Ukraine-Russia War – Updates and Analysis (05/03 – 10/03)

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Ukraine has lost all communications with facilities at Chernobyl – IAEA

22:15 – 10 Mar 2022

The UN’s nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, says Ukraine has informed it that it has lost all communications with facilities at the Chernobyl nuclear site in the north of the country.

“Ukraine informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that it had lost today all communications with the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the day after the Russian-controlled site lost all external power supplies,” the IAEA said in a statement.

Disney taking steps to ‘pause’ operations in Russia

22:00 – 10 Mar 2022

The Walt Disney Company has announced it is taking steps to “pause all other businesses in Russia” following the invasion of Ukraine.

It comes one week after the company delayed the theatrical release of its films in Russia in response to the ongoing crisis.

In a statement, Disney said: “Given the unrelenting assault on Ukraine and the escalating humanitarian crisis, we are taking steps to pause all other businesses in Russia.

US says multiple Ukrainian cities encircled

21:45 – 10 Mar 2022

The US State Department believes that Russian forces have encircled “multiple” cities after destroying much of their critical infrastructure, spokesman Ned Price has said.

Price did not specify which Ukrainian cities are currently encircled.

In his remarks, Price accused the Russian government of “laying waste” to population centres to “break the will” of Ukrainians.

He added that Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities have left residents without water, electricity, food, and medicine. Many people, Price added, have been unable to escape as a result of “relentless bombardments”.

80,000 Ukrainians evacuated from Kyiv and Sumy in two days

21:40 – 10 Mar 2022

More than 80,000 people have been evacuated from areas around the Ukraine capital Kyiv and city of Sumy, in the north east, over the past two days, the Ukrainian government has said.

Ukraine’s Deputy PM Iryna Vereshchuk said in a video posted on the Telegram messaging app that more than 60,000 people had been evacuated from Sumy and nearby places.

An addditional 20,000 people have been evacuated from areas to the northwest of Kyiv, she added, while another 3,000 were taken “with difficulty” from Izyum, a city in eastern Ukraine.

Swift ceasefire not likely – Macron

21:30 – 10 Mar 2022

Arriving earlier at an EU summit in Versailles, French President Emmanuel Macron told the BBC he remains optimistic about talks but doesn’t see ceasefire as realistic in the coming hours.

He dismissed the conditions that President Putin had put on the table as “not acceptable to anybody”.

He said he would speak to Putin in the coming hours again, and try to get “what seems to be realistic”.

“I don’t see the ceasefire realistic in the coming hours, to be honest with you,” he said.

Russia to allow Ukrainian team to ‘access power lines in Chernobyl’

21:00 – 10 Mar 2022

Russia’s defence ministry will allow a Ukrainian repair team to access power lines in the area around the Chernobyl nuclear power station, the Interfax news agency has reported.

Protests erupt in Russian-held Ukrainian cities – MoD

20:50 – 10 Mar 2022

The Ministry of Defence has provided another update on the situation on the ground in Ukraine.

Protests have erupted throughout the week in the Russian-held cities of Kherson, Melitopol and Berdynsk in southern Ukraine, according to British intelligence.

It is understood that 400 protesters were detained by Russian forces in Kherson, which is under Moscow’s control, on Wednesday. By keeping the Russians busy, it is likely this will “reduce the number of forces available to continue their advance and will further slow Russian progress”, the MoD writes.

Russia says it will open humanitarian corridors every day

20:40 – 10 Mar 2022

The Russian defence ministry has claimed it will open humanitarian corridors at 10am Moscow time (7am GMT) every day, according to Interfax news agency.

These would allow for Ukrainian civilians in besieged cities to leave the war zone. There is particular concern about those in Mariupol, where the situation has been described as “apocalyptic”.

It was not immediately clear where Russia these evacuation routes will be.

Earlier in the conflict, Ukraine rejected a similar offer as the proposed routes largely led to Belarus and Russian-controlled regions.

Putin has ‘overreached himself’ – former British spy

20:30 – 10 Mar 2022

President Vladimir Putin has overreached himself in Ukraine and the war will ultimately lead to his downfall, a former senior British spy has said.

Christopher Steele, who wrote a dossier alleging ties between Russia and the 2016 election campaign of Donald Trump, said the world had seen the “high water mark” of the Russian leader’s rule and he may even be ousted by one of his inner circle.

The biggest factor triggering his demise would be Russia’s crumbling economy as international sanctions bite.

“I don’t see him surviving this in the long term. I think we have gone over a watershed here,” he said.

“My view is, however, in the short term we are going to see probably increased brutality from Russian forces and atrocities in Ukraine, sadly. 

“But, in the longer term, the economy and the sanctions and his isolation both cultural and economic in the world will…lead to a change of regime in Russia. I certainly hope so.”

Communications with two Ukrainian nuclear plants ‘degraded’ and situation ‘concerning’ – IAEA

19:50 – 10 Mar 2022

The UN’s nuclear watchdog also said there was still no confirmation that power had been restored at Chernobyl in northern Ukraine.

Data collection from both there, and from Zaporizhzhia in the south, has been compromised.

400,000 people evacuated from besieged Ukrainian cities

19:40 – 10 Mar 2022

Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from hard-hit Ukrainian cities, according to the country’s interior minister.

Denys Monastyrsky said these people have largely fled active combat zones, with evacuations from the north-eastern city of Sumy noted today.

However, agreed ceasefires have failed elsewhere, with thousands of people unable to leave Mariupol yet again on Thursday as heavy shelling continued.

Ukraine said not a single civilian was able to leave the southern port city – and humanitarian convoys were forced to turn back due to fighting.

Humanitarian corridors were attempted in seven hard-hit Ukrainian regions today: Sumy, Mariupol, Izyum, Volnovakha, Trostianets, Krasnopil and Kyiv.

South Africa ‘approached to play a mediation role’

19:30 – 10 Mar 2022

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has spoken to Vladimir Putin today, according to Mr Ramaphosa’s LinkedIn account.

Mr Ramaphosa said that based on his country’s links with Russia, and as a member of the BRIC countries, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, it had been approached to play a mediation role.

He added that the Russian invasion should be resolved through mediation and negotiation.

At least 60 hospitals damaged in Ukraine

19:20 – 10 Mar 2022

Dozens of Ukrainian hospitals have been damaged by Russian airstrikes and shelling since the invasion of Ukraine began two weeks ago.

Ukraine’s health minister Viktor Liashko said the number of medical facilities damaged in warfare has now surpassed 60.

Meanwhile, he said the deaths of five health care workers were due to “Russian terrorist bullets”.

Yesterday, Ukraine said three people were killed when a Russian missile struck a maternity hospital in the southern port city of Mariupol.

White House ‘continuing to assess’ possible use of chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine

19:15 – 10 Mar 2022

Washington said there would be “significant consequences” for “every escalating step taken by Russia”.

President Biden has been talking to the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The White House said they discussed their “shared concern about Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine”.

They “reaffirmed” their support for the government and people of Ukraine.

Google Cloud not accepting new customers in Russia

19:00 – 10 Mar 2022

The company said it was winding down business in Russia in compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements.

This joins the dozens of other powerful companies and organisations that have withdrawn their business from Russia.

US ‘underestimated’ Ukrainians’ willingness to fight

18:45 – 10 Mar 2022

In an update, the director of the US’s Defense Intelligence Agency, Scott Berrier, admitted that US military intelligence had underestimated the willingness of Ukrainians to fight the invading Russians. 

In Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv, people continue to resist, with a native flag seen draped around a local monument on Thursday.

This was despite the Russians using precision-guided weapons to attack Ukrainian hospitals and homes.

BORIS JOHNSON fears Vladimir Putin may use chemical weapons

18:00 – 10 Mar 2022

Boris Johnson has said he fears Vladimir Putin may deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine as that would be “straight out of Russia’s playbook”.

Speaking on Sky News’ Beth Rigby Interviews programme, the prime minister said the only way the war in Ukraine can end is if the Russian president realises he has made a “catastrophic mistake”.

Mr Johnson reiterated Western officials’ fears that Mr Putin could use chemical weapons in Ukraine after Moscow accused Kyiv of planning to deploy them in the battlefield.

Former German chancellor to meet with Putin in Moscow for talks

17:30 – 10 Mar 2022

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder is meeting Vladimir Putin in Moscow today for talks on ending the war in Ukraine, according to a report by Politico.

Mr Schröder’s visit follows talks in Istanbul with a Ukrainian politician who is a member of the country’s delegation for peace talks with Russia, sources told the publication.

One source said: “Ukraine wanted to see if Schröder could build a bridge for dialogue with Putin.”

Mr Schröder served as German chancellor from 1998 to 2005 and has recently come under fire around the world for his refusal to sever his close links to Russian companies since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

He is on the board of Russian oil giant Rosneft, as well as being the chairman of the shareholders’ committee of the company that is in charge of building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

In response to the Politico report, the German government said it had not agreed to any meeting by the former chancellor and Mr Putin, according to two government sources.

Twitter launches service aimed at bypassing Russia’s block

17:10 – 10 Mar 2022

Twitter has launched a privacy-protected version of its site to bypass surveillance and censorship after Russia restricted access to its service in the country.

In a bid to restrict the flow of information about its war in Ukraine, Russia blocked access to Facebook and limited Twitter for its citizens. 

Both companies have said they are working on restoring access to people inside Russia even as they restrict the country’s state media from their services.

Goldman Sachs becomes first major bank to exit Russia over invasion

17:00 – 10 Mar 2022

Goldman Sachs has said it is winding down business in Russia in compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements. 

“We are focused on supporting our clients across the globe in managing or closing out pre-existing obligations in the market and ensuring the wellbeing of our people,” a spokesman for the bank said.

1,207 ‘bodies collected on the streets’ of Mariupol

16:45 – 10 Mar 2022

Sergei Orlov, the deputy mayor of the southern port city, says it is unclear exactly how many people have been killed since Russian shelling began.

However, he told the BBC that 1,207 bodies have been “collected on the street”. 

He added that 47 people were recently laid to rest in a mass grave when it became impossible to reach burial sites.

Impossible to identify many of those buried

16:34 – 10 Mar 2022

The mayor of the besieged port city of Mariupol has said it was impossible to identify many of those buried. 

“We do not have the opportunity to bury them in private graves,” Vadym Boichenko said. 

Morgues are overflowing and bodies remain uncollected in homes. 

Locals have been advised to tie up the body’s hands and legs, cover them and leave them outside.

The deputy mayor said yesterday that at least 1,200 Ukrainians have been killed in the Russian shelling of the hard-hit city since the bombardment began two weeks ago.

Putin admits sanctions have ‘created problems’

16:01 – 10 Mar 2022

Vladimir Putin has admitted that the West’s sanctions have “created some problems and difficulties” for Russia, but added: “We will resolve them.”

Speaking today, the Russian leader said the West would have imposed sanctions against Russia “no matter what” and said his country will have “increased independence and sovereignty” in the long term.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has overtaken Iran to become the biggest target of global sanctions, according to new data.

There are now more sanctions against Russia than there are against Iran, Venezuela, Myanmar, and Cuba combined.

Mariupol residents ‘attacking each other for food’

15:41 – 10 Mar 2022

Sasha Volkov, of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has described the harrowing scene on the ground in the southern port city of Mariupol.

The besieged city has been without water, electricity and internet service for days, as it faces near-constant bombardment by Russian troops who have it surrounded.

Numerous attempts to evacuate civilians and bring supplies into Mariupol have failed. Earlier today, Ukraine said a humanitarian convoy en route to the city was forced to turn around due to fighting.

Now, Mr Volkov says people have “started to attack each other for food”.

In an audio file shared by the Red Cross, he went on to describe how people are “getting sick already because of the cold. They have nowhere to go. Especially the people confined in small spaces”.

Mr Volkov said that while some people still have food: “I’m not sure how long it will last”.

Russia says Belarus has restored power supply to Chernobyl

15:34 – 10 Mar 2022

Russia’s energy ministry said today that Belarusian specialists had restored electricity supply to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. 

Chernobyl lost power amid fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Yesterday, Ukraine urged Russia to observe a temporary ceasefire to allow repairs on a power line to Chernobyl – warning radiation could be leaked if an electricity outage continues.

Foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said “reserve diesel generators have a 48-hour capacity” to power the facility.

Number of Ukrainian refugees could surpass 4 million

14:55 – 10 Mar 2022

Europe has warned the number of Ukrainian refugees arriving in neighbouring countries could surpass four million within days.

One official described the situation on the borders as “unprecedented”. 

So far, the UN believes at least 2.3 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine since the conflict began, mostly entering Poland.

Others have travelled to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Moldova.

Two million flee Kyiv, mayor says

13:53 – 10 Mar 2022

Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko has said some two million people have fled the Ukrainian capital – about half its residents. 

US places missile systems in Poland

13:15 – 10 Mar 2022

US Vice President Kamala Harris has said that American missile systems have been placed in Poland, adding they are prepared to defend “every inch” of NATO territory.

She was speaking in Warsaw after meeting with the Polish president Andrzej Duda.

Ms Harris added that the US will give another $50 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The delivery of patriot missiles to Poland comes shortly after Russia urged EU and NATO countries to stop arming the region with defensive aid, as it poses a threat to civilian aircraft.

Warsaw struggles with nearly 300,000 refugees from Ukraine

13:00 – 10 Mar 2022

The Polish capital Warsaw is coping but close to being overwhelmed by the huge influx of refugees from Ukraine, according to a spokeswoman for the mayor.

In the last two weeks, nearly 300,000 Ukrainians have arrived in the city of two million people. 

It’s putting pressure on accommodation and school places – with many Ukrainians planning to stay. Every day there are 1,000 more pupils in Warsaw’s schools and kindergartens.

The spokeswoman for mayor Monika Beuth-Lutyk says the city is appealing to the EU and other organisations for support.

Moldova needs to prepare for full spectrum of threats from Russia – deputy PM

12:45 – 10 Mar 2022

“We see no reason why Moldova would become a direct target,” Deputy PM Nicu Popescu told Sky News.

“We are a neutral country. But we add that what has happened in Ukraine is completely unjustified. We need to prepare for the full spectrum of threats.”

Moldova is not a member of NATO. It has a tiny army without sophisticated weaponry.

