Ukraine-Russia War – Updates and Analysis (24/02 – 25/02)

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Russia blocks UN Security Council resolution condemning its invasion of Ukraine

23:58 – 25 Feb 2022

Russian veto was used to block a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The vote was 11 in favour, 1, Russia, against, and three abstentions, including the People’s Republic of China.

Efforts are currently underway by Ukraine to challenge the country’s right to a permanent seat of the UN security council, on the grounds that Russia took over the Soviet Union’s seat in 1991 without proper authorisation.

“This night will be very difficult”

23:49 – 25 Feb 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed his people tonight, saying, “It was a difficult but courageous day. We are fighting for our country on all frontlines: in the South, East, North, in many cities of our beautiful country.”

The president also warned of an impending difficult night, “and the enemy will use all available forces to break the resistance of Ukrainians.”

Ukraine open to talks for peace negotiations with Russia

22:58 – 25 Feb 2022

The administration of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said that talks were under way with Russia’s Vladimir Putin to hold negotiations aimed at preventing further bloodshed caused by Russia’s full-blown invasion of the country.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Putin is ready to send a delegation to Belarus for talks with Ukraine.

“As you know, today the President of Ukraine [Volodymyr] Zelensky announced his readiness to discuss the neutral status of Ukraine,” Peskov said, according to RIA. “Initially, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the purpose of the operation was to help the LPR and the DPR [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, separatist statelets in eastern Ukraine recently recognized by Russia as independent], including through the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. And this, in fact, is an integral component of neutral status.” 

Anonymous leaked Russian Ministry of Defence website’s database

21:11 – 25 Feb 2022

Hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ has declared cyber war against the Russian government, with the main attack focusing on government ministry websites.

The group has publically published information on the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russia limits access to Facebook

20:44 – 25 Feb 2022

Russia has announced it is limiting access to Facebook, accusing it of “censoring” Russian media.

State communications regulator Roskomnadzor said Facebook had ignored its demands to lift restrictions on four Russian media outlets on its platform – RIA news agency, the defence ministry’s Zvezda TV, and websites and

Ukraine gathering war crimes evidence

20:41 – 25 Feb 2022

The Russian assault on Ukraine was more brutal on Friday but Moscow’s forces did not advance as planned and Ukrainian officials are gathering evidence for possible war crimes prosecution, Ukrainian Ambassador to Washington Oksana Markarova said.

Russia-based ransomware group issues warning to Kremlin foes

20:39 – 25 Feb 2022

A Russia-based cybercrime group, known for using ransomware to extort millions of dollars from U.S. and European companies, vowed on Friday to attack enemies of the Kremlin if they respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a blog post, the Conti group said it was announcing its “full support” for the government of President Vladimir Putin.

“If anybody will decide to organize a cyberattack or any war activities against Russia, we are going to use our all possible resources to strike back at the critical infrastructures of an enemy,” the Conti blog post read.

Fighting reaches the outskirts of Kyiv

20:35 – 25 Feb 2022

Witnesses said loud explosions and gunfire could be heard near the airport in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, close to Russia’s border, and air raid sirens sounded over Lviv in the west. Authorities reported heavy fighting in the eastern city of Sumy.

Britain’s defence ministry said in an intelligence update that Russian armoured forces had opened a new route of advance towards the capital after failing to take Chernihiv, and most troops remained more than 50 km (30 miles) from Kyiv’s city centre.

Blasts heard near power station in Kyiv

20:15 – 25 Feb 2022

The mayor of Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, Vitali Klitchko, said five blasts were heard in a close interval of three to five minutes near a power station in the north of the city.

“The emergency services are underway. We’re finding out the details,” he said.

“The situation now – without exaggeration – is threatening for Kyiv. The night, close to the morning, will be very difficult”.

Ukrainian airspace Warning doubled

19:57 – 25 Feb 2022

The area of Ukranian Airspace where planes and other civilian aerial vehicles are to avoid has been expanded to encompass twice the area it was previously set due to the “risk posed by the threat of missile launches to and from Ukraine.”

This information was provided by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency 

More explosions in Kyiv

19:55 – 25 Feb 2022

Blasts caused by artillery rounds along with intense gunfire have been heard in western districts of the capital.

Roberta Metsola calls for end to golden passports

19:42 – 25 Feb 2022

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, has called for an end to the purchasing of European citizenship through Malta and Cyprus, seen as a way for Russian oligarchs to circumvent current EU and allies’ sanctions.

EU sanctions Putin and Lavrov

19:21 – 25 Feb 2022

Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are subject to EU sanctions, with any assets within the EU frozen.

“Let me flag that the only leaders in the world that are sanctioned by the European Union are Assad from Syria, Lukashenko from Belarus and now Putin from Russia,” said the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

The UK is said to be in preparations to set the same sanctions.

Chinese Foreign Minister reiterates “it’s important to respect territorial sovereignty”

19:08 – 25 Feb 2022

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated the importance of respecting Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty in a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic adviser.

“[Wang] welcomed France’s action in favor of dialogue between Ukraine and Russia,” according to the statement. 

Nato to deploy more troops to Eastern Europe

18:43 – 25 Feb 2022

NATO is expecting to position more troops in Eastern Europe as the threat of even greater Russian aggression continues to increase.

“No one should be fooled by the Russian government’s barrage of lies,” the 30 leaders said in a joint statement.

“President Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine is a terrible strategic mistake, for which Russia will pay a severe price, both economically and politically, for years to come,” the statement continued.

