MPSA: Exams Should be Online for all

Pharmaceutical students are highlighting the ‘discrimination’ they’re experiencing within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, with no plans in sight for physical exams to be converted to their online alternatives, in the midst of a record number of active COVID-19 cases, and quarantined citizens.

The students are saying that the faculty’s decision to conduct the exams physically is unreasonable when COVID-19 cases are on the rise. This, in spite of the fact that a good number of pharmacy students have volunteered to help with the preparation of the vaccines and other related work, to be of service to the community, and thus putting their health at risk.

“While pharmacy students pride themselves in being frontliners with all the risks this entails, it is very disturbing to know that nothing is being done by the University to safeguard their health and studies.”

MPSA is calling for a ‘common protocol for all’, independent of faculty or institute-based decisions. The statement goes on to say how unjust it is that students who are in quarantine or have tested positive due to the actions of others, must have their exams postponed, whereas other university students’ exams have been converted to online.

But health concerns weren’t the only issue raised in the statement – the risk of having one’s exam postponed to a special session in March was put forward, and the repercussions this would have on the individual’s progress throughout the second semester of studies.

If you wish to read the original statement, click here.


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