The geopolitics of the region is complicated further by the breakaway and internationally unrecognised republic of Transnistria which runs down the eastern border between Moldova and Ukraine.

Transnistria’s government is Kremlin-backed and the minister confirmed to Sky News that 1,300 Russian troops are based there.

Bombs are falling in Mariupol

12:30 – 10 Mar 2022

Bombs are reportedly falling on homes in the city of Mariupol again, according to a Telegram post from the city council.

A humanitarian convoy trying to reach the south-eastern city has also had to turn back because of the fighting, according to a social media post from Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Reuters reported.

A Ukrainian presidential advisor has said on social media that Russia is deliberately blocking the evacuation of civilians from the city because it has failed to seize the strategically-important port, Reuters said.

Ukraine ambassador calls on Berlin to launch ‘Airlift 2.0’

12:20 – 10 Mar 2022

“We need an Airlift 2.0, just on the land route this time,” Andriy Melnyk, Kyiv’s ambassador to Germany, said to the Berlin House of Representatives according to news outlet RBB24. The airlift would be used to supply food and vital supplies to people in war-torn Ukraine.

He said that many Ukrainians now feel just as the Germans did in 1948, as Russia’s war in Ukraine enters the third week.

Putin discusses Ukraine war with Macron and Scholz by phone

12:15 – 10 Mar 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been discussing the situation in Ukraine again today with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz over the phone, the Kremlin has said.

A German government official also confirmed the discussions, saying both Scholz and Macron called on Putin to implement a ceasefire immediately.

Ukraine visa system to go virtual in UK

11:45 – 10 Mar 2022

The UK’s Ukraine visa system is to go virtual.

From Tuesday, Ukrainian nationals with a passport or ID card will be able to apply for a visa entirely virtually, without having to visit a visa application centre.

This means the visa application centres in Europe are now reserved for vulnerable or complex cases.

Humanitarian convoy trying to reach Mariupol turns around amid fighting

11:30 – 10 Mar 2022

A humanitarian convoy trying to reach Mariupol has been forced to turn around due to fighting, Ukraine’s deputy PM has said.

It comes after Mariupol city council reported that the besieged Ukrainian city is under attack from the air.

Updates following russia – Ukraine talks

12:00 – 10 Mar 2022

Ukrainian foreign minister Dymtro Kuleba has said he is ready to meet with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov again if there are prospects for a “substantial discussion” – but his update on this morning’s talks is not positive.

He said the broad narrative from Mr Lavrov during their meeting was that Russia will continue its aggression until Ukraine meets their demands.

He said it was “not easy” to listen to Mr Lavrov during their meeting – adding that military supplies to Ukraine were not discussed. 

“My impression is that Russia is not in a position at this point to establish a ceasefire,” he said.

He says he hopes Russia will allow for a humanitarian corridor out of the city.

Mr Kuleba also said that his country cannot stop the war if the country that started the aggression “has no desire to do so”.

Kuleba says Russian troops must leave Ukraine’s gas and nuclear facilities.

Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, says he discussed humanitarian issues, what troops are doing to protect civilians, evacuation corridors and food supply and price stability in Europe with his Ukrainian counterpart.

Responding to a question from the BBC as to whether a ceasefire would be possible, Mr Lavrov said the “special military operation” will carry on, and that Vladimir Putin says his strategy is going to plan.

Mr Lavrov also said that by supplying defensive aid to Ukraine, the West is “behaving dangerously”.

“We did not attack Ukraine,” he explained, claiming that Russia was being threatened and needed to defend the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, which Russia sees as independent of Ukraine.

He also repeated Russian claims that “civilians are being used as hostages” by what he described as “so-called territorial defence forces”. They are being used “as human shields”, he asserts.

Lavrov claims that the Pentagon is using Ukrainian territory to develop pathogens that could be used to create biological weapons – a claim the US has called “preposterous”.

Sergei Lavrov is asked how Russia can justify the bombing of a maternity ward and children’s hospital, to which he responds: it is “not the first time we see pathetic outcries concerning the so-called atrocities perpetrated by the Russian military”.

UK fuel prices hit a new record high again

10:45 – 10 Mar 2022

Fuel prices in the UK have hit a new record high after steadily rising every day for the past few weeks.

Oil prices have rocketed due to financial sanctions placed on Russia, a major supplier.

More than 2.3 million people have fled Ukraine – UN

10:30 – 10 Mar 2022

The United Nations has said that more than 2.3 million people have fled Ukraine so far.

Russia calling bombing of children’s hospital fake news

10:15 – 10 Mar 2022

the Kremlin has said the bombing of a children’s hospital in Mariupol, which Russian forces are accused of carrying out, is “information terrorism”.

It has previously said its involvement is fake news.

The Kremlin added that it will check with its forces on the attacks.

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich added to UK sanctions list

10:00 – 10 Mar 2022

The Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who has lived in the UK for 20 years, has been added to the assets freeze list.

He faces a prohibition on transactions with UK individuals and businesses, a travel ban and transport sanctions.

Lukashenko orders Belarusian specialists to ensure power supply to Chernobyl plant

09:50 – 10 Mar 2022

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko has instructed Belarusian specialists to ensure power supply to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine, the BelTA news agency has reported.

Yesterday, Ukraine warned there was a danger of a radiation leak at Chernobyl after electricity was cut off, but the UN nuclear watchdog saw “no critical impact on security”. 

Ukrainian no-fly zone would end war quicker

09:45 – 10 Mar 2022

The Polish ambassador to Kyiv said imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine would help bring the conflict there to a faster conclusion and save lives.

“Every day of delay costs hundreds of human lives,” Bartosz Cichocki told private broadcaster TVN24 from Kyiv.

“This is an extension of the conflict that could be ended much faster precisely thanks to the closure of the airspace.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been pleading for NATO to impose a no-fly zone in his daily addresses to the world.

foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine have met in turkey

09:30 – 10 Mar 2022

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has met with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba in Antalya, Turkey this morning.

It marks the start the latest round of negotiations, and are the highest level of talks since the start of the conflict.

It is hoped a ceasefire can be brokered during the talks, which have been set up by Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu. 

‘russian actions are horrific’ – un secretary general

08:30 – 10 Mar 2022

The bombardment of a children’s hospital and maternity wing in Mariupol has been criticized by UN Secretary-General António Guterres as “horrific.”

When a ceasefire was supposed to be in place, Ukraine accused Russia of bombarding the medical center.

At least 17 people were injured in the attacks, and children and others were trapped beneath the wreckage.

taiwan sounds alarm for similar action

08:00 – 10 Mar 2022

Taiwan’s defense minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng, has stated that if Beijing attempts a comparable invasion like Russia’s, both China and Taiwan will pay a high price.

Mr Chiu told reporters ahead of a Taiwanese parliament session on the Russian invasion of Ukraine that “if there is a war, to be honest, everyone will be miserable, including the winners.”

“We are quietly watching developments and preparing accordingly,” he continued.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has reawakened fears in Taiwan that they may face a similar situation.

china state media showing ‘russian point of view’

07:30 – 10 Mar 2022

Donetsk’s leader Denis Pushilin – who is associated with Putin – claimed in an interview with Chinese state television CGTN published just a few hours ago that he wants the conflict to end. He also claims that civilian casualties have been caused by Ukraine’s armed actions, despite Russia having launched the military attack first.

CGTN is one of two Chinese news outlets that have broadcast “exclusive” interviews with Pushilin in the last week.

us approves $13.6b aid for ukraine

07:00 – 10 Mar 2022

The US House of Representatives has approved a $13.6 billion (£10.3 billion) emergency aid plan for Ukraine.

The bill, which is anticipated to pass the Senate in the coming days, provides roughly half of the funds to Ukraine’s defense and the other half to refugee help.

sumy air raids kill at least 3

06:30 – 10 Mar 2022

We previously reported on overnight strikes in the Sumy region’s north-eastern city of Okhtyrka.

Officials have verified that at least three people have been murdered so far, including a 13-year-old boy and two women.

‘ukraine should seek un assistance’

06:00 – 10 Mar 2022

Former US ambassador to the coalition to battle the so-called Islamic State, James Jeffrey, has advocated for UN and US forces to enter Ukraine to create protected humanitarian zones.

He believes Ukraine should seek UN assistance, comparable to the 2006 peacekeeping mission that ended Israel’s entry into southern Lebanon, allowing UN forces to enter the conflict zone.

According to him, Ukraine would have to abandon any military activities initiated from these humanitarian zones.

In Defense One, he argues, “No conflict would begin unless Russia decided to assault forces invited into Ukraine by its legal government and with a UN General Assembly mandate and humanitarian mission.”

In Defense One, he argues, “No conflict would begin unless Russia decided to assault forces invited into Ukraine by its legal government and with a UN General Assembly mandate and humanitarian mission.”

caterpillar, john deere, pull out of russia

05:30 – 10 Mar 2022

Powerhouses of heavy machinery Caterpillar and John Deere have put their collaboration with Russian partners on hold.

Operations at Caterpillar’s Russian manufacturing plants have “become increasingly problematic, including supply chain disruptions and sanctions,” according to the company.

Meanwhile, John Deere announced that its machinery will no longer be exported to Russia or Belarus, both of which have backed Ukraine’s invasion.

air raids in sumy region

05:00 – 10 Mar 2022

According to a prominent local official, Russian warplanes carried out overnight raids on the north-eastern city of Okhtyrka, Sumy region.

Residential areas and a gas pipeline were affected at about 00:30 local time on Thursday, according to regional state administration chief Dmytro Zhyvytsky.

He claims that the suburbs of the regional capital Sumy and the village of Bytytsia were bombed around 10 minutes later.

It was unclear whether there were any casualties at the time.

5000-6000 russians killed – us estimates

04:30 – 10 Mar 2022

According to CBS News, the official US estimate for the number of Russians killed in the first two weeks of the war is between 5,000 and 6,000.

According to estimations that the rate of injured is normally three times that of those killed, the number of Russian forces wounded is predicted to be between 15,000 and 18,000.

This projection, according to one anonymous US official, will result in “very, very significant deaths,” and the mortality rate will be comparable to several World War II battles.

ukraine encourages global brands to leave russia

04:00 – 10 Mar 2022

More than 50 worldwide brands, according to Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are still operating in Russia.

It shared an infographic with company logos and the words “Every ruble paid in taxes to Russia results into lives and tears of Ukrainian children” on Facebook on Wednesday.

Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Heinz, and tyre manufacturers Bridgestone, Yokohama, and Pirelli are among the companies on the list.

mining giant pulls out of russia

03:30 – 10 Mar 2022

Rio Tinto, the world’s second largest metals and mining company, is severing ties with Russia.

According to a representative for the London-based Anglo-Australian enterprise, it is “in the process of terminating all commercial agreements it has with any Russian business.”

harris in poland to resolve warplane issue

03:00 – 10 Mar 2022

Kamala Harris, the US Vice President, has arrived in Warsaw, allowing her the opportunity to personally negotiate with Polish leaders on the topic of fighter jet shipments to Ukraine.

The subject has revealed divisions within the Nato alliance.

Poland’s offer to give the US with MiG-29 fighter jets as a step toward transferring them to Ukraine was rejected by American officials on Tuesday as “not tenable.”

The US Defense Department went even farther today, labeling the action a “high risk” move that could worsen the crisis.

lada halts production

02:30 – 10 Mar 2022

In a symbol of Russia’s deepening isolation, Lada, the country’s largest automaker, has halted work on its production lines.

According to the company, crushing Western sanctions have made it impossible to obtain the parts and supplies it requires.

The legendary brand, which was founded in Soviet Russia in 1973, is well-known in the region for its affordability.

foreign ministers arrive in turkey for peace talks

02:00 – 10 Mar 2022

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, has arrived in Turkey for peace talks with Russia.

On the request of Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, the talks will take place on Thursday in Antalya.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was also pictured arriving in Turkey earlier on Wednesday.

“No expiration date” on sanctions

01:34 – 10 Mar 2022

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said that the export controls that have been leveled against Russia by the United States and its allies in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine have “no expiration date.”

We’re in it for the long haul and our allies are in it for the long haul,” Raimondo told CNN, adding that the Biden administration is prepared to stick with the measures designed to inflict economic pain on Russia for “as long as it takes.”

“There’s no expiration date,” Raimondo said. “We’re in it to win it and our allies are too.”

The comments, coming from a member of President Joe Biden’s Cabinet, is yet another indication that the administration is bracing for a potentially prolonged and protracted conflict in Europe that has already roiled financial markets and that the White House has assessed would hurt consumers’ wallets.

“This is going to be messy and probably extremely long term,” Raimondo predicted about the crisis.

(Ting Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Russian mercenaries ‘likely deploying to fight in Ukraine’ 

01:09 – 10 Mar 2022

In its latest intelligence update, the Ministry of Defence said: “Experienced mercenaries from Russian private military companies (PMCs) are likely deploying to fight in Ukraine to support the Russian invasion.

“The Russian state almost certainly maintains extensive links with Russian PMCs, despite repeated denials.”

“Russian PMCs have been accused of committing human rights abuses in several countries, such as Syria, Libya and the Central African Republic, whilst operating on behalf of the Russian state.”

Russia not abandoning plans to encircle Kyiv

00:43 – 10 Mar 2022

Russia is “not abandoning its plans to encircle” Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, Ukraine’s military has said in its latest update on the key battleground developments.

In its bulletin at midnight, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said its “defence forces are repelling and holding back” the Russian offensive “in all directions”.

In some sectors “the occupying forces lost their combat capability” and were now bringing in their reserves, the statement said.

Ukraine also accused its northern neighbour, Belarus, of helping Russia with fuel and lubricants, and also allowing Moscow to use the country’s railways and airfields.

Russia and Belarus have not publicly commented on the Ukrainian statement, which has not been independently verified.

Zelenskyy says Mariupol maternity hospital strike is “proof” of a “genocide of Ukrainians”

00:23 – 10 Mar 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol is “proof of a genocide of Ukrainians taking place” in a video message posted to Telegram late yesterday night.

“The hospitals are ruined, the schools are ruined, the churches are ruined, ordinary buildings and all the dead people, dead children”, he said, adding, “a strike on a maternity hospital is a final proof, proof of a genocide of Ukrainians taking place.”