Ukrainian President confirms he is still in Kyiv

18:33 – 25 Feb 2022

President Volodymyr Zelensky has published a video showing off his ministers in the streets of Kyiv after rumours in the Russian state media that he had fled the capital.

Moscow threatens NATO if Finland or Sweden join

18:02 – 25 Feb 2022

Russia has threatened “serious consequences” if Finland or Sweden were to join the Nato alliance.

“It’s quite obvious that Finland and Sweden joining NATO… would have serious military and political consequences that would require an adequate response from the Russian side,” said Maria Zakharova, the Russian Director of the Information and Press.

“The policy of not being part of any alliances, traditionally pursued by Stockholm and Helsinki, is viewed by Moscow as an important factor in ensuring stability in northern Europe,” Zakharova added.

Russia suspended from Council of Europe

17:47 – 25 Feb 2022

Russia has been removed from the Council of Europe due to its military operations in Ukraine, confirmed Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio this evening.

Meanwhile, the European Union member states continue discussions on excluding Russia from the SWIFT international payment system.

Deployment of NRF expected

17:21 – 25 Feb 2022

NATO leaders currently meeting virtually are expected to approve the deployment of some units of the NATO Response Force (NRF), the first time these will have been used for collective defence. France is said to be leading the force.

Russia kicked out of Eurovision Song Contest

17:16 – 25 Feb 2022

Putin calls on Ukrainian soldiers to overthrow their government for peace deal

17:02 – 25 Feb 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the Ukrainian military to overthrow the country’s political leaders and start negotiating a peace deal. This statement was part of the opening message before a meeting of the Russian Security Council.

He continued on calling the current government, lead by a Jewish PM, a “gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis, who occupied Kyiv and took the entire Ukrainian people hostage.”

Putin also reiterated previous claims that Ukraine is responsible for committing genocide against ethnic Russians in the Donbass region.

80 Russian tanks, 516 armoured combat vehicles destroyed, Ukraine claims

16:00 – 25 Feb 2022

Ukraine’s deputy Defence Minister has said that they have destroyed 80 Russian tanks and 516 armoured combat vehicles since yesterday, along with around 2,800 servicemen. 

The country has also claimed to have destroyed 10 aircraft and 7 helicopters since Russia started its attack. 

Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is on the streets with a rifle

15:31 – 25 Feb 2022

Former president Petro Poroshenko participated in an interview this afternoon speaking out against Putin’s war of aggression as the Russian military closes in on Kyiv.

Thousands of Ukrainians are now armed, with anyone able to grab weapons and ammunition from military trucks.

Video: Footage of destroyed bridge in Kyev, in an attempt to slow down oncoming Russian troops

15:08 – 25 Feb 2022

Local Report: Russians may be directly targeting residential zones with missiles

14:59 – 25 Feb 2022

Residential zones and other civilian areas around Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, are reported by Ukrainians to be the target of Russian missiles as the Russian force quickly makes its way to the city.


Video: Tank swerves intentionally to hit moving civilian vehicle

14:30 – 25 Feb 2022

The driver was an old man who miraculously survived (Photo below)

Aftermath of the crash

Poland preparing to close airspace to all Russian planes

14:25 – 25 Feb 2022

“I have ordered the preparation of a resolution of the council of ministers which will lead to the closure of the airspace over Poland to Russian airlines,” wrote Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

russia to send 10,000 paratroopers into kyiv

13:45 – 25 Feb 2022

US intelligence has warned of a plan by Russia to seize an airport in Kyiv – likely Sikorsky or Boryspil – which would then be used to fly in a much larger force of up to 10,000 paratroopers who would assault the capital.

US intelligence believes the troops will force the Ukrainian government to sign a document stating that they will give up their powers, or become a Russian puppet state. This would avoid the difficult task of conquering the entire country.

Ukrainian forces blew up several bridges leading to the capital in the early hours to try and slow down the assault.


13:00 – 25 Feb 2022

Ukrainian television is broadcasting bomb-making instructions. Sources have confirmed that the Ukrainian Defence Ministry is advising citizens in under-attacked cities to prepare petrol bombs to “neutralize” the enemy.

According to Reuters, Ukrainian television is now also showing viewers how to manufacture a molotov cocktail.


12:45 – 25 Feb 2022

According to an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister, Ukraine expects a Russian tank onslaught on its capital, Kyiv, later on Friday, which could be the war’s most difficult day.

This assessment was concurred with by Ukraine’s deputy defence minister. Despite being outmanned, Ukrainian army units are defending areas on four fronts, according to the minister. The troops defending Kyiv, are equipped with anti-tank missiles given by foreign allies. 

Ukrainian soldiers also managed to repel Russian troops near Chernihiv, according to a Ukrainian military officer. This is in line with a report from Ukraine’s defense ministry earlier this week, which stated that airborne assault soldiers blew up a bridge across the Teteriv River in Ivankiv.

Ukraine military recruiting people outside military age restrictions

11:37 – 25 Feb 2022

Recent statements from Ukrainian Defence Minister Alexey Reznikov show that the military is waving any restrictions for entrance into the military.

“I decided, in agreement with the Commander of the Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine… to involve in the Troops of the Patriots [those] over 60 years old, who are morally and physically ready to resist and defeat the enemy,” Mr Reznikov wrote.

Some 18,000 guns have been given to civilians within the capital. Men between 18 and 60 are barred from leaving the country.

Russia: “Ukraine cannot be called democratic”

11:31 – 25 Feb 2022

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has repeated Vladimir Putin’s statement, that Moscow does not want to occupy Ukraine – but rather “demilitarise” it.

