Colliding with Beckett – A Student Production

In what seems to be a seldom before seen form of performance, five performers will meet virtually to produce a fragmented narrative, inspired by several plays written by Irish playwright Samuel Barclay Beckett.

Samuel Beckett

Throughout the performace, students use video elements and a creative approach to explore the endless possibilities provided by the online medium.

The performance will premier this Friday at 8pm on YouTube. If you’d like to be reminded about it, feel free to drop by their online event, where you can also find several teasers and an all-round showcase of the work being done by Maltese theatre studies students.

Which plays were used in forming this production?

The work is inspired by five works of Samuel Beckett;

Rockaby, Not I, What Where, Endgame, Play,

What’s new?

Rather than the conventional interpretation of a play, the performers ‘collide’ with the aforementioned works and make use of their imagination to simultaneously apply them to our current times.

Who’s working on this project?

The project is a collaborative one between year 1 and 2 Theatre Studies students


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