughout one weekend, each team will be able to formulate their idea, and on the last day they will be able to present their final pitch to a panel of judges.

The judging panel is made up of renowned and experienced individuals from both business and IT sectors, including:

Mr. Matthew Caruana, manager of ZAAR Crowdfunding Malta,
Mr. Carmel Cachia, chief administrator at ESkills Malta Foundation,
Mr. Marcel Cutajar, managing director at Agilis Software Solutions,
Ms. Anamaria Magri Pantea, managing consultant at Ascend Consulting, and
Mr. Carmel Gafa, head of Intelligent Cloud at KPMG, Microsoft Business Solutions Malta.

But I have no experience with business idea workshops, health or IT in general.

Don’t worry! This competition is available to everyone, with any academic background, and mentors will be available throughout the workshops to assist your team with developing a unique idea and steps on what to do to impress the judges!

If all this isn’t enough to incite you into joining, there are prizes for both the winning team and the runner up. Winners of the event get €600 and numerous perks to actually take your pitch and turn it into a prospering start-up, including;

Second place also has a cash price of €400, money which can also be used to fund your start-up and continue working on it collaboratively.

Every single business starts with a simple idea, so here’s the opportunity to see if yours has what it takes to grow and prosper into an actual service!

Alright sold, what are the details and how can I join?

The event will take place entirely online during the weekend, between the 16th and the 18th of April. Application is completely free of charge. But be quick, as applications close on the 14th of April!

Either participate alone or form a team of up to 5 people, and register by clicking here.
Updates on the event can be found on ICTSA’s event page here.

So go ahead find something to get you in an inventive mood, and go start that innovative business!


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