Asked whether it was Russia’s wish to topple a democratic country, Lavrov says that the country cannot be called democratic.

Ejection from SWIFT is “last resort”

10:54 – 25 Feb 2022

Ukrainian government has requested multiple times yesterday and today for the rest of SWIFT expel Russia.

However, the removal of Russia from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is the “absolute last resort,” according to French Finance and Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire.

“This is the absolute last resort, SWIFT,” Le Maire told reporters ahead of a meeting with his counterparts from other Eurozone members.

According to The Guardian, SWIFT is “the main secure messaging system that banks use to make rapid and secure cross-border payments, allowing international trade to flow smoothly.”

UEFA Champions League moved to Paris

10:46 – 25 Feb 2022

Following a meeting on Friday, the 2022 Champions League final is now confirmed to be moved from Gazprom Arena in St. Petersberg, and will be played in Paris instead.

This comes after Russia was stripped of the match following the nation’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russia: We are protecting Chernobyl from terrorists

10:41 – 25 Feb 2022

Russia has denied that it captured Chernobyl for an easier link towards Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and where the Ukrainian government is still residing, but to ensure that “nationalistic groups and other terrorist organisations cannot use the situation in the country in order to stage a nuclear provocation”.

Russia’s defence ministry also said that the levels of radiation in the plant were normal and that staff will continue to monitor levels of radioactivity despite multiple sources claiming that several sensors have detected that Chernobyl radiation ‘exceeds control levels’ after Russian capture.

Gunfire heard near kyiv government quarter

10:38 – 25 Feb 2022

Gunfire has been heard close to the government quarter in Kyiv after explosions hit the Ukrainian capital earlier in the morning, the Associated Press reports.

The Ukrainian military also said that Russian spies, saboteurs and tanks have also been spotted in multiple areas around the capital.

Ukraine says Russia’s goal is to kill Zelensky

10:27 – 25 Feb 2022

Ukrainian presidential advisor Mikhail Podolyak claimed this morning that Russia is planning to kill Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky once Kyiv is seized.

Zelensky is reported to still be in the Kyiv as the capital city is under attack, with Russian tanks spotted in several areas around the outskirts of the city.

The presidential advisor also said that Ukraine is facing severe fuel shortages, but insisted its banking system continues to work as normal.

Russian tanks in Kyiv

09:58 – 25 Feb 2022

Videos are being posted of Russian tanks speeding through residential areas of Oblon, a district in the north of Kyiv.

The tanks can be seen driving over civilian cars as they make their way down towards more central areas of the capital city.

“Russian warship, go f*ck yourself”

09:43 – 25 Feb 2022

Ukraine President will honour border guards who died standing against the Russians, still at their posts, with a ‘Hero of Ukraine’, the highest national title that can be granted to Ukrainian citizens.

Ukraine has called on all citizens who can bear arms to join in the defence of their homeland.

Russia behind on their own schedule

09:36 – 25 Feb 2022

UK defence ministry has reported this morning that Russia has not yet taken over major key objectives, with the Russian objectives for the critical day one of the invasion having failed.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said Friday that “Our assessment as of this morning is that Russia has not taken any of its major objectives. In fact, it is behind its hopeful timetable. They’ve lost over 450 personnel.”

More than 3000 arrested in Russia

09:25 – 25 Feb 2022

Approximately 3000 Russians have been arrested for protesting in the ongoing anti-war protests occuring around the country, in around 53 cities, most notably Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

The protestors are attempting to show their discontent with Putin’s war on Ukraine, and an attempt to make the world know that they are not supportive of the war the Kremlin has started.

The reason given for the arrests is due to ‘breaking COVID-19 regulations‘.

“We are shocked”

09:20 – 25 Feb 2022

“There is a sense of horror and a sense of shame about what our authorities are doing.”

“I have been crying all day. People in Ukraine are dying. Children are dying. Men who fight are dying. And then what? We, young Russian men, 19-20 years old will be packed off to fight too?”

These are some of the comments made by Russians to the BBC early this morning as Russians protest occur throughout the night.

Not all Russians are against the invasion, with some talking about the war being a way for Russia to “protect the Russians in Ukraine”, with the situation being “[Ukranian’s] own fault”.

1000 Ukranians arrive in Przemys

09:16 – 25 Feb 2022

More than 1000 Ukrainians have arrived at the Polish city of Przemys as multiple receptions have been set up in Poland to help the fleeing Ukrainians.

“We will fight with everything we have”

08:31 – 25 Feb 2022

Ukrainian MP Sviatoslav Yurash said during an interview that, “we are arming people who will be taking that fight to the Russians in every way. We are a nation of 40 million people and we are not going to just stand idly by as Russia does as it wants all across its borders. We will fight with everything we have and all the support the world can provide us.”

During the online interview, the Ukrainian MP said that he was staring directly at his AK-47, which he plans to use to defend his nation, alongside his fellow compatriots.

Fighting intensifies in Kyiv as Russian forces advance

07:16 – 25 Feb 2022

Fighting has seemingly intensified in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, as Russian forces advance towards it, with reports of dozens of explosions, gunfire, and missile being heard in or around the city early on Friday morning.

Men between 18 and 60 forbidden from leaving Ukraine

23:19 – 24 Feb 2022

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs has posted a notice that it is forbidden under the current martial law for Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60 years to leave the country.

The Start of a refugee Crisis

22:34 – 24 Feb 2022

UN Refugee Agency warned today of a rapidly deteriorating situation in Ukraine as people flee their homes looking for safety.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said, “the humanitarian consequences on civilian populations will be devastating. There are no winners in war but countless lives will be torn apart”.