Zelensky called on Europeans to condemn the “Russian war crime” saying, “Europeans! Ukrainians! Citizens of Mariupol! Today we have to be united in condemning this Russian war crime in which is reflected all the evil that Russian occupants brought to our land.”

The Ukrainian president addressed Europeans and called on them to ramp up sanctions on Russia.

“Europeans you won’t be able to say you haven’t seen what was going on to the Ukrainians, what was going on in Mariupol, to the residents of Mariupol, you have seen it and you know what’s going on so you have to strengthen sanctions against Russia in a manner that leaves it no more chance to continue this genocide,” he said.

IMF approves emergency financing for Ukraine

23:56 – 9 Mar 2022

The International Monetary Fund has approved $1.4 billion (€1.26bn) in emergency financing for Ukraine.

It will help with urgent funding requirements as Kyiv fights back against the invasion by Russian forces.

The IMF said Ukrainian authorities had cancelled an existing stand-by lending arrangement with it.

White House warns that Russia could use chemical weapons

23:39 – 9 Mar 2022

The White House warned Wednesday that Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine or manufacture a “false flag” operation that uses them. 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, slamming what she called false claims from Russia that the US is developing chemical weapons in Ukraine, tweeted: 

“Now that Russia has made these false claims, and China has seemingly endorsed this propaganda, we should all be on the lookout for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or to create a false flag operation using them. It’s a clear pattern.”

Psaki also noted Russia’s “long and well-documented track record of using chemical weapons” as well as its pattern of “accusing the West of the very violations that Russia itself is perpetrating.”

Photos from Mariupol maternital and children hospital bombing

23:21 – 9 Mar 2022

“Children`s hospital? Maternity ward? Why were they a threat to Russian Federation? What kind of country is the Russian Federation that is afraid of hospitals, afraid of maternity wards and destroys them?” asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

48,000 Ukrainians evacuated

22:44 – 9 Mar 2022

The majority of these people left the north-eastern city of Sumy, but others were able to flee the southern city of Enerhodar and the Kyiv region.

This data was reported by Ukraine’s Interfax news agency, citing a senior aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Of the total number evacuated today:

  • 43,000 civilians left Sumy
  • 3,500 were evacuated from the Kyiv region
  • 1,000 people fled Enerhodar

Additional humanitarian corridors collapsed in Mariupol and Kharkiv when Russian shelling continued, despite a temporary ceasefire.

US rejects ‘high risk’ transfer of Polish jets to Ukraine

22:17 – 9 Mar 2022

The Pentagon has said it will not enable the transfer of Polish fighter jets to Ukraine, but is open to working with allies on other ways to boost Ukraine’s air defence capabilities.

Spokesman John Kirby said that US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin conveyed that message to his Polish counterpart Mariusz Błaszczak.

Kirby lauded Ukraine’s strategic use of its current capabilities to curb the Russian advance, but said “adding aircraft to the Ukrainian inventory is not likely to significantly change [its] effectiveness“.

He noted that deploying the Polish-owned fighter jets from the main US air force base in Germany, as Warsaw had proposed, is “high risk” and “could be mistaken by the Russians as an escalatory step”.

“That is not only not good for NATO, it’s not good for the United States and our national security,” he said.

Sony suspends games shipments to Russia

21:54 – 9 Mar 2022

Sony Corp has confirmed that its games division will pause shipments of software and hardware to Russia, which will include shipments of its new racing game, Gran Turismo 7.

Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment said it had also suspended operations of the PlayStation Store.

vehicles stretch for miles as people try to escape urban areas around Kyiv

21:30 – 9 Mar 2022

A senior official in the Kyiv region says lines of vehicles stretch for miles as people try to escape fighting in districts to the north and northwest of Kyiv.

Konstantin Usov, the deputy chairman of the Kyiv Regional administration, speaking from an assembly point to the west of Kyiv, said that the evacuation was underway, after a day in which thousands of people tried to use so-called “green corridors” agreed by Russia and Ukraine to escape widespread destruction north of the capital.

“Unfortunately, people could not leave all the cities today,” Usov said, long after darkness fell.

Now you see a large number of cars here, traffic jams — they say it’s 15 kilometers. We can’t see from here,” he said.

“We try to let all cars go as early as possible, as soon as possible. There is a filtration, selection. We are checking the documents so that Russian saboteurs do not pass under the guise of evacuees. Difficult work, unfortunately, we are 100% beyond curfew.”

Curfew in the Kyiv region begins at 8 p.m. local time. 

We continue to feed people, continue to heat them, give them tea,” Usov said.

Some UK soldiers may have travelled to Ukraine

21:14 – 9 Mar 2022

A small number of British soldiers have disobeyed orders and may have travelled to Ukraine to fight, the British Army has confirmed.

The soldiers were absent without leave and may have gone to Ukraine “in a personal capacity”, the Army said.

“We are actively and strongly encouraging them to return to the UK,” a spokesperson added.

All service personnel within the UK, and the majority of allied countries, are banned from travelling to Ukraine.

Trading on Moscow Stock Exchange will not resume tomorrow

20:55 – 9 Mar 2022

Russian Central Bank will not resume trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange tomorrow in the stock market section, with the exception of “Redemption: Direct Orders” mode with settlements in rubles, announced the bank on its website.

EU targets 160 Russian citizens in latest round of sanctions

20:30 – 9 Mar 2022

The EU has announced fresh sanctions against another 160 Russian citizens in the latest round of punishments targeting supporters of President Vladimir Putin’s regime.

The measures will see 14 oligarchs and businessmen hit with sanctions, as well as 146 members of the Russian Russian Federation Council, or Senate, who supported the recognition of separatist regions in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian citizens sanctioned include:

  • Alexander Vinokurov, who is married to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s daughter
  • Dmitry Pumpyansky, chairman of the board of directors of the world’s largest supplier of steel pipes for the oil and gas industry
  • And Mikhail Poluboyarinov, CEO of the state airline Aeroflot

In total, some 862 Russian individuals and 53 entities have now been sanctioned by the bloc. A number of Belarusian institutions have also been targeted by the EU.

ceasefires come to an end

20:09 – 9 Mar 2022

The 12-hour ceasefire agreed by Russia and Ukraine has now come to an end.

It applied to six Ukrainian regions, in areas such as Mariupol, Kharkiv and the outskirts of Kyiv, where Russian shelling has been the most severe.

A Ukrainian diplomat claimed 40,000 civilians were able to flee war-torn cities, although humanitarian corridors in Mariupol and Kharkiv did not hold.

Civilians were able to leave the north-eastern city of Sumy, parts of the Kyiv region and Enerhodar in southern Ukraine.

Russia admits to using thermobaric weapons

19:23 – 9 Mar 2022

The Russian ministry of defence has confirmed the use of the TOS-1A weapon system in Ukraine, which uses thermobaric rockets.

This combines a multiple launch rocket system with thermobaric projectiles to create incendiary and blast effects.

Mass grave set up in Mariupol as morgues overflow

19:04 – 9 Mar 2022

The port city has been under Russian bombardment for days, and at least 1,170 civilians have been killed in the city since the start of the invasion, the city’s deputy mayor has said.

There are also reports now that the authorities have dug a mass grave because normal burials have become impossible.

“Sadly, there are just too many bodies,” local official Vitaly Falkovsky tells the Financial Times. “It was a necessary measure because we can’t bury people in the normal way. The morgues are overflowing.”

More than 60 people have been buried in the grave in the past two days, AP reports. They include civilians and soldiers killed by shelling, as well as civilians who died from disease and natural causes.

Streets in the southern port city are said to be lined with bodies, and people have run out of food.

Belarusian Embassy in Italy attacked

18:46 – 9 Mar 2022

UAE will encourage OPEC to consider higher oil production levels

18:14 – 9 Mar 2022

The United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to Washington, Yousef Al Otaiba said that the UAE favours “oil production increases and will be encouraging OPEC to consider higher production levels.”

“The UAE has been a reliable and responsible supplier of energy to global markets for more than 50 years and believes that stability in energy markets is critical to the global economy,” he said.

The UAE had, last week, committed to the same oil production levels with Russia vis-à-vis the OPEC+ agreement. Otaiba’s comments signal, possibly, a change in Emirati policy from stabilizing oil production to an increase in oil production — and therefore helping decrease soaring energy prices.

Russian occupation area of Ukraine

17:56 – 9 Mar 2022

The Institute for the Study of War has released the following map showing an approximation of what areas of Ukraine are, as of yesterday afternoon, under Russian occupation.

Video: Maternity and children’s hospital bombed

17:43 – 9 Mar 2022

Russia ‘largely failed’ to adhere to ceasefire agreements

17:00 – 9 Mar 2022

Russia agreed late last night to observe a temporary ceasefire in six Ukrainian regions to allow for the evacuation of civilians.

However, Ukrainian interior ministry adviser Vadym Denysenko says Moscow has “largely failed” to adhere to these agreements.

Evacuations were successful in the north-eastern city of Sumy and in Enerhodar, but were not possible from Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv.

Mr Denysenko said they were only partially successful in the Kyiv region. It was hoped evacuations would be possible from the besieged towns of Vorzel, Borodyanka, Bucha, Irpin and Hostomel.

Shelling has continued in the southern port city of Mariupol, where a hospital was destroyed by several Russian strikes in recent hours.

Meanwhile, mayor Ihor Terekhov has warned that Russian forces appear to be regrouping near Kharkiv. He described the situation as very tense.

It is understood heavy shelling has continued in the city today.

West will have to confront Russian regime ‘one way or another’

16:45 – 9 Mar 2022

Alexander Rodnyanksy, an adviser to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, says Ukraine wants more air support to allow Ukraine to create their own no-fly zone – adding that all of Ukraine believes it is not getting enough from the West.

“What else needs to happen for the West to realise this is a conflict that they will be engaged in more directly anyway,” he says.

“You will have to confront this regime one way or another.”

Mr Rodbyanksy adds that the sooner the West realises this, the better and less costly it is going to be. 

Children buried under rubble after Mariupol hospital strike – Zelenskyy

16:30 – 9 Mar 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has claimed children are trapped underneath the wreckage of the children’s hospital that was destroyed by Russian airstrikes earlier.

Zelensky also shared a harrowing video illustrating the extent of the destruction.

At least 1,200 people killed in Mariupol

16:15 – 9 Mar 2022

The deputy mayor says at least 1,200 Ukrainians have been killed in Russian shelling of the hard-hit city since the bombardment began 14 days ago.

However, Serhiy Orlov told CNN the true death toll is likely to be “three or four times more” than this recent estimate.

Mariupol is one of the worst-hit parts of Ukraine, with an unyielding Russian bombardment cutting water and electricity supplies.

Despite an agreed ceasefire to allow for civilian evacuations until 9pm (7pm GMT), Mr Orlov says the shelling has continued. 

Russia admits using conscripts in Ukraine

16:10 – 9 Mar 2022

Russia’s defence ministry has acknowledged that some conscripts – soldiers who were compulsorily drafted into the army – are taking part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In Russia, all men aged 18-27 must do a year’s military service, although there are some exceptions.

It comes just a few days after Vladimir Putin denied conscripts were involved in Ukraine, saying only professional soldiers were being sent.

The ministry said that some of them, serving in supply units, had been taken prisoner by the Ukrainian army.

Children’s hospital in Mariupol destroyed

16:00 – 9 Mar 2022

A children’s hospital in the southern port city has been completely destroyed in Russian bombing, according to the Mariupol city council.

It was not immediately clear whether there were any casualties.

Air strikes have targeted civilian infrastructure and residential districts, while thousands of people are still without food, water and electricity.

Germany won’t send warplanes to Ukraine

15:45 – 9 Mar 2022

Germany says it won’t be sending warplanes to Ukraine, after the US rejected an offer by Poland to transfer its Russian-made MiG-29 jets to Ukraine via a US base in Germany.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz says Germany has “provided all kinds of defence materials” including weapons, but he says “definitely warplanes are not part of that”.

Ukraine calls for ceasefire around Chernobyl amid radiation fears

15:40 – 9 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s foreign minister is calling for a ceasefire around Chernobyl nuclear power plant, warning radiation could be leaked if an electricity outage continues.

He said the only electrical grid supplying the plant and its nuclear facilities, which is occupied by the Russian army, is damaged, and demanded a ceasefire to allow repair units to restore power.

evacuations being stopped

15:30 – 9 Mar 2022

In Izyum, a regional official is claiming that the evacuation of civilians has “been held up by Russian shelling”. It is said that explosions in the suburbs mean that evacuation convoys are unable to leave.

In Mariupol, the situation is unclear. However, Ukraine’s foreign minister accused Russia of keeping its 400,000 residents as hostages in the last few hours.

civilians in Lviv taught how to use rifles

15:15 – 9 Mar 2022

Training sessions have sprung up in the western city of Lviv where hundreds of civilians are being taught how to use rifles.

Many have never picked up a gun until now but feel the time has come to equip themselves with the skills they feel may be necessary to defend their families, their city and their country.

Power loss will have ‘no critical impact on safety’ at Chernobyl – IAEA

15:10 – 9 Mar 2022

The UN’s nuclear watchdog says power loss at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant “violates a key safety pillar on ensuring uninterrupted power supply”.

However, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said that in this case, it sees “no critical impact on safety”.

ukrainian musicians play national anthem in Kyiv as Russians advance

15:05 – 9 Mar 2022

An orchestra assembled in an act of defiance on a Kyiv square before a small crowd to play the national anthem as Russian forces advanced on the capital.

The Kyiv-Classic Symphony Orchestra also played an excerpt from Beethoven’s Ode To Joy, on which the European Union’s anthem is based – a nod to the Ukraine government’s desire to move closer to Europe and away from Russia’s orbit. 

Russian forces are advancing on the capital city from several directions, although heavy fighting in surrounding areas has slowed their progress.

EU leaders split on Ukraine membership, official says

15:00 – 9 Mar 2022

European Union leaders are split on whether to put Ukraine firmly on the path for membership, an official with the bloc said today.

“But the question is whether they’d find consensus for enlargement, which is sometimes more tricky,” the official said.

Granting membership would likely be seen as a provocation by Russia.