As more than 5 million Ukrainians were displaced, many are fleeing to neighbouring countries and central Europe. Many of these countries have set up reception points and have sent troops to provide assistance. Countries such are Ireland, Poland and Slovakia have waved any visa requirements and only require any form of identification of Ukrainian nationality.

Ukrainians, Europe is with you.

Lights out in Lviv

22:00 – 24 Feb 2022

City officials order all street and building lights to be turned off at 11pm local (10pm in Malta) and for people to not leave their homes other than in emergency situations.

“Please note that such actions are not related to power supply problems. It will be done to take preventive measures for our security,” said the city’s official Facebook page. 

Trudeau condemns Russia, announces sanctions

Canadian Prime Minister will be imposing “severe sanctions” targeting 58 individuals and entities, including members of the Russian oligarchy and their family members.

“We will also sanction members of the Russian security council, including the defense minister, the finance minister, and the justice minister,” Trudeau said. “In addition, effective immediately, we are ceasing all export permits for Russia and canceling existing permits. These sanctions are wide-reaching. They will impose severe costs on complicit Russian elites, and they will limit President Putin’s ability to continue funding this unjustified invasion.” 

19:31 – 24 Feb 2022

Mariupol under heavy fire

Ukraine port city Mariupol is under heavy fire as hundreds of explosions go off. The city is reportedly being attacked by land, sea, and air, in one of the biggest attacks ever seen in Europe since the end of the 2nd World War.

Massive queues at Blood Banks

19:28 – 24 Feb 2022

Large queues have appeared at blood banks around Ukraine as people donate their blood to help wounded soldiers.

Chernobyl fully captured

19:15 – 24 Feb 2022

Russian forces have now seized Chernobyl nuclear powerplant and the surrounding area, opening Russia’s way towards Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

Russian police attempt to disperse protestors in Moscow

19:05 – 24 Feb 2022

Police are urging protesters to leave Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow, saying over loudspeakers that the “[protest] is unauthorized.”

Authorities have already warned this morning that any attempt to protest and riot will be met with force and to the full extent of Russian law.

US and G7 leaders agreed to move forward with sanctions

18:53 – 24 Feb 2022

Putin warns business leaders of “restrictions” on Russian economy

18:47 – 24 Feb 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the country’s business leaders that he expects “restrictions” on Russia’s economy, but defends the war by saying that Russia has taken a “necessary measure” on Ukraine.

On state television, Putin said, “What I wanted to say first – the most important thing, so you all understand – what is going on was a necessary measure. They didn’t leave us any chance to act otherwise. They created such risks in the sphere of security that it was impossible to react in a different way. All our efforts came out to zero. They created such risks that it’s difficult to comprehend how our country could have continued to exist.”

Chernobyl seized, Staff Hostage

18:40 – 24/02/2022

Local reports coming in of the seizure of Chernobyl nuclear power plant by Russian troops from Belarus, with the personnel taken hostage.

Russia Market ends day at 33% lower

18:27 – 24 Feb 2022

Russia’s MOEX index ended Thursday’s session with a 33% crash. It nosedived to as much as 50% during the day.

The biggest Russian oil corporations and banks took the brunt of the sanctions, which were expected to be ratcheted up by the West. Gazprom is down 38%, Rosneft is down 40%, while banks VTB and Sberbank are down more than 40%.

The Russian ruble is still at record lows, down 7% against US dollar.

Empty Sky

18:20 – 24 Feb 2022

Flight-tracking sites show empty airspace over Ukraine and its border with Russia and the entire Southern Russia region.

Nearly 400 instances of shelling by Russian forces

18:05 – 24 Feb 2022

“Battles continue practically along the entire territory of southeastern and central Ukraine,” the spokesperson said, noting that six bridges were also destroyed throughout Ukraine.

392 bombardments have occurred since the start of the war today, targeting military installations and civilian areas as well.

auschwitz memorial speaks out

18:00 – 24 Feb 2022

The Auschwitz Memorial has called Russia’s attack on Ukraine an “act of barbarity” that “will be judged by history”.

Turkish Ship hit

17:47 – 24 Feb 2022

Turkish-owned ship hit by bomb off coast of Odessa, no casualties were reported.

“The ship is now safely en route to Romania,” said Turkey’s Maritime General Directorate.

Spanish pm gives tv address

17:45 – 24 Feb 2022

According to Sam Jones from Madrid, Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has just issued a televised statement calling on Putin to cease hostilities in Ukraine immediately and withdraw Moscow’s recognition of Russian-controlled territories in Luhansk and Donetsk.

He said:

The facts are as serious as they are simple: a nuclear power has violated international legality and has begun the invasion of a neighbouring country. At the same time, it has threatened to retaliate against any nation that comes to the aid of the country under attack. However you look at it, this is a flagrant violation of international law and of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. But it’s something more than that: it’s a head-on attack on the principles and values – above all the value of peace – that have brought Europe years of stability and prosperity.

As you know, the Spanish government has been working with the EU for a while now to prepare its response to the risk of military aggression and to the crisis that’s now sadly been confirmed.

We will take whatever measures are needed to mitigate the economic and energy impact this crisis will have on Spanish society, on its businesses, homes, industries – and also on the economic recovery we’re seeing as we get over the pandemic.

Greece to begin evacuating mariupol

17:30 – 24 Feb 2022

Helena Smith reports from Athens that Greece will begin evacuating members of its expatriate population in Mariupol, the frontline city in eastern Ukraine.

Andreas Katsaniotis, the deputy minister in charge of diaspora relations in Athens, indicated that roughly 100 ethnic Greeks would be transported to safety through Romania.

Greece is the only EU country with a big expatriate presence in Ukraine, and it is keeping a close eye on events there. Despite being dispersed around the country, the majority of the estimated 120,000-strong minority lives in Mariupol, a coastal city near the frontlines.

Many were either trying to flee Kiev or the nation, according to Bouboukouras, who heads Ukraine’s federation of ethnic Greek enterprises. Residents in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s northeast, heard a volley of explosions, according to Katerina Svefkenko, the director of the Greek Association in Kharkiv. “I have never experienced anything like it in the 40 years that I have been here,” she remarked.

ukraine face with ‘real fight’, ambassador says

17:15 – 24 Feb 2022

Russia has attacked Ukraine from all sides and is attempting to annex Ukrainian land, according to Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Vadym Prystaiko, speaking at a press conference, said Russia has “taken a few of towns” and killed both civilians and military personnel. Ukraine is “putting up a good fight,” he stated, despite the fact that some areas are difficult to defend.

According to him, Russian forces are also targeting gasoline and essential infrastructure including dams and bridges. Mr Prystaiko described the loss as “unbearable” so far.

He claimed that Ukrainians have “always thought” that a Russian invasion would occur at some point, which is why the country has sought membership in NATO.

G7 Meeting begins

17:00 – 24 Feb 2022

Even before the overnight events in Ukraine, the meeting had been planned. It now has a completely new focus.

Right now, the leaders are drafting a coordinated response to a situation that their intelligence has forewarned them about; a situation that they had feared. Defeating them will be the greatest serious test of peacekeeping since at least the beginning of the century.

Last night, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning to anybody who might be tempted to intervene. “Russia will retaliate right away, and you will face consequences that you have never faced before in your history.”

What is the nato defence plan?

16:45 – 24 Feb 2022

NATO has activated defence plans for Eastern Europe in view of Russian attack on Ukraine. But what is a NATO defence plan, and what happens when it is activated?

In response to Russia’s war on Ukraine, Nato has activated its Eastern European defense measures. This provides Nato’s supreme allied commander Europe broad authority, including the ability to request and deploy troops. On Thursday, the German Press Agency discovered this through Nato sources.

“We have decided (…) to take additional steps to further reinforce deterrence and defense across the Alliance,” the 30 member states said in a statement. All steps, however, were and would be “preventive, proportionate, and non-escalatory,” according to the report.

Last week, the Nato supreme allied commander Europe shortened the readiness times for numerous tens of thousands of Alliance soldiers because to the concerns with Russia. According to information gathered by the German Press Agency within Nato circles, personnel of the Nato Response Force (NRF) must now be ready for deployment in seven days rather than 30 days. Other troop units are subject to a 30-day “notice-to-move” requirement rather than 45 days.

The notice-to-move period for the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force was previously enhanced by the supreme allied commander Europe a few weeks ago (VJTF). This means that its soldiers must be ready to deploy to a crisis region in the next five days at the very least. The VJTF would be the first force on the eastern flank.

A special conference of NATO chiefs of state and government on Russia’s assault against Ukraine will take place this Friday afternoon. Video conferencing will be used for the consultations.

EU to sanction belarus for ‘aiding invasion’

16:30 – 24 Feb 2022

According to a leaked summit text, EU leaders will demand for penalties against Belarus for its involvement in assisting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A draft statement obtained by the Guardian, which is expected to be approved by EU leaders later on Thursday night, condemns “Belarus’ involvement in this assault against Ukraine” and asks on Minsk to follow its commitments.

According to the document:

“The European Council [of EU leaders] has requested that a new sanctions package, which will include Belarus, be prepared as soon as possible.”

ukraine urges eu to provide air defence

16:25 – 24 Feb 2022

Ukraine is urging the European Union and its member nations to deliver air defense and anti-missile systems as soon as possible, as well as to employ “all available measures” to jam Russian satellite transmissions.

Ukraine also asks for the “fiercest restriction measures against Belarus, which clearly supported [the] Russian full-scale invasion” in a list of demands handed to EU leaders before of an emergency summit on Thursday night in Brussels.

The list also includes;

Ending software licenses for military and civilian equipment in Russia and Belarus;

Blocking or interfering with Russian satellite navigation systems in the air, over the Black Sea and Sea of Azov;

Using all means to block the Russian satellite navigation system Glonass, including jamming its signal over the Black Sea, Sea of Azov, Belarus and Ukrainian airspace

russia attempting seizure of chernobyl nuclear power plant

16:15 – 24 Feb 2022

According to reports, Russian forces have arrived in the area surrounding Chernobyl’s former nuclear power station, where they have destroyed a radioactive waste storage facility.

The Ukrainian interior minister’s adviser, says Russian forces have invaded the zone from Belarus.

chernobyl nuclear waste facility destroyed

16:10 – 24 Feb 2022

According to reports, Russian military have reached the area surrounding Chernobyl’s former nuclear power plant, and a nuclear waste storage facility there has been destroyed in the fighting.

Russian troops have entered the zone from the direction of Belarus, according to a Ukrainian interior minister’s adviser.

ukraine loses control of southern kherson region

16:05 – 24 Feb 2022

Parts of Ukraine’s southern Kherson region are no longer under Ukrainian administration, according to the regional government.

The West believes Vladimir Putin is attempting to establish control over a new Ukrainian regime. Officials believe that Russia will govern over any territory Mr Putin gains control of.

“Brace for economic pain” – Keir Starmer

16:00 – 24 Feb 2022

To see Russia’s “capacity to function destroyed,” Labour leader says the UK must implement the strongest sanctions imaginable.