UK is sending Ukraine more anti-tank weapons

14:53 – 9 Mar 2022

The United Kingdom is increasing its supply of weapons systems to Ukraine in “response to further acts of aggression by Russia,” UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace said Wednesday.  

Britain has now supplied 3,615 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, and will also shortly be supplying a small consignment of Javelin anti-tank missiles, he told lawmakers in parliament. 

Wallace said the “initial supply was to be 2,000 New Light anti-tank weapons, small arms and ammunition,” but that has been increased and the UK will continue to deliver more.

“We will shortly be starting the delivery of small consignment of anti-tank Javelin missiles,” he said adding that all weapons are considered to be “defensive systems,” and are “calibrated not to escalate to a strategic level.”

Ukraine says Chernobyl nuclear plant loses power supply

14:16 – 9 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s state-run nuclear company says electricity supplies to the former power plant at Chernobyl have been cut and has warned that radioactive substances could be released because spent nuclear fuel cannot be cooled.

In a post of the Telegram messaging app, Energoatom says a high-voltage line feeding the plant was disconnected after it was damaged during Russia’s seizure of the station nearly two weeks ago.

“We need to repair it as quickly as we can,” Galushchenko said. But he added that there is “a special system of security in case of electricity cuts” which will allow the plant to operate for several days using diesel generators.

New sanctions prohibit transactions with central bank of Belarus

14:03 – 9 Mar 2022

The European Union has said fresh sanctions on Russia include the prohibition of transactions with the central bank of Belarus.

They also target Belagrombank and Bank Dabrabyt.

The EU Commission said that the new sanctions also target 14 Russian oligarchs and prominent businesspeople involved in key economic sectors providing a substantial source of revenue to the Russian federation – notably in the metallurgical, agriculture, pharmaceutical, telecom and digital industries. 

There are plans to significantly limit the financial inflows from Belarus to the EU by prohibiting the acceptance of deposits exceeding €100,000 from Belarusian nationals or residents.

Movement through evacuation has been limited

13:45 – 9 Mar 2022

After Ukraine and Russia agreed on several evacuation corridors to be established the evacuation of civilians, there was limited progress in moving people from the worst-affected areas.

Heavy weapons fire appears to have disrupted some routes.

In Kyiv, evacuations are planned from five districts hit hard by fighting in the last week: Vorzel, Borodyanka, Hostomel, Irpin and Bucha. 

The regional military administration said for the Kyiv region said that “departure is provided by police, representatives of the International Red Cross and the regional military administration.”

But several hours after the evacuation was due to begin, there was no sign of people being brought out of the affected areas in the bus convoys that had been organized. 

There appeared to be greater progress in organizing buses to get people out of the central city of Enerhodar. 

But in the east, Oleh Syniehubov, head of Kharkiv region administration, said that it was impossible to evacuate civilians from the town of Izyum “as we constantly hear explosions.”

“Buses are still being held at the entrance to Izium,” Syniehubov said.

During an attempted evacuation from Demidova — a town north of Kyiv that was not among the agreed corridors — one police officer was killed and two more people seriously injured an attempted evacuation of civilians, according to regional authorities.

Erdogan hoping to broker a ceasefire

13:20 – 9 Mar 2022

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he hopes the meeting in the southern resort of Antalya will “open the door to a permanent ceasefire”.

It’s not clear what chance he has of progress as Russia’s president has said he’ll pursue his aims either through negotiations or military action.

Türkiye is a member of NATO but its president has tried to carve out a different position from Western countries on the Russian invasion. While he said Turkey didn’t accept what was happening to Ukrainians, sanctions had “almost turned into a witch hunt against the Russian people, literature, students and artists”.

“Threat to state is at maximum level”

12:54 – 9 Mar 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that the threat to his country is “at maximum level” but affirmed the scale of its response is also at its highest.

As the war hits the two-week mark and millions of civilians flee the country, Zelensky said that the Ukrainian army would be recharged by weapons and supplies taken from Russians in combat.

“Our military has managed to replenish the ammunition arsenal with many trophies taken on the battlefield. The enemy’s tanks, armoured vehicles and ammunition will work for our defence, our life, our country. What can be more humiliating for the occupants? We will fight the enemy with their own weapons, in addition to ours,” Zelensky said.

400 people arrested by Russia over protests in Kherson

12:28 – 9 Mar 2022

The Ukrainian military has said that more than 400 have been arrested by the Russian forces for protesting in the now Russian-occupied Kherson.

Harris to consult with Poland after jet idea caught administration off-guard

12:05 – 9 Mar 2022

US Vice President Kamala Harris will discuss the issue of delivering Soviet-era jets to Ukraine when she visits Poland this week, senior administration officials said ahead of her departure.

Harris’s visit was complicated when Poland issued a surprise statement saying it would hand over its MiG fighter jets to the United States instead of giving them directly to Ukraine, an idea that was roundly rejected by Washington.

“There are a lot of ideas on the table. As you’ve seen from the Pentagon statement, it is our judgment that this one is not a tenable one, but we want and certainly are encouraging all allies to bring ideas forward. And for us to stay in very close coordination across the board,” a senior administration official said.

Kyiv is still supplied with power, heat and water

11:47 – 9 Mar 2022

Heat, water and power supplies, and phone connections, are working normally in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, deputy mayor Mykola Povoroznyk said on television today.

He said the authorities hoped to evacuate many more people from the bombarded communities of Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel in the Kyiv region. 

“We have places to house (refugees), we have trains to send people west,” he said, adding that it was not clear how many people the authorities would be able to help flee.

Ukraine has no idea what is going on at Chernobyl

11:39 – 9 Mar 2022

Ukrainian officials say they do not know what the radiation levels are in Chernobyl, after it was captured by Russian forces earlier in the invasion.

Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko also added that the country has no control of what is happening at the Zaporizhzhia plant in the south either. 

Europe’s biggest power plant was captured by Russian forces last week, with 400 of Vladimir Putin’s troops now stationed there, Mr Halushchenko added.

The workers were reportedly not allowed to leave and were not being relieved from their positions at any time.

Mariupol faces food shortages

11:21 – 9 Mar 2022

A Ukrainian MP has told the BBC that authorities in the besieged south-eastern city of Mariupol believe they have just three days of food supplies left available to them before hunger starts to set in.

Dmytro Gurin, whose parents live in Mariupol, said the mayor’s office had told him that the streets of the port city are lined with bodies and that authorities have been forced to dig a “mass grave for 33 people because the cemeteries are inaccessible because of shelling”.

“Now we have the situation where civilians and peaceful cities are carpet-bombed,” Gurin said. “My parents live in the eastern district of Mariupol, there isn’t any military infrastructure in this area and never were”.

Ukraine agrees to proposed humanitarian evacuation routes

10:23 – 9 Mar 2022

The Ukrainian military has agreed to a 12-hour ceasefire with Russia today to allow civilians to escape through humanitarian corridors, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said. The ceasefire will run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m local time.

Vereshchuk said the ceasefire would allow civilians to escape through “green corridors” in the following areas:

  • Energodar-Zaporizhia
  • Sumy-Poltava
  • Mariupol-Zaporizhia
  • Volnovakha-Pokrovsk
  • Izium-Lozova
  • Vorzel, Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Gostomel-Kyiv

Ukraine makes fresh attempt to evacuate civilians through humanitarian corridors

09:45 – 9 Mar 2022

Ukraine will today try to evacuate civilians through six “humanitarian corridors”, including from the besieged southern port city of Mariupol.

Ukrainian Deputy PM Iryna Vereshchuk said in a video statement that Ukrainian armed forces had agreed to stop firing in those areas from 9am until 9pm local time and urged Russian forces to fulfil their commitment to local ceasefires. 

2.2 million refugees have fled ukraine

09:15 – 9 Mar 2022

The UN refugee agency estimate that around 2.1 to 2.2 million refugees will have fled Ukraine by today since the start of the Russian invasion two weeks ago.

Poland has accepted about 1.33 million of the refugees, the Polish Border Guard agency says.

One Russian aircraft has been impounded already

09:00 – 9 Mar 2022

Following the announcement that UK aviation sanctions now include the ability to seize any Russian aircraft, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has revealed that he has “essentially” impounded one plane already.

An investigation into its ownership will now take place.

Sumy evacuation seen as breakthrough, but civilians still killed

08:45 – 9 Mar 2022

Despite the successful evacuation of 5,000 people from the city of Sumy, a Russian airstrike carried out last night killed 22 people – including three children.

9 people in one house were killed. Six houses were completely destroyed and about 20 more were partially destroyed.

Mariupol has had failed attempted ceasefires over the past few days where people have packed up, tried to leave and Moscow has been accused of shelling the very route that people have been trying to get out of.

Russia claims to have proof Ukraine planned Donbass attack

08:30 – 9 Mar 2022

Russia’s defence ministry has claimed it has secret documents showing Ukraine was planning an attack on the Russian-backed separatist region of Donbass in the east of the country.

The documents, published by the ministry, allegedly show Kyiv planned an assault on the region and made combat preparations.

These documents, which were written in Ukrainian, have not been independently verified.

hungary opposes russian energy ban

08:00 – 9 Mar 2022

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has spoken out against a ban on Russian oil and gas, claiming that it would “impose an unreasonably high tax” on his country.

“While we condemn Russia’s armed offensive and the war, we will not enable Hungarian households to bear the brunt of the conflict,” he said in a statement. “As a result, the sanctions must not be extended to the oil and gas sectors.”

‘sumy corridor to continue’ – governor

07:30 – 9 Mar 2022

A humanitarian corridor that was created earlier on Tuesday, according to the governor of Ukraine’s north-eastern city, is planned to continue on Wednesday.

According to the Ukrainian administration, 5,000 persons were estimated to have evacuated Sumy in two stages.

Sumy, near the Russian border, has been under Russian fire for days.

russia issues another humanitarian corridor

06:30 – 9 Mar 2022

According to Russian official media channels, Moscow has issued another humanitarian ceasefire to allow civilians in cities under bombardment to evacuate.

At 10:00 a.m. local time, corridors will be re-established for Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, and Mariupol. Moscow has announced a ceasefire for the third time, the majority of which have failed.

Ukraine officials announced yesterday that they had successfully evacuated 5,000 people from Sumy, making it the first large evacuation in the country.

A similar attempt for those in Chernihiv, however, failed since Russia continued to shell the departure route, according to Ukraine.

air raid sirens blare across ukraine

06:00 – 9 Mar 2022

According to various local Ukrainian media outlets, air raid sirens have sounded in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Lubny, Poltava, and Vasylkiv.

The alerts indicate the possibility of airstrikes and serve as a warning to inhabitants to seek cover in bunkers if they haven’t already done so.

800,000 immigrants are children

05:30 – 9 Mar 2022

According to Save the Children, among the two million individuals who have fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began are an estimated 800,000 children.

The organization has cautioned that many of them are traveling alone and would arrive unaccompanied.

“To safeguard their children, parents are resorting to the most desperate, heartbreaking ways.” This includes sending their children to seek safety outside of Ukraine with neighbors and friends, while they stay at home to protect their homes,” said Irina Saghoyan of the NGO.

explosions heard in kyiv

05:00 – 9 Mar 2022

There have been reports of explosions in the capital, Kyiv, and nearby areas in recent minutes.

A succession of explosions has been reported by local journalists.

The city’s air raid sirens have sounded once more. It’s just after 6am in local time.

first successful evacuation in sumy

04:30 – 9 Mar 2022

According to Kyiv, both evacuation stages from Ukraine’s north-eastern city of Sumy have already been completed successfully.

According to Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy director of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office, “about 5,000 people and over 1,000 private vehicles are already in safety.”

Tymoshenko shared footage of passengers arriving at a railway station at night on his Telegram account early on Wednesday.

truss on diplomatic visit to us

04:00 – 9 Mar 2022

On Wednesday, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will meet with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and members of Congress in Washington, D.C.

“In supporting Ukraine and placing strong sanctions on Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and our allies have demonstrated tremendous strength and unity.” “We must preserve our solidarity and do more to ensure Putin’s failure in Ukraine,” she stated ahead of her trip in a statement.

“For free democracies, the Ukraine crisis is a wake-up call.”

russia national guard has full control of nuclear power plant

03:30 – 9 Mar 2022

According to Ukraine’s state-run media, Russia’s National Guard now has complete control of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant.

The plant’s employees are working “regularly,” according to a National Guard spokesperson, while members of Ukraine’s National Guard who were defending it gave down their guns and were released.

Herman Halushchenko, Ukraine’s Energy Minister, had previously accused Russian troops of abusing the plant’s workers, alleging that they were being kept prisoner.

putin planned to seize kyiv in 2 days – burns

03:00 – 9 Mar 2022

According to CIA Director William Burns, Russian President Vladimir Putin planned to seize Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, within two days.

Burns warned US legislators during a Senate hearing on Tuesday: “Putin, I believe, is enraged and dissatisfied right now. He’ll almost certainly double down and try to grind down the Ukrainian military, oblivious to civilian fatalities.”

Putin was “stewing in a combustible blend of grievance and ambition for many years,” according to Burns.

venezuela releases 2 us prisoners

02:30 – 9 Mar 2022

Two Americans were released by Venezuela’s socialist regime just days after Biden administration officials visited Caracas to meet with President Nicolás Maduro.

The action shows that relations between the US and Venezuela, Russia’s most powerful ally in the Western hemisphere, are warming.

The US is searching for other countries to help alleviate the supply gap after barring Russian oil imports. Despite US pleas, oil-producing Arab countries in the Gulf have reportedly refused to increase shipments.

According to a Reuters story, US officials have told Venezuela that in order to lift sanctions on the country’s oil sector, supplies to the US must be prioritized first.

middle east leaders refuse biden call

02:00 – 9 Mar 2022

According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House sought unsuccessfully to organize phone talks between President Joe Biden and the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The effort came as the US was attempting to rally international support for Ukraine while also attempting to keep oil prices in check.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan both rebuffed US attempts to speak with Biden in recent weeks, according to Middle East and US officials.

According to Saudi officials reported by the Wall Street Journal, the Saudis seek more support for their engagement in Yemen’s civil war, assistance with their own civilian nuclear program, and legal immunity for Prince Mohammed in the United States.

private firms hiring soldiers

01:30 – 9 Mar 2022

Multilingual former soldiers are needed to covertly enter Ukraine for up to $2,000 (£1,500) per day – plus a bonus – to assist in the rescue of families from an increasingly bleak conflict.