However, he warned that the UK must prepare for “economic hardship” as a result of Russia’s sanctions.

“We must prepare ourselves for hardships here,” he warned in a televised address. As we remove Europe from its reliance on Russian gas and clean up our institutions of money stolen from the Russian people, we will experience economic suffering.

“However, the British public has always been willing to make sacrifices in order to safeguard democracy on our continent, and we will do so once more.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “bandit regime,” according to Mr. Starmer, must fail.

uefa to move champions league final from st petersburg

15:45 – 24 Feb 2022

According to Sky Sports News, UEFA will announce tomorrow that the Champions League final will be moved from St Petersburg due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Aleksander Ceferin, the president of UEFA, has summoned an “exceptional meeting” of the executive committee for tomorrow.

Officials from SSN will meet to examine the problem and confirm that the showpiece match scheduled for May 28 will no longer be held at the 68,000-seat Gazprom Arena in St Petersburg.

“Following the evolution of the situation between Russia and Ukraine in the last 24 hours, the UEFA President has decided to call an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee for Friday 25 February at 10:00 CET, in order to evaluate the situation and take all necessary decisions,” the governing body of European football said on Twitter.

Crimea in photos

15:40 – 24 Feb 2022

Map showing location of explosions in ukraine

15:25 – 24 Feb 2022

74 military facilities destroyed, russia says

15:20 – 24 Feb 2022

Russia has claimed responsibility for the destruction of 74 military installations, including 11 air bases.

A Su-25 assault plane was also lost due to “pilot mistake,” according to the defense ministry.

Missiles fired from belarus

15:15 – 24 Feb 2022

According to the Ukrainian military, missiles have been fired from Belarusian territory. The report states that the rockets were fired in a southwesterly direction.

Belarus is a Russian ally, and in the days preceding up to the invasion, it had been participating in joint military training with Russian soldiers.

Explosion at ukraine powerstation

15:10 – 24 Feb 2022

Ukraine’s energy ministry has reported an explosion at Trypilska power station, about 40 kilometres from Kyiv.

More details will follow as the story develops

trump praises putin, State department reacts

15:00 – 24 Feb 2022

A State Department spokesperson said he had “no comments” in reaction to Donald Trump’s support for Russian despot Vladimir Putin, who is attacking Ukraine with land soldiers and airstrikes.

Twice in the last two days, the former president has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as “smart” and blamed Joe Biden for the current situation.

“He [Mr Putin] was going to be satisfied with a piece, and now he sees the administration’s weakness, incompetence, and stupidity,” Mr Trump said in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “As an American, I am both angry and saddened by it.” And it was all brought about by a fraudulent election.”

Macron addresses the nation

14:45 – 24 Feb 2022

French president Emmanuel Macron, said Vladimir Putin had violated Ukrainian sovereignty and delivered the “most serious attack on peace and stability in Europe in decades” in a televised address to the nation.

France will reply “without weakness” and with “sang froid, commitment, and togetherness,” according to Macron. He stated that decisions would be made today at a G7 meeting, as well as at the European Council in Brussels and a Nato summit, and that Russia would be held accountable to the United Nations Security Council.

Shelling hits residential zones

14:30 – 24 Feb 2022

The city of Mariupol, in southeastern Ukraine, has reported shelling on one of the city’s residential areas. It is not known how many have been killed or injured.

Lukashenko looking to point Russian missiles south and westward.

14:10 – 24 Jan 2022

Belarusian President Lukashenko says he expects to discuss the possible deployment of missile system to Belarus with Vladimir Putin against Ukraine in the coming days.

“Today or tomorrow we will talk with the President Putin about how to strengthen ourselves here in the western direction,” Lukashenko told Belarussian state news agency Belta Thursday.

“We are with you” – Boris Johnson addresses the Ukrainian people

14:05 – 24 Jan 2022

The UK “cannot and will not just look away” at Russia’s “hideous and barbaric” invasion of Ukraine.

Addressing the Ukrainian people directly, Mr Johnson said: “In this moment of agony, we’re with you, we’re praying for you and your families and we are on your side.”

Johnson then moved on to talk to the Russian people, appealing to them that their government is making them fight “fellow Slavic people”, and that they’re not just attacking Ukraine, but they’re attacking “democracy and freedom in eastern Europe and around the world”.

Russia can not be cut off behind an ‘iron curtain’

13:45 – 24 Feb 2022

“It’s simply impossible to cut off a country like Russia with an iron curtain,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov to reporters in response to EU sanctions and the threat of isolating Russia from the Western world.

4 killed in hospital attack, ukraine says

13:30 – 24 Feb 2022

A Russian shell hit a hospital in Vuhledar, Donetsk area, eastern Ukraine, killing four people and injuring ten more, according to Ukraine’s military command. According to reports, six doctors were among the injured.

According to Reuters, Ukraine has reported that Russia has launched 203 strikes since the start of the day, with conflict raging over nearly the whole country.

One Russian K-52 helicopter and three other helicopters were shot down near Gostomel in the Kyiv region near Mezhyhirya, according to a separate statement released by Ukraine’s foreign ministry.

Poland prepares medical train

13:15 – 24 Feb 2022

According to Reuters, Poland’s health ministry is planning a hospital train to transfer Ukrainians injured in the Russian assault, with over 100 hospitals listed for treatment of injured Ukrainians.

Poland’s health ministry announced in a statement to the newswire:

“Poland is preparing to accept migrants from Ukraine, including Ukrainian citizens affected by the armed conflict.

We will do everything to ensure that every person who enters the territory of Poland has access to healthcare, including hospitalisation. Beds are being prepared in hospitals for the admission of the wounded.”

Ukraine urges turkey to close straights

13:00 – 24 Feb 2022

Ukraine has requested that Turkey block the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits to Russian vessels using the passageways to access the Black Sea.

According to the 1936 Montreux Convention, Turkey alone controls the straits. That said, despite lately improving ties with Ukraine, particularly through arms sales, Turkey, a NATO member and friend of both Ukraine and Russia, as well as a significant user of Russian natural gas, is striving to placate all sides of the crisis.

“It is not possible for us to give up on both. We have political and military relations with Russia. We also have political, military and economic ties with Ukraine. We want this issue to be resolved without us having to choose between the two” – Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

NATO – Jens Stoltenberg

12:45 – 24 Feb 2022 

“We now have war in Europe of a scale and a type that we thought belonged to history”

NATO Alliance to convene tomorrow

12:30 – 24 Feb 2022

“Peace on our Continent has been shattered…Russia is using force to try to re-write history”

The NATO alliance will be holding a summit tomorrow to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a diplomat has said. 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had earlier called for a meeting to be convened urgently. 

Explosions heard in Kiev, Ukraine claims Russian tanks being burned

12:25 – 24 Feb 2022

An explosion has been heard in the Ukrainian capital in the past few minutes. Smoke can be seen rising over buildings close to several news team positions.

Meanwhile, four tanks, allegedly belonging to Russia, have been torched in Kharkiv, according to Ukrainian military forces.

The general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces claimed on Twitter, using the hashtag #WARINUKRAINE, that the “enemy suffers losses.”

NATO Allies agree to bolster air, land and sea forces on Eastern flank

12:20 – 24 Feb 2022

Western allies have expressed their “strongest possible condemnation” of Russia’s strike on Ukraine, calling it a “grave breach of international law.”

NATO said that it would take further “preventative” and “non-escalatory” efforts to improve defenses throughout the military alliance in a statement.

Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok stated separately that NATO is seeking to develop battle group formations for nations on its eastern border.

He stated that Slovakia will be included in the move.

Hundreds of Ukrainians sign up to join the Army

12:15 – 24 Feb 2022

Dozens of men can be seen queueing up to volunteer for the armed forces in several centres across Western Ukraine.

This surge comes after President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the country will provide weapons to people who want them, to help defend Ukraine.

At least 18 people killed in missile attack on Odessa – Local Authorities

12:00 – 24 Feb 2022

According to regional officials, bombardment on the port city of Odessa in southern Ukraine has killed a significant number of people.

Ukraine has warned it is witnessing a second round of missile strikes on its territory in the last hour.

Over 50 Russians have been killed on the Eastern front, Ukraine claims

11:45 – 24 Feb 2022

While retaking control of the eastern frontline hamlet of Shchastya, Ukrainian forces claim to have murdered over 50 “Russian occupiers.” This assertion has yet to be validated by independent fact-checkers, and Moscow has yet to respond.

Here’s an excerpt from their report on the fast-changing scenario as Russian tanks push farther into Ukrainian territory, far beyond the control of Moscow-backed rebels.

After holding a series of emergency calls with world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, Ukraine’s leader Voldymyr Zelensky convened a meeting of the top military brass.

Zelensky gave orders to inflict maximum losses against the aggressor,” Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major General Valeriy Zaluzhny, said.

Presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak said Ukraine’s forces were “waging heavy combat” and repelling Russian advances in some parts.

Ukrainian officials said Russia is primarily targeting military infrastructure and silos, hitting a string of air fields. These included Boryspil airport in Kyiv, the armed forces said.

Ukraine closed its airspace to civilian traffic. Tracking websites showed no civilian airliners within the country’s airspace on Thursday.

The invasion was also staged from several positions in Belarus, where Russian armed forces have been holding massive military drills this months involving an estimated 30,000 troops. But Belarus strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko said his forces were “not taking part in this operation”.

Chaos creeps in as citizens scramble to purchase supplies

11:30 – 24 Feb 2022

As the Russian military continues to advance on Ukraine, people in cities around the country are gathering in lengthy lines to stock up on supplies, while a massive traffic congestion is clogging the major route leading west out of the capital city of Kiev as others attempted to evacuate.

Although Kyiv itself has not yet been confirmed to be under active attack, unease is growing as jets fly overhead, explosions are being heard, and an emergency siren has been blasting since early in the morning.

“Under Fire. This is the End”

11:15 – 24 Feb 2022

Citizens allowed to carry guns, says Ukraine President

11:00 – 24 Feb 2022

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send soldiers to eastern Ukraine on Monday, the Ukrainian parliament has enacted a bill which will allow civilians to carry guns in public, while also declaring a state of emergency.

Ukrainian people were formerly prohibited from carrying firearms outside of their houses.

“The parliament’s objective now is to liberalize civilian ownership of arms,” Dmytro Shulga, European Program Director at the International Renaissance Foundation, a Kyiv-based NGO, told Insider. “And I believe this is now highly popular news.”

Following the adoption of a state of emergency in Ukraine, the bill was passed.

Russian Currency Plummets to all-time low

10:30 – 24 Feb 2022

Russia’s currency, bonds, and stock market are all plummeting, causing the Russian central bank to declare its first foreign exchange intervention to restore financial stability since Russia took Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

The rouble has plummeted to an all-time low of 89.60 against the dollar and is approaching the 100 mark against the euro.