The job advertisement may sound like something out of a script for an action film, but it’s true. It was taken from Silent Professionals, an employment website for those working in the private military and security industry.

Insiders claim that demand is increasing.

russia credit downgraded to ‘junk’

01:00 – 9 Mar 2022

Fitch Ratings has downgraded Russia’s credit rating further into ‘junk’ territory, from “B” to “C”.

“The ‘C’ rating reflects Fitch’s view that a sovereign default is imminent,” according to a statement from the American credit rating agency on Tuesday.

The change comes less than a week after Fitch’s last downgrade, when it revoked Russia’s investment-grade status.

Pentagon: Poland’s offer of fighter jets ‘not tenable’

00:43 – 9 Mar 2022

Earlier, Poland said it was going to send its MIG-29 jets to the US’s Rammstein Air Base in southwestern Germany.

Warsaw said they would be “placed at the disposal of the government of the United States of America” to then be sent to Ukraine.

Now, though, the move appears to be in doubt.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said the decision about “whether to transfer Polish-owned planes to Ukraine is ultimately one for the Polish government”.

He added that the proposal “raises serious concerns for the entire NATO alliance” and it is “simply not clear to us that there is a substantive rationale for it”.

He continued that “we will continue to consult with Poland and our other NATO allies about this issue and the difficult logistical challenges it presents, but we do not believe Poland’s proposal is a tenable one.”

West will form new “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine, says President Zelenskyy

00:11 – 9 Mar 2022

Speaking in a video posted on Telegram on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for committing to a new “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine and indicated the West will form the support for the plan.

There will be a new Marshall Plan for Ukraine. The West will form this support package. The British Prime Minister said this today. A man of his word, a sincere friend of Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

The Marshall Plan was an initiative to rebuild Western Europe immediately after World War II in an attempt to stave off Communist influence, according to the US Office of the Historian, Foreign Service Institute.

“We are already expecting tough decisions from the European Union. Sanctions. Against Russia. For this war. For this aggression, which its authors will regret. They will. For sure. That is why it is so important that the Russian leadership realizes that the world will follow the example of the United States, Great Britain, the European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan and other free countries. So, the world cannot be fooled. Sanctions cannot be avoided,” Zelensky added.

Russian central bank to restrict withdrawals

23:17 – 8 Mar 2022

The bank has announced that citizens with foreign currency accounts will not be allowed to withdraw more than $10,000 (€9187) for the next six months.

It added that withdrawals will only be paid in US dollars. 

“From March 9 to September 9, 2022, the Bank of Russia establishes the following procedure for issuing funds from foreign currency deposits or accounts of citizens: all customer funds from foreign currency accounts or deposits … the client can withdraw up to 10 thousand US dollars in cash, and the rest of the funds — in rubles at the market rate on the day of issue,” the statement read. 

Hungarian PM: Sanctions on Russia must not include ban on Russian energy imports

23:01 – 8 Mar 2022

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Tuesday that while Hungary condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine, it doesn’t support sanctions against Moscow covering a ban on Russian energy imports.   

“While we condemn Russia’s armed offensive and we also condemn the war, we will not allow Hungarian families to be made to pay the price of the war; and so the sanctions must not be extended to the areas of oil and gas,” Orban said in a statement following bilateral talks in London with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  

The extension of the sanctions to the Russian energy sector would represent a “disproportionately large burden” for Hungary, he said.  

Most of Hungary’s oil and natural gas imports come from Russia, and 90% of Hungarian families heat their homes with gas, Orban said, stressing that the Hungarian economy “simply cannot function” without Russian oil and gas.

Video: Long lines at McDonald’s drive-through

22:49 – 8 Mar 2022

Massive queues are beginning to appear for one last chance of tasting the iconic ‘Western’ food as McDonald’s announced the closure of all 850 restaurants in Russia.

At least 5,000 people evacuated from Sumy

22:15 – 8 Mar 2022

Authorities have evacuated thousands of people from the eastern city of Sumy, a senior Ukrainian official said today.

Ukrainian Deputy PM Iryna Vereshchuk said that 5,000 people, including 1,700 foreign students, were evacuated from Sumy.

Ms Vereshchuk reaffirmed that Ukraine will not accept Moscow’s offer to establish safe corridors for civilians to head towards Russia, saying it will only agree to safe exits leading westwards.

Russia to ban certain raw material exports

22:00 – 8 Mar 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that bans the export of certain commodities and raw materials.

The Russian cabinet must now decide on the list of commodities and countries subject to the ban over the next 48 hours.

The ban will be in effect until the end of 2022.

Chernobyl monitoring systems have stopped working, IAEA says

21:45 – 8 Mar 2022

Systems monitoring radioactive waste facilities at Chernobyl in northern Ukraine have stopped transmitting data to the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency has said.

“The director-general indicated that remote data transmission from safeguards monitoring systems installed at the Chernobyl NPP had been lost,” the IAEA said in a statement.

Zelensky thanks Biden for ‘striking the heart of Putin’s war machine’

21:30 – 8 Mar 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has thanked US President Joe Biden for his decision to suspend Russian oil and gas imports.

He called on other world leaders to follow suit, saying the move would strike at “the heart of Putin’s war machine”.

unilever, mcdonalds, starbucks and coca-cola to suspend business in russia

21:10 – 8 Mar 2022

Starbucks confirmed it will suspend all business activity in Russia, including the shipment of its products and cafes run by a licensee.

McDonald’s said it will temporarily shut all of its 850 restaurants in Russia, but will still continue paying its 62,000 employees in Russia “who have poured their heart and soul into our McDonald’s brand”.

Coca-Cola said in a statement that “our hearts are with the people who are enduring unconscionable effects from these tragic events in Ukraine”. They did not give a timeframe for the suspension.

Consumer goods giant Unilever is suspending all imports and exports of its products to Russia, as well as media and ad spending.

The steps taken by Starbucks and McDonald’s follow that of brands including Apple, Samsung, Zara and several high-end fashion retailers who have reduced their availability in Russia.

Russia will ‘stop firing from 7am GMT on Wednesday’

20:50 – 8 Mar 2022

Russia will stop firing from 7am GMT on Wednesday (10am Moscow time) to facilitate humanitarian corridors, the Russian news agency TASS said, citing a senior Russian official.

Poland to deploy all their MIG-29 jets ‘at the disposal’ of the US

20:34 – 8 Mar 2022

Poland says it is ready to deploy, “immediately and free of charge”, all its MIG-29 jets to the Ramstein Air Base in Germany and place them “at the disposal” of the US government.

In exchange, Poland asks the United States to provide them with “used aircraft with corresponding operational capabilities”, and it adds that it is “ready to immediately establish the conditions of purchase of the planes”.

The Polish government also requests other Nato allies who are owners of MIG-29 jets to act in the same vein.

The US confirmed over the weekend that it is working on a deal with Poland to supply Ukraine with jets.

Mariupol isolated by Russian forces

18:37 – 8 Mar 2022

The city of Mariupol in the south of Ukraine has now been “isolated” by Russian forces, though Russian forces are only still bombarding the city and are not in Mariupol “in any significant way,” according to a senior US defense official.

Zelenskyy’s addresses UK politicians

18:21 – 8 Mar 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is currently speaking to British politicians in the House of Commons.

He tells MPs he is “addressing you as a citizen, as a president of a big country, with a dream”.

He compares Ukraine’s fight against Russia to the British war effort against Nazi Germany in WW2.

You didn’t want to lose your country when Nazis wanted to take your country,” he says. “And you had to fight for Britain.”

He says his people have shown a “heroic” effort against Russian forces.

Shelling didn’t break us,” he says.

Zelenskyy continued to say that sanctions are welcome but it is not enough and says there needs to be a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

He says that the decision by the ICC to investigate Russia for war crimes gave them hope that there will be consequences. But Zelenskyy says it is not enough.

He says that more than 15 children have died in the war, and these are “lives of children that could have lived”.

Biden: Ukraine ‘will never be a victory for Putin’

17:52 – 8 Mar 2022

Biden says the decision to ban Russian oil imports was taken “in close consultation” with allies.

Speaking at the White House, the president says he expects gas prices to rise following the move, but urges oil firms not to engage in “excessive” price hikes.

“There will be cost as well here in the United States,” he says, but says that is the price to pay for “defending freedom”.

Biden says Russian President Vladimir Putin “seems determined to continue on his murderous path, whatever the cost”.

But he says Ukraine “will never be a victory for Putin”.

Biden has officially announced a ban on Russian oil and gas imports

17:29 – 8 Mar 2022

US President Joe Biden has officially announced a ban on Russian oil imports in retaliation to the country’s invasion of Ukraine. 

He added that the ban will also include gas and energy imports from the country. 

The ban will come as another blow to Russia’s economy, which has already been hit by a number of sanctions from the West. 

In a televised statement, he said the US made the decision in close consultation with its allies but he understands that some of its European allies will not be able to make the same move, due to their dependence on Russian oil.  

Russia has previously threatened to cut all gas supplies to the West if a ban on its oil imports is enforced. 

UK set to ban Russian oil imports

16:43 – 8 Mar 2022

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement on banning  Russian oil and gas imports by the end of 2022, in line with an similarly expected US ban.

The UK ban will be phased in over the coming months and will not cover Russian gas, according to reports in Politico and Bloomberg.

Europe to be ‘independent from Russian energy by 2030’

16:24 – 8 Mar 2022

The European Commission has proposed an outline of a plan to make Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels before 2030 – starting with gas.

The announcement comes after Russia earlier threatened to close its main gas pipeline to Germany if the West goes ahead with a ban on Russian oil.

This plan – a joint European action – also outlines a series of measures in response to rising energy prices in Europe, and to help replenish gas stocks for next winter.

Europe has been facing increased energy prices for several months, but now uncertainty on supply – in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – is exacerbating the issue.

REPowerEU will seek to diversify gas supplies, speed up the roll-out of renewable gases and replace gas in heating and power generation.

The plan is intended to reduce EU demand for Russian gas by two-thirds before the end of the year.

Xi says China willing to play active role in mediating Ukraine crisis

15:48 – 8 Mar 2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke virtually with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, and reiterated that China is willing to “work actively” with the international community to mediate the crisis in Ukraine, without offering any details. 

Xi called the situation “worrisome,” according to a statement from China’s foreign ministry.

“China will stay in communication and coordination with France, Germany and the EU and, in light of the needs of the parties involved, work actively together with the international community,” the statement said, adding that all efforts “conducive to the peaceful settlement of the crisis must be supported,” it added.

Xi also condemned Western sanctions, warning they will “dampen the global economy that is already ravaged by the pandemic.”

Russia: More than 700 evacuated from Sumy

15:36 – 8 Mar 2022

The Russian defense ministry said 723 people have been evacuated today along an agreed evacuation route out of the northeastern Ukrainian city of Sumy. 

The ministry was quoted by the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti. It said those evacuated included Indian, Chinese and Jordanian and Tunisian citizens.

The first convoy that left this morning reached the city of Poltava without incident, Ukrainian officials said.

A later convoy was delayed by an outbreak of firing at the outskirts of the city, according to the head of the regional administration, Dmitry Zhyvitsky.

But Zhyvitsky was quoted in local media as saying the Russian forces did not shoot on the convoy. 

It’s unclear whether the convoy proceeded toward Poltava. 

US expected to ban imports of Russian oil

15:21 – 8 Mar 2022

US President Joe Biden is expected to announce a ban on US imports of Russian oil later today.

The announcement is expected to come as the latest sanction in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden’s administration has been under increasing pressure from US lawmakers to take this step.

21 killed in sumy air raids

15:00 – 8 Mar 2022

According to the regional prosecutor’s office, at least 21 civilians, including two children, were killed in a Russian air raid on a residential street in Sumy.

The bodies were discovered by emergency services earlier today in ongoing searches, according to the statement.

ukraine win 6 gold medals in winter paralympics

14:30 – 8 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s Winter Paralympic team has won six gold medals.

The team’s win has placed them second in the gold medal standings, behind hosts China.

russian offensive must not go beyond ukraine – stoltenberg

14:00 – 8 Mar 2022

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the transatlantic military alliance led by the United States has a “duty” to guarantee Russia’s offensive “does not escalate and go beyond Ukraine.”

During a visit to Latvia, Stoltenberg assured reporters, “We will preserve and defend every inch of our allied land.”

He went on to say that the alliance had received solid indications that Russia was attacking civilians in Ukraine and urged Moscow to stop.

at least 1,207 civilian casualties – un

13:30 – 8 Mar 2022

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, there have been 1,207 civilian casualties, according to the latest UN estimates.

According to Liz Throssell, spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the number of individuals killed and injured is “likely to be significantly higher.”

According to the UN, “hundreds of residential buildings” have been damaged in cities across Ukraine as a result of “airstrikes and explosive weaponry.”

According to reports, one journalist was killed.

prospects of a ‘cold’ war grow

13:00 – 8 Mar 2022

Snow has fallen in parts of Ukraine in recent days, and more is coming in. The latest weather forecasts are stating that it will become significantly colder from midweek.

During the next few days, cities such as Kharkiv and Kyiv will face “biting windchills” of -13 to -20 degrees Celsius.

china once again calls for peace talks

12:30 – 8 Mar 2022

President Xi Jinping of China has expressed concern over the situation in Ukraine and asked for “maximum caution.”

According to Chinese official broadcaster CCTV, he made the remarks during a virtual conference with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Xi stated that the aim should be to keep the situation in Ukraine from spiraling out of hand, and that the three nations should work together to support Russia-Ukraine peace negotiations.

shelling resumes on humanitarian corridors

12:00 – 8 Mar 2022

Reports show that Russian soldiers are shelling an evacuation route out of Mariupol, which is under siege.

Russian soldiers are striking the humanitarian corridor between the city and Zaporizhzhia, 225 kilometers (139 miles) to the north-east, according to Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko.

He claimed that eight trucks and 30 buses are on their way to the city to give humanitarian aid and to transport civilians to Zaporizhzhia.

Russia and US could return to Cold War ‘peaceful co-existence’, says Russia

11:54 – 8 Mar 2022

The Russian foreign ministry has said it is open to honest and mutually respectful dialogue with the US, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

In a message to America, it said the two countries should return to the principle of “peaceful co-existence” like during the Cold War.

It also said hope remained that normal relations between the two countries could be restored.

UN: 2 million have fled

11:38 – 8 Mar 2022

The number of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine has passed two million, according to the UN.

Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, previously called the mass exodus from the country the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since WW2.

Evacuations underway in Sumy and Irpin

10:43 – 8 Mar 2022

Ukraine began evacuating civilians from the northeastern city of Sumy and from the town of Irpin near the capital Kyiv today, Ukrainian officials said. Both areas have been under heavy Russian bombardment.

The evacuations began after Russian and Ukrainian officials agreed to establish “humanitarian corridors” to allow civilians out of some towns and cities besieged by Russian forces.

Ukraine and Russia agree to evacuation corridor in Sumy

10:11 – 8 Mar 2022

Ukraine has agreed on an evacuation corridor for fleeing civilians from Sumy, which has seen sustained continuous Russian attacks and airstrikes for the last couple of days.

Iryna Vereshchuk, the Ukrainian minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories, said that the corridor had been agreed by the Russian Ministry of Defense in a letter to the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

The route for the evacuation corridor would lead from Sumy through Holubivka and Lokhvytsia to Poltava, a city in central Ukraine. It will open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. today, Vereshchuk said, adding that “all obstacles … must be removed along the entire route.”

“No other routes were agreed,” she said. “We call on Russia to agree on these routes immediately and ensure a stable ceasefire on these routes.” 

1.2 million people fled to Poland

09:43 – 8 Mar 2022

According to the Polish Border Guard Agency, 1.2 million people have fled from Ukraine to Poland since the start of the invasion.

Yesterday, 141,500 people crossed the frontier, the agency wrote on Twitter – just under Sunday’s daily record of 142,300.

About 90% of the people fleeing are Ukrainian citizens, mostly women and children. Rough estimates say that 40% of refugees have already left Poland for other countries.

Russian occupation area of Ukraine

09:12 – 6 Mar 2022

The Institute for the Study of War has released the following map showing an approximation of what areas of Ukraine are, as of yesterday afternoon, under Russian occupation.

ukraine reporting more ‘plundering’, ‘violence against citizens’

08:30 – 8 Mar 2022

Russian forces are “demoralised”, “increasingly plundering” and “violating the standards of international humanitarian law on military combat”, Ukraine’s armed forces have said.

According to a Ukrainian update, Russian troop advance has halted “considerably.”

Ukraine reported robbery, brutality against citizens, and people being thrown out of their houses in areas now held by Russian soldiers, such as parts of the Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, and Kyiv regions.

more corporations abandon russia

08:00 – 8 Mar 2022

Estee Lauder Companies Inc has said it had chosen to halt all commercial activities in Russia, including closing all its locations in the country.

The corporation would also halt brand sites and shipments to its Russian retailers, according to the statement.

russia threatens gas cut-off

07:45 – 8 Mar 2022

Russia has threatened to cut gas exports to the West via the Nord Stream 1 project.

“In connection with unfounded accusations against Russia regarding the European energy crisis and the imposition of a ban on Nord Stream 2, we have every right to take a matching decision and impose an embargo on gas pumping through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline,” Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said.

“But we haven’t made such a choice yet,” he remarked.

He previously stated that if the US and its allies prohibited Russian oil imports, oil prices might double to $300 per barrel.

second major credit rating pulls out of russia

07:30 – 8 Mar 2022

Fitch has become the second major credit rating business to halt commercial activities in Russia, citing the coverage provided by its analysts outside the country.

Fitch and Moody’s, which both halted commercial operations in Russia over the weekend, cut Russia’s sovereign rating by a record-breaking six notches earlier this month, warning that the West’s sanctions have increased the chance of default.

“With immediate effect, Fitch Group has chosen to halt its commercial operations in Russia,” Fitch said in a statement, adding that this included credit ratings and other services.

germany to hold g7 meeting on food security

07:15 – 8 Mar 2022

According to the government, Germany will hold a virtual meeting of G7 agricultural ministers on Friday to address the impact of the invasion on global food security and how to best stabilize food markets.

“Food provision in Germany and the European Union is safe,” German Agriculture Minister Cem Oezdemir said in a statement, “but bigger shortages can be predicted in some countries outside the EU – notably where scarcity already prevails today owing to challenges like drought.”

japan increases list of sanctions on russia

07:00 – 8 Mar 2022

Japan has blocked the assets of an additional 32 Russian and Belarusian officials and oligarchs, the Ministry of Finance has stated.

Japan also is restricting exports of Russia-bound oil refinery equipment and Belarus-bound general purpose items that can be used by its military, the ministry said.

ukraine calls for zelenskyy-putin talks

06:30 – 8 Mar 2022

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, said he will propose direct talks between the Ukrainian and Russian presidents when he meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Turkey on Thursday.

“We demand negotiations between the president of Ukraine and Vladimir Putin as he is the one who makes the ultimate decisions,” Kuleba stated on Ukrainian television.

Kuleba spoke after a phone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken late Monday.

hundreds of checkpoints created in kyiv

06:00 – 8 Mar 2022

According to local officials, military and volunteers in Kyiv have created hundreds of checkpoints to safeguard the city of roughly four million people, often using sandbags, stacked tyres, and spiked wires.

“We will fight to the death if necessary in every house, every street, every checkpoint,” Mayor Vitali Klitschko declared, noting that ferocious fighting persisted in the Kyiv region, particularly near Bucha, Hostomel, Vorzel, and Irpin.

According to Ukrainian sources, Russian forces unleashed hundreds of missile and artillery raids, dropping massive bombs on residential districts of Chernihiv, a city north of Kyiv. A large Russian armoured column threatening Kyiv, on the other hand, remained stalled.

russia is now world’s most sanctioned country

05:30 – 8 Mar 2022

According to the sanctions watchdog site, Russia has now surpassed Iran and Syria as the world’s most sanctioned country.

Before February 22, there were 2,754 sanctions on Russia, according to the site.

In the days after the invasion, another 2,778 sanctions were imposed, increasing the total to 5,532, surpassing Iran’s 3,616 penalties and knocking it off the top spot.

The United States was the most common source of sanctions, accounting for 21%, followed by the United Kingdom and the European Union’s combined total of 18%.

russia to declare ceasefire one again

05:00 – 8 Mar 2022

Russia will proclaim a “silent regime” and is ready to provide humanitarian corridors in Ukraine at 10:00 Moscow time (08:00 MT), say Russian state media reports.

According to them, this will be done to evacuate civilians from Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, and Mariupol, citing Russian defense ministry officials.

The majority of Moscow’s evacuation routes are to Russia, which the Kyiv government previously denounced as unacceptable. The new Russian proposal has elicited no public response from Ukraine.

Several earlier evacuation attempts have failed, with both sides blaming the other.

children among fatalities at sumy

04:30 – 8 Mar 2022

According to a local Ukrainian military officer, children were among the fatalities of aerial raids on the city of Sumy and its adjacent suburbs late Monday.

In a video uploaded on Facebook, Dmytro Zhyvytsky, the head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration, reported that Russian airplanes attacked the city after 23:00 local time.

“Unfortunately, children are among those killed.” According to Zhyvytsky, more than ten persons were slain.

viva to stop using russian crude oil

04:00 – 8 Mar 2022

Viva, an Australian energy firm, announced on Tuesday that it would no longer buy Russian crude oil, joining a growing number of businesses that have distanced themselves from Russia in the aftermath of its invasion of Ukraine.

Viva, which works under the Shell group of companies, said it was “appalled” at “this horrific conflict”.

“As a result… Viva Energy has decided to halt purchases of crude oil from Russia while the crisis continues,” it continued.

biden pressured to send jets to poland

03:30 – 8 Mar 2022

US lawmakers are pressuring President Joe Biden’s administration to send fighter jets to Poland in exchange for Warsaw sending planes to Kyiv.

Poland is one of a few Eastern European allies that still has a stockpile of used Russian-made planes that Ukrainian pilots can fly, and Ukraine’s president has insisted that they be transferred.

Warsaw has yet to decide whether to send planes to Kyiv, and the US government has stated that it is “Poland’s sovereign decision to make.”

The White House also stated that such a transfer would not be “as simple as moving planes around” due to logistical constraints.

nuclear research facility destroyed – ukraine officials

03:00 – 8 Mar 2022

According to Ukrainian officials, a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv manufacturing radioisotopes for medical and industrial reasons has been destroyed by shelling, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The facility’s radiation levels have remained unchanged.

Rafael Mariano Grossi, the chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency, also appealed for time off for Chernobyl workers “so that they can carry out their task in a safe and trustworthy manner.”

Staff at the dormant plant, which was the site of a nuclear explosion in 1986, have continued to operate there since Russian forces took control of the facility on February 24, according to the nuclear agency.

world bank grants another $723m to ukraine

02:30 – 8 Mar 2022

The World Bank has granted $723 million (£552 million) in emergency funding to assist Ukraine’s government in paying public sector wages, benefits, and pensions.

The package included funding from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, and Iceland, according to the bank.

The World Bank also says it is working to release a further $3bn (£2.3bn) for Ukraine and its neighbouring countries in the coming months.

eu draws up plans to diversify energy sources

02:00 – 8 Mar 2022

The European Union has drawn up measures to diversify its energy supply and reduce its reliance on Russian oil, gas, and coal.

Russia presently supplies about half of the EU’s gas and coal, as well as around a third of its oil. At a meeting in Versailles, France this Thursday and Friday, EU leaders will examine the proposed phase-out.

According to reports, a draft statement describes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “a tectonic shift in European history.”

It aims to “reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and establish a new growth and investment model for 2030” by speeding renewable energy development and diversifying energy supply and routes.

300 ukrainians turned away at english channel

01:30 – 8 Mar 2022

Almost 300 Ukrainians were turned away as they attempted to cross the English Channel from Calais, France.

The figure is nearly identical to the total number of Ukrainian visas issued by the Home Office to date.

Many refugees attempt to cross from France to the United Kingdom via the port of Calais.

According to Véronique Deprez-Boudier, the sub-prefect of Calais, 589 migrants have landed there since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. She said that the UK authorities had turned away 286 people.

russian commander killed near kharkiv – ukraine mod

01:00 – 8 Mar 2022

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense intelligence service, a top Russian army commander was killed during fighting near Kharkiv.

The report has not been independently verified, and Russian officials have not responded.

Vitaly Gerasimov was a major general, chief of staff, and first deputy commander of the 41st Army of Russia’s Central Military District, according to a statement from Ukraine’s defense ministry.

A number of top Russian army commanders were also killed and wounded, it said.

Gerasimov allegedly took part in the second Chechen war and the Russian military campaign in Syria, according to Ukrainian intelligence. He was awarded a medal “for the reunification of Crimea.”

3 major corporations pull out of russia

00:30 – 8 Mar 2022

Three more businesses have reduced their presence in Russia.

According to a statement from IBM CEO Arvind Krishna, the IT services giant will stop selling its equipment in Russia and will no longer do business with Russian military organizations.

Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest consumer products company, also said on Monday that it would cease all new capital investments, as well as all media, advertising, and promotional activity in Russia.

German home improvement chain OBI said it would also leave Russia, where it has 27 branches and about 5,000 employees.

macron, scholz, to speak with xi

00:00 – 8 Mar 2022

Later today, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz are scheduled to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a joint conversation.

The call indicates that European leaders are increasing their pressure on China over the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

For the second time since the invasion began, European Union foreign policy leader Josep Borrell met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday.

Borrell reportedly asked Wang about “China’s readiness to help cessation of hostilities and talks” as well as support for humanitarian corridors to safely evacuate civilians, according to a transcript of their conversation.

Chernobyl workers unable to leave site after 12 days

23:46 – 7 Mar 2022

More than 100 workers at Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant – the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 1986 – have been stuck there for more than 12 days, unable to leave after Russian forces seized the facility on the first day of the invasion.

Another 200 Ukrainian guards, who’d been in charge of security at the time of the assault, also remain trapped.

Russia says it has secured the site jointly with the Ukrainian national guard, but Ukraine disputes this and says Russian troops have full control.

Workers continue to go about their duties and the atmosphere is said to be calm, but the BBC has been told that the conditions inside are difficult, with food and medicine limited.

“The situation is complicated and tense,” Yuri Fomichev, Mayor of Slavutych, told the BBC. “It is difficult for them morally, psychologically and physically.”

More than 742,000 without electricity in Ukraine

23:18 – 7 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy says more than 742,000 people do not currently have access to electricity around the country.

It said the situation is most dire in the Russian-contested Donetsk region in the east, where over 233,000 are “completely disconnected”.

The ministry added that more than 238,000 Ukrainians are without gas.

Several thousand customers have seen their access to power and gas restored over the past 24 hours, it said, but “active hostilities have caused new power grid damage and outages”.

Why Z?

22:45 – 7 Mar 2022

Open source analysts and military experts first spotted the mysterious Z-shaped letter hand-painted on Russian tanks and military trucks massed on the Ukrainian border on 19 February, leading to widespread speculation among western experts as to what the letter meant.

The most popular theory used by military experts to explain the letters is that they were written according to the respective areas where the Russian troops are usually stationed, with Z potentially standing for Zapad (west).

The Russian defence ministry itself has not commented on any of the theories and instead posted on its Instagram channel that Z meant Za pobedu (“for victory”).

Russia will not conscript people to fight

22:34 – 7 Mar 2022

President Putin has said people will not be forced to fight in Ukraine and that only professional soldiers will be used.

“I emphasise that conscript soldiers are not participating in hostilities and will not participate in them. And there will be no additional call-up of reservists,” the Russian president said in a televised message.

Russia will introduce humanitarian corridors tomorrow

22:19 – 7 Mar 2022

Russian media reports that Moscow will introduce humanitarian corridors from several Ukrainian cities from 7am GMT on Tuesday.

This was first reported by the Interfax news agency, citing a military source.

It follows the opening of six humanitarian corridors on Monday, but Ukrainian officials claim that shelling continued in cities including Kyiv and Mariupol. 