Russia moving military equipment into Ukraine

10:00 – 24 Feb 2022

Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of moving military equipment into the country from annexed Crimea.

Greek government holds Emergency meetings

09:30 – 24 Feb 2022

Greek prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has convened an emergency meeting of the country’s foreign and defense council to examine the invasion and how best to safeguard ethnic Greeks residing in Ukraine.

Kysea, the government’s highest policy-making council, is anticipated to focus on Athens’ intentions to help the country’s 120,000-strong community in the east. The majority of the diaspora lives in Mariupol, a seaside city that may become a battleground if the invasion progresses.

In the wake of reports that Hellenic naval ships may be ordered to evacuate ethnic Greeks, the center-right government has pledged to defend the minority.

Cost of Oil soars, Markets crash

09:00 – 24 Feb 2022

Following the start of what seems to be the invasion on Ukraine, the price of oil has skyrocketed beyond $100 per barrel, raising worries of more inflationary pressures spreading across the global economy.

The incident sparked massive selling in Asian stock markets, with equally huge drops of more than 2% projected in London, Europe, and the United States today.

De facto declaration of war likely to have been pre-recorded, media reports

08:30 – 24 Feb 2022

Putin may have pre-recorded his declaration of war as early as Monday, according to Russian media.

The metadata on the video clip published to the Kremlin website was made at 7 p.m. on February 21, nearly three days before Putin proclaimed the start of his military campaign on Thursday morning, according to the Russian publication Novaya Gazeta.

Citizens fleeing Ukraine Capital

8:00 – 24 Feb 2022

With explosions being reported in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Dnipro, Odessa, Slavayansk, and Kramatorsk, among others, citizens can be seen fleeing their homes in buses, cars, and trains, all carrying luggage.

According to a Reuters witness, two large explosions were heard one after the other in an easterly direction from Mariupol.

Air Raid Sirens Blare Across Kiev

7:30 – 24 Feb 2022

There have been reports of explosions in Kyiv, as well as air raid sirens and rocket strikes on Ukrainian fighter planes at an airfield outside of the city.

Officials and local media indicate that Russian forces fired missiles at numerous Ukrainian cities and landed troops on the country’s south shore on Thursday, after Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a “special military operation” in the east.

7:00 – 24 Feb 2022

As fighting ensues, conflicting claims are coming in from all sides.

Ukraine’s defence ministry says it has shot down five Russian planes and one helicopter in a statement. Russia denies this statement.

Ukraine’s border service says guards were attacked by Russian troops from Russia and Belarus.

CNN reports through a livestream, showing troops entering Ukraine via Belarus. According to several news outlets, troops on board columns of military vehicles were seen entering Ukraine from a border crossing with Belarus.

6:00 – 24 Feb 2022

Western leaders have condemned Vladimir Putin’s actions as Russia launches attacks on Ukraine.

“The prayers of the whole world are with the people of Ukraine tonight as they suffer an unprovoked and unlawful attack by Russian armed troops,” – US President Joe Biden

“We will hold President Putin accountable for that. With this package, we will target strategic sectors of the Russian economy by blocking their access to key technologies and markets.

“We will weaken Russia’s economic base and its capacity to modernise. In addition, we will freeze Russian assets in the EU and stop the access of Russian banks to the European financial market” – EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen

“For the sake of humanity, bring your soldiers back to Russia” – UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

“I strongly condemn Russia’s reckless attack on Ukraine, which puts at risk countless civilian lives. This is a grave breach of international law & a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security. NATO Allies will meet to address Russia’s renewed aggression” – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

“President Putin has chosen a path of bloodshed and destruction by launching this unprovoked attack on Ukraine. The UK and our allies will respond decisively” – UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“France strongly condemns Russia’s decision to wage war on Ukraine. Russia must end its military operations immediately. France stands in solidarity with Ukraine. It stands with the Ukrainians and works with its partners and allies to end the war” – French President Emanuel Macron

“Germany condemns in the strongest possible terms this unscrupulous act by President Putin. Our solidarity goes out to Ukraine and its people” – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

“The world will not forget this day of shame” – German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock

“This Russian aggression is unnecessary and unprovoked. Our hearts and minds are with the people of Ukraine” – Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Coo

Ukraine is being attacked wholly unprovoked” – British ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons.

Ukraine-Russia Conflict

05:00 – 24 Feb 2022

Hello, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the Ukrainian crisis, which has drastically escalated in recent hours with the start of a Russian offensive military operation.

These are the main developments that have arisen during the night:

Late in the day yesterday, the two separatist-controlled areas of Luhansk and Donetsk officially requested military assistance from Moscow to “assist in repelling the assault of the Ukrainian armed forces.”

Following this request, Russian president Putin authorised a “special military operation” to “demilitarize and denazify” the Ukrainian territory. Military strikes began on Ukraine.

At around 2.30am GMT, Putin made a televised statement, in which he argued that “on [Russian] historic territory, a hostile anti-Russian environment is being created”. He promised consequences bigger than anything seen in history, if anyone attempted to intervene. This, while the UN Security Council scrambled to meet in New York, at Ukraine’s request.

Only half an hour later, at 3am GMT, Ukrainian citizens were woken up by the thunderous sound of explosions in several cities and military positions around their country.

In the following hours, confirmations have been received of Russian forces having landed in Odessa and seen crossing the border into Kharkiv, in what appears to be a wide offensive throughout the nation, far beyond only separatist-controlled areas.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in a TV address, said Russia had carried out missile strikes against infrastructure and border guards. He asked people to remain calm, and demanded Allies take drastic measures to hold Russia accountable.


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