Russia was accused of only offering civilians in certain parts of Ukraine the chance to flee to Belarus or Russia – something Kyiv described as “immoral”.

No major progress by Russia in Ukraine’s north and northeast

21:58 – 7 Mar 2022

Russia hasn’t made any notable progress in its invasion in the north and northeast of Ukraine in the past few days, according to the Pentagon.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Russian troops had taken the city of Kherson and were now attempting to encircle Mariupol.

US may approve $10b in aid to Ukraine

21:13 – 7 Mar 2022

The US Congress is expected to finalise billions in humanitarian and military assistance for Ukraine this week.

Last week, the White House asked Congress to approve $10 billion.

It said about half would go towards US troop deployments in the region and providing military equipment to Kyiv, while the remainder would help the State Department and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) with security and economic assistance.

Western leaders to ‘continue raising costs on Russia’

20:29 – 7 Mar 2022

The White House has tweeted that President Biden, EU leaders and the United Kingdom have agreed to “continue raising the costs on Russia for its unprovoked and unjustified invasion”.

Ukraine’s president wants the West to increase pressure on Russia by stopping buying its oil and gas, but so far a deal has not been agreed, as there are fears that European countries that rely heavily on Russian energy could be hit especially hard by such a move.

Ukraine-Russia talks end with little progress

19:53 – 7 Mar 2022

The third round of talks between Ukraine and Russia have come to an end.

A Ukrainian adviser to the president’s office said there was some “small positive” progress on the logistics of humanitarian corridors. The Reuters news agency quoted a Ukrainian negotiator as saying no agreement had been reached that significantly improved the broader situation.

A Kremlin aide said the talks in Belarus had “failed to live up to our expectations”, in remarks broadcast on Russian TV.

EU agrees to consider bids from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

19:23 – 7 Mar 2022

European Union ambassadors agreed to examine bids by Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to join the EU, starting the lengthy process towards accession. 

In a tweet, the French Presidency of the EU said that the 27 Permanent Representatives of European Countries had, “agreed to invite the European Commission to present an opinion on each of the applications for EU membership submitted by Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.”

“Nearly 100%” of Russia’s pre-staged combat power now in Ukraine

18:51 – 7 Mar 2022

Russia has committed “nearly 100%” of the combat power that had been staged on the border of Ukraine and in Belarus, according to a senior US defence official.

Russia has also launched more than 625 missiles against Ukraine, according to the official.

The official said that while the airspace over Ukraine is still contested, the US assesses that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has “the vast majority of his fixed-wing aircraft” available, as well as surface-to-air weapons to defend Ukrainian airspace.

Ukrainian mayor shot dead

18:44 – 7 Mar 2022

The mayor of Hostomel has been shot and killed while out distributing aid, according to Ukrainian officials. 

The town is close to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, and is home to the Hostomel airfield, a key strategic point at the centre of fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces. 

Germany and Hungary do not support sanctions on Russian energy

18:13 – 7 Mar 2022

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Europe cannot secure its energy supplies without imports from Russia. 

Energy was deliberately left out of previous rounds of sanctions, Scholz said in a news release Monday, adding Russia energy is of “essential importance” to the general, daily lives of its citizens. 

Meanwhile, Hungarian finance minister Mihaly Varga said his government would not support any sanctions on Russian energy.

Video: Truck rams into gate at Russian Embassy in Dublin

18:03 – 7 Mar 2022

€9.3b in damage

17:46 – 7 Mar 2022

Ukraine has suffered $10 billion (€9.3 billion) worth of war damage to its infrastructure, the country has said. 

Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry said the latest estimate covers from the start of the Russian invasion of the country up till yesterday. 

Lviv at capacity

17:17 – 7 Mar 2022

The mayor of Lviv has said his city has reached its maximum capacity to help people displaced by the Russian invasion. 

The city is one of the main areas within Ukraine that many refugees have travelled to in order to cross the border into Poland. 

Andriy Ivanovych Sadovyi added that several hundred thousand people have already passed through Lviv as they headed west seeking safety, while some 200,000 were now staying there. 

He has also appealed to international organisations to provide more support. 

“We understand there will be another wave (of refugees)… and call on international humanitarian organisations to come here and help,” the mayor said. 

US may ease sanctions on Venezuela to increase sanctions on Russia

16:35 – 7 Mar 2022

The Biden administration is weighing the possibility of easing sanctions on Venezuela so that the country can begin producing more oil and selling it on the international market, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.

The move would be aimed at reducing global dependence on Russian oil amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and at isolating Russia from one of its key allies in South America, the person said.

UK and Canada increase aid for ukraine

16:10 – 7 Mar 2022

UK PM Boris Johnson has revealed a further £175m will be provided to Ukraine in aid, most of which will be handed directly to the Ukrainian government.

This brings the total amount of UK support announced to £400m.

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau announced new sanctions on 10 individuals over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian negotiator urges halt to attack on civilians

16:00 – 7 Mar 2022

As a third round of talks between Russia and Ukraine begins, the Ukrainian negotiator Mykhailo Podolyak urges Russia to halt attacks on civilians.

In a tweet, he says: “In a few minutes, we will start talking to representatives of a country that seriously believes large-scale violence against civilians is an argument. Prove that this is not the case.”

Irpin mayor says evacuations are proceeding

15:11 – 7 Mar 2022

The mayor of Ukrainian town of Irpin, near Kyiv, says the evacuation of civilians are proceeding.

Oleksandr Markushyn told Ukrainian media that today’s evacuation was peaceful and about 1,000 people were taken to safety.

But Markushyn says Russian forces continue to shell Irpin. He says Ukrainian forces have repelled attacks by Russian forces who have pulled back to the edge of the town.

Kremlin demands Ukraine recognise Crimea as Russian

14:00 – 7 Mar 2022

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says Ukraine must recognise Crimea as Russian, and Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states.

In addition to this, Peskov says Ukraine must amend its constitution and reject claims to enter any bloc (like Nato, for example).

He adds that Russia will finish the “demilitarisation” of Ukraine, and if these conditions are met Russian military action will “stop in a moment”.

More than 400 civilian deaths recorded in Ukraine – UN Human Rights Office

13:30 – 7 Mar 2022

A confirmed total of 406 civilians, including 27 children, have died in Ukraine since Russia’s invasion of the country started, the UN Human Rights Agency has said. 

It added that 801 injuries have been reported as well. 

It should be noted that the real number could be much higher. 

Kremlin says Russian forces will ‘stop in a moment’ if its demands are met

13:20 – 7 Mar 2022

A Kremlin spokesperson said they would continue with the “demilitarisation” of Ukraine – Russia’s pretext for its invasion – unless Ukraine met certain demands.

These include Ukraine dropping its bid to join the NATO military alliance, and recognising Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine as independent states.

Russia has also said it wants Ukraine to stop fighting, or effectively surrender.

Ukraine ‘retakes town and airport’

13:15 – 7 Mar 2022

Ukrainian forces have retaken control of the town of Chuhuiv in northeastern Ukraine, according to presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych.

The town is in the Kharkiv region, where fighting has been heavy since Russia launched its invasion 12 days ago.

Separately, Ukraine forces have retaken the regional airport in the Mykolayiv region, the local governor has said.

European Council to discuss Ukraine’s application to EU in ‘coming days’

13:10 – 7 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s application to the European Union is due to be discussed in the coming days, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, has said. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed an application to join the EU after Russia’s invasion entered its fifth day.

He has asked the bloc to allow the country to gain membership immediately under a special procedure as it defends itself from Russian forces.

Ukrainian navy hits Russian ship while defending key port city

13:00 – 7 Mar 2022

Naval forces have hit a Russian ship while defending the Odesa region, Ukraine’s navy has said. 

The vessel came under gunfire in the Black Sea, it added. 

more peace talks between Russia and Ukraine to take place today

12:50 – 7 Mar 2022

A third round of talks is expected to be held between Ukrainian and Russian negotiators at 14:00 (Malta time).

NATO looking at more permanent deployment in Baltics – Blinken

12:45 – 7 Mar 2022

NATO is looking at further expanding its presence in Eastern Europe with more permanent positions being considered in the Baltic countries, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Monday.

“We’re continuing to do that now including with the deployment of additional forces, including American forces here to Lithuania, F-35 fighters, various pieces of important equipment, all of which is being deployed here (and) deployed to the other states in the Baltics,” Blinken said at a news conference in the Lithuanian capital city Vilnius.

US and allies ‘ready to meet any threat’ to Nato – Blinken

11:50 – 7 Mar 2022

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Russia has sought to “undermine Lithuania’s democracy and sow polarisation with cyber attacks and disinformation”.

He also says the US and his host country are “united in our resolve to stand with Ukraine”, as the Russian invasion reaches its 12th day of conflict.

Blinken reasserted the US’s “sacrosanct” commitment to Nato’s Article 5 – “an attack on one is an attack on all” – stressing: “We will defend every inch of Nato territory.”

Anonymous claims it has hacked Russian state TV

11:45 – 7 Mar 2022

The hacking group Anonymous claims to have hacked Russian state TV broadcasts to show footage of the war in Ukraine.

Russia has refused to use the words “invasion” or “war” and has imposed new laws preventing news channels from straying from its narrative.

In a Twitter post, Anonymous said it hacked into channels including Russia 24, Channel One and Moscow 24, in addition to Russian streaming services Wink and Ivi.

Ukraine war

‘catastrophic for global food’

11:15 – 7 Mar 2022

Svein Tore Holsether, the boss of Yara International, said fertiliser prices – which were already high before the Russian invasion due to increasing gas prices – could continue to soar.

Yara, which operates in more than 60 countries, buys considerable amounts of essential raw materials from Russia.

Russia produces enormous amounts of nutrients, like potash and phosphate – key ingredients in fertilisers, which enable plants and crops to grow.

“For me, it’s not whether we are moving into a global food crisis – it’s how large the crisis will be,” Holsether added.

Russia snubs UN top court hearing

11:03 – 7 Mar 2022

Ukraine had launched a legal bid to halt the Russian invasion at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, however, Russian lawyers did not show up to the hearing at the United Nations’ top court.

Russia’s ambassador to the Netherlands said Putin’s government did not intend to participate.

European markets open sharply lower

10:42 – 7 Mar 2022

European markets have opened sharply lower after oil prices surged to the highest level in 13 years. In the opening minutes of trade, the German Dax fell more than 3% and the French CAC 40 is down nearly 3%. The UK FTSE 100 was around 0.5% lower. 

The sell-off follows big losses in Asia. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index sank as much as 5% in morning trading. It was last down 3.4%, on track to log its worst daily drop in seven months. Japan’s Nikkei 225 tumbled 3.6%. South Korea’s Kospi dropped 2.5%. China’s Shanghai Composite lost 1%.

On the US market, Dow futures fell 450 points, or 1.3%. S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures were down 1.6% and 2% respectively.

The latest turmoil came as US crude futures surged more than 7% to trade at $124.17 a barrel, the highest level since August 2008. Brent crude also rose to the highest level since 2008, up 8% to $127.66 a barrel.

Moldova PM urges more aid for refugees

10:17 – 7 Mar 2022

“We are seeing an extraordinary humanitarian crisis,” said Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita. “Already 230,000 people have crossed the Moldovan border from Ukraine, and about 120,000 have chosen to stay. 96,000 are Ukrainian citizens.”

We wouldn’t have been able to deal with this massive inflow if it wasn’t for the extraordinary solidarity of people,” she added. “At least three fourths of the refugees are staying with families. A lot of Ukrainians have friends or relatives in Moldova, but also regular people have just taken in Ukrainian families, and invited them into their homes.”

Video: British Volunteers heading to Ukraine

10:03 – 7 Mar 2022

Evacuation route out of Mariupol was mined – red cross

09:49 – 7 Mar 2022

Dominik Stillhart, director of operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), claims that “the road indicated [for the setup of the corridor] to them was actually mined”.

That is why it is so important that the two parties have a precise agreement for us then to be able to facilitate it on the ground.”

China to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine

09:19 – 7 Mar 2022

China’s Red Cross will provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said, as he reiterated a call for diplomatic talks to continue.

He stressed China’s friendship with Russia are “rock solid” and the prospects for cooperation are very broad.

Until now, China’s government has neither condemned nor condoned Russia’s war on Ukraine and has even refrained from calling it an “invasion” in the first place.

france denies claims that macron requested corridors lead to russia

09:00 – 7 Mar 2022

More on the rumoured evacuation routes to Russia and Belarus later. According to French news channel BFMTV, French President Emmanuel Macron has denied requesting that the passageways lead into Russia.

“After his conversation with Vladimir Putin, the president of the Republic has neither requested nor obtained corridors to Russia,” the Elysee presidential palace said to BFMTV.

“The President of the Republic has repeatedly requested that civilians be allowed to escape and that relief be provided”.

“It’s just another opportunity for Putin to further his narrative, claiming that the aggressors are the Ukrainians, who are the ones who provide sanctuary to everyone.”

russia says it will establish new humanitarian corridors

08:30 – 7 Mar 2022

Russia has indicated it will establish new humanitarian routes to allow civilians to flee, as we’ve been reporting.

Civilians will be able to flee to Russia and Belarus, according to a map issued by Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency.

The Kyiv corridor will lead to Russian ally Belarus, while civilians in Kharkiv will only have access to the Russian corridor.

According to the AFP news agency, corridors from Mariupol and Sumy will connect to other Ukrainian towns as well as Russia.

russia says it will establish new humanitarian corridors

07:30 – 7 Mar 2022

According to state media, Russia would provide new humanitarian corridors across numerous Ukrainian cities on Monday to allow civilians to flee.

According to Russia’s defence ministry, the ceasefire will begin at 10:00 Moscow time (08:00 MT), with evacuation routes established up in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Sumy. All of these cities are currently the target of a major Russian assault.

Officials in Ukraine have yet to confirm this.

us considering russian energy ban, further $10bn in aid to ukraine

06:30 – 7 Mar 2022

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi says the chamber is “exploring” legislation to prohibit Russian oil imports and that Congress plans to pass $10 billion in aid for Ukraine this week in reaction to Russia’s military invasion of its neighbour.

In a letter, Pelosi stated, “The House is presently exploring robust measures that will further isolate Russia from the global economy.”

“Our bill would prohibit Russian oil and energy products from being imported into the United States, abolish normal commercial relations with Russia and Belarus, and take the first step in denying Russia access to the World Trade Organisation.”

gold prices soar

06:00 – 7 Mar 2022

In Asian trade, gold has soared to more than $2,000 as investors fly to safe-haven assets due to concerns about the global economic impact of the Ukraine conflict.

The price of gold reached a high of $2,000.86 per ounce, the highest since September 2020.

Traders have fled to safety as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, which has wreaked havoc on financial markets and pushed oil prices to near 14-year highs, adding to already high inflation.

new zealand launch raft of sanctions

05:30 – 7 Mar 2022

New Zealand has issued a new set of sanctions aimed at dozens of Russian nationals in an effort to prevent the country from being used as a base for evading sanctions imposed by other Western countries.

The new laws will impose a travel ban on 100 Russian oligarchs and prevent superyachts, ships, and planes registered in Moscow from accessing New Zealand’s airspace or waters, according to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

oil prices rise hit 14-year high

05:00 – 7 Mar 2022

After the US stated it was exploring a possible embargo on Russian supply with its allies, oil prices rose to their highest level since 2008.

In Asian trade, Brent crude, the global oil benchmark, rose beyond $139 a barrel before dropping back to below $130. The energy markets have been shattered in recent days as a result of supply concerns sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As fuel prices and home bills rise, consumers are already experiencing the effects of increasing energy expenditures.

us provides zelenskyy with encrypted biden hotline

04:30 – 7 Mar 2022

According to the Times, US Cyber Command troops based in the United States and Germany are sharing intelligence from satellite imagery and electronic intercepts to the Ukrainian military “within an hour or two” after collecting it.

The report states that the US has also provided Ukrainian President Zelenskyy with encrypted communications technology, allowing him to phone Biden on a secure connection. On Saturday, Zelenskyy spoke with Biden for 35 minutes on the phone.

russia preparing ‘all-out assault’ on kyiv – ukraine military

04:00 – 7 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s defense officials have warned that Russia is preparing an all-out assault on Kyiv, the country’s capital.

According to a report from the General Staff of the Ukrainian army, Moscow’s forces have begun gathering resources for an attack on the city, with tanks and motorized infantry units marching towards the nearby town of Irpin to lay the groundwork.

Russian commanders had been providing their troops with fuel supplied from Belarus across the Chernobyl exclusion zone, according to the update.

denmark to increase defence budget

03:30 – 7 Mar 2022

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Denmark has announced that it will raise its defense budget.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that all parties had agreed to raise the Nordic nation’s yearly defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2033, or $2.65 billion (£2 billion) each year.

The Prime Minister also stated that the country would wean itself off of its reliance on Russian natural gas. In Copenhagen, Frederiksen observed, “Historic times demand historic decisions.”

russia recruiting syrian mercenaries

03:00 – 7 Mar 2022

According to the Wall Street Journal, Russia is enlisting Syrians proficient in urban combat to fight in Ukraine as Moscow prepares for fierce street-to-street fighting in its effort to conquer major Ukrainian cities.

Officials from the intelligence community declined to say how many fighters have volunteered to join the conflict, but said some have already traveled to Russia and are prepared to deploy into Ukraine.

According to a report published in Deir Ezzor, Syria, Russia has offered Syrian volunteers payments ranging from $200 to $300 “to go to Ukraine and act as guards” for six months at a time.

uk sends money to keep ukraine government running

02:30 – 7 Mar 2022

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office, the British government plans to send Ukraine approximately $100 million (£74 million) to help keep the government running during the Russian invasion.

The money will be used to help pay for welfare, pensions, and public-sector salaries in Ukraine.

According to British authorities, the cash influx is in addition to the $290 million already guaranteed to Ukraine.

The cash will be dispersed through the Multi-Donor Trust Fund of the World Bank. Other countries are already making use of the initiative to send money to Ukraine quickly.

gymnast investigated for ‘z’ war symbol

02:00 – 7 Mar 2022

Ivan Kuliak, a Russian gymnast, is being examined after standing next to a Ukrainian competitor on the podium in Qatar on Saturday with what appeared to be a war emblem on his leotard.

Kuliak’s “shocking behavior” at the Apparatus World Cup in Doha prompted the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) to begin disciplinary procedures against him.

After taking bronze in the parallel bars final, Kuliak wore a letter ‘Z’ pinned to his breast and joined gold medalist Illia Kovtun of Ukraine on the podium.

In Ukraine, the letter Z has been painted on the sides of Russian tanks and military vehicles, as well as worn by pro-war politicians.

‘there will be no quiet place for you’

01:30 – 7 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s president has warned Russian soldiers that any soldier who commits war crimes in Kyiv’s territory will be pursued to the grave.

Volodymyr Zelensky delivered his nightly address to the Ukrainian people from Kyiv, warning Moscow’s troops that they would face “a day of judgement” for “deliberate murder” during the invasion of his country.

“How many more families have perished in Ukraine like this? We are not going to forgive. We are not going to forget. We will hold accountable everybody who participated in this war’s atrocities. On our territory, “According to Zelensky.

“Except for the burial, there will be no quiet place on this earth for you,” he added.

claims of attack on swiss journalist

01:00 – 7 Mar 2022

A Swiss independent journalist, Guillaume Briquet, has been shot at while in his armoured car by Russian military at close range, claims Maria Chorna, head of the Mykolaiv regional military administration.

Briquet was taken to Kropyvnytskyi Hospital to be treated for his wounds.

Several bullets hit the windscreen, injuring the people inside. The journalist suffered facial and forearm injuries.

A passport, 3,000 euros in cash, personal belongings, a helmet, camera footage and a laptop were confiscated. He was released shortly after.

small family killed by Russian strike in irpin

00:30 – 7 Mar 2022

The city of Irpin, a town on the western outskirts of Kyiv, has been the target of intense shelling by Russian forces in the past few days.

Video has surfaced showing a Russian missile killing a small Ukrainian family and soldiers.

The mayor of Irpin said at least eight individuals were killed in military strikes on Sunday.

“A family died,” Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn said in a statement. “In front of my eyes, two small children and two adults died.”

UK to send extra £74m to Ukraine

00:15 – 7 Mar 2022

The UK government will send an extra £74m into Ukraine to support the country’s “indomitable people” through its humanitarian crisis.

US does not see imminent attack on Odesa

23:30 – 6 Mar 2022

A senior defence official from the Pentagon said the US does not believe that a Russian amphibious operation aimed at taking the Black Sea city of Odesa is imminent.

Earlier, President Zelensky warned that Russian forces were preparing to bombard Odesa.

The defence official also said the US had observed only ‘limited’ changes on the ground in Ukraine over the past day, with Russian efforts to Kyiv, Kharkiv and Chernihiv being hotly contested by Ukraine.

A 65km Russian convoy near Kyiv remains stalled and the airspace over Ukraine remains contested despite aircraft losses on both sides.

Anti-war protest in Kazakhstan

23:07 – 6 Mar 2022

A protest in Kazakhstan’s biggest city Almaty was allowed to go ahead today as hundreds of citizens rallied against the war in Ukraine.

The Kazakh foreign ministry has stressed its neutrality in the conflict, despite being a long-term ally of Russia and Putin’s government.

Netflix suspends all services in Russia

22:11 – 6 Mar 2022

Netflix has suspended its service in Russia to protest the country’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this week, the streaming service had announced that it would pause all future projects and acquisitions from Russia. Now, the company is taking an additional step in shutting down its service entirely.

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” a spokesperson for Netflix said.

Kharkiv radio and TV broadcasts knocked out

21:58 – 6 Mar 2022

“Areas of the building housing technical equipment were destroyed, and the extent of damage to the towers themselves is still being assessed,” said the Regional Administration in a statement.  

PwC to exit Russia

21:41 – 6 Mar 2022

PricewatwerhouseCoopers (PwC) will be cutting its Russian firm adrift from its global network, a move that will affect 3,700 partners and staff in the country.

“As a result of the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine we have decided that, under the circumstances, PwC should not have a member firm in Russia and consequently PwC Russia will leave the Network.”

“Our main focus at PwC continues to be doing all we can to help our Ukrainian colleagues and support the humanitarian efforts to aid the people of Ukraine who have been devastated by this invasion.”

“We are also committed to working with our colleagues at PwC Russia to undertake an orderly transition for the business, and with a focus on the well being of our 3,700 colleagues in PwC Russia.”

American Express suspends operations in Russia and Belarus

20:34 – 6 Mar 2022

American Express is the latest credit card company to end its operations in Russia and Belarus as the situation continues to escalate.

The company said in a statement that globally issued American Express cards will no longer work in Russia, and cards issued in Russia won’t work outside the country.

“This is in addition to the previous steps we have taken, which include halting our relationships with banks in Russia impacted by the US and international government sanctions.”

Mastercard and Visa had already announced yesterday similar suspension of operations.

TikTok suspends livestreaming and new content in Russia

20:16 – 6 Mar 2022

TikTok says it is suspending live streaming and new content to its video service in Russia while it reviews the safety implication of the newly passed law that threatens to jail anyone the authorities deem to have spread “fake” news on the armed forces.

“We will continue to evaluate the evolving circumstances in Russia to determine when we might fully resume our services with safety as our top priority,” the company says.

Reports from Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant “extremely concerning”

19:51 – 6 Mar 2022

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says Ukraine has informed it that regular staff are still operating the plant, but they are now under orders from the commander of the Russian forces there.

Ukraine has also told the IAEA that the Russian military at the site has switched off some mobile networks and the internet, making communications highly challenging.

The director-general of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, says that he is extremely concerned by these reports.

“I’m extremely concerned about these developments that were reported to me today.”

“In order to be able to operate the plant safely and securely, management and staff must be allowed to carry out their vital duties in stable conditions without undue external interference or pressure.”

20,000 foreigners apply to fight

18:37 – 6 Mar 2022

Nearly 20,000 foreign citizens have applied to go there to fight, according to Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba.

It comes after the Ukrainian government launched a website for applications yesterday.

Speaking in an online briefing, Kuleba reportedly said the volunteers stem from a total of 52 different countries.

At least 3,500 more anti-war protestors detained in Russia

17:04 – 6 Mar 2022

Around 3,500 anti-war protesters have reportedly been detained across Russia today, according to Russian state media Interfax.

Those who were arrested were taken to local police stations for questioning where “the issue of bringing them to justice is being decided”, said an interior ministry spokesperson.

However, OVD-Info, an independent monitoring group that tracks detentions in Russia reports that at least 4,357 people, from 56 different cities, have been detained.

Russia preparing to attack Odesa

16:12 – 6 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has also warned that Russian forces are preparing to bombard the southern city of Odesa.

There are reports of multiple military checkpoints in the city, but the streets remain calm and largely empty.

Almost one million people live in the historic port city on the Black Sea coast. Odesa is close to the Moldovan border and the Russia-backed breakaway Moldovan region of Transnistria.

Photos: Gavrishivka air base targeted by Russia

15:24 – 6 Mar 2022

Boris’ six-point plan

14:56 – 6 Mar 2022

Russia’s detains more than 2,000 people at protests

14:43 – 6 Mar 2022

Russian police detained more than 2,034 people at anti-war protests in cities across Russia today, according to the OVD-Info protest monitor.

Videos posted by Kremlin critics showed hundreds of people marching in Moscow chanting “No to war!” and “Shame!”

Putin and Macron ‘held talks’

14:11 – 6 Mar 2022

According to Russian state media, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a phone call with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

The phone call lasted one hour and 45 minutes.

Moldova pushed for fast EU membership

14:05 – 6 Mar 2022

Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita said her country is “firmly committed” to European integration and stressed her desire for the nation to obtain European Union membership.

The President made the remarks in a news conference with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau. Secretary Blinken is travelling in the country to meet with government officials during the refugee crisis stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

More than 230,000 people have crossed over the Moldovan border from Ukraine, with 120,000 currently still in the country.

“For a small country like Moldova proportionately this is a very large number. And managing such an influx because only been possible because of the extraordinary solidarity shown by every person, every company, every nongovernmental organization. Everybody has come together to host to provide shelter to provide food to provide assistance to those who are fleeing war,” she said.

Gavrilita also added that the country was continuing its pursuit of EU membership, saying: “we have submitted our application on the third of March”

Irpin in chaos, civilians flee as shelling continues

13:52 – 6 Mar 2022

A chaotic scene can be seen this morning as Russian forces shell the town of Irpin, 20kms from the capital city of Kyiv. Civilians are attempting to flee the town en masse as artillery and airstrikes continue relentlessly.

Mariupol evacuation fails again

13:46 – 6 Mar 2022

Although Ukrainian authorities said they planned to evacuate over 200,000 people from Mariupol, this has once again not happened as the humanitarian corridor fails to become established once again.

Pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine’s National Guard have accused each other of this failure, as it marks the second failed attempt at arranging the evacuation corridor. 

A fighter of the Azov Regiment of the National Guard claimed that Russian and pro-Russian forces that have encircled the city continued shelling the areas that were meant to be safe. 

On the other hand, officials of the Donetsk separatist administration are accusing the Ukrainian forces of failing to observe the ceasefire. 

The Donetsk separatist official said that only about 300 people have managed to leave Mariupol. 

Attack will end when Moscow’s demands met

13:26 – 6 Mar 2022

According to the Kremlin, Putin has told Turkish President Erdogan in a phone call that Russia will only halt its war if Ukraine stops fighting and Moscow’s demands are met.

Russia insists its invasion of Ukraine by land, air and sea is a “special military operation”, not a war, which Putin continuously insists is needed to “denazify” the country and demilitarise it.

Putin reiterated that the assault is going according to plan and on schedule.

Russian occupation area of Ukraine

13:01 – 6 Mar 2022

The Institute for the Study of War has released the following map showing an approximation of what areas of Ukraine are, as of yesterday afternoon, under Russian occupation.

new escape route for mariupol residents

12:30 – 6 Mar 2022

Authorities in Mariupol, Ukraine’s south-eastern port city, have declared a new ceasefire to allow besieged residents to flee.

The effort began approximately an hour ago, but we can’t confirm whether buses and automobiles have started to move at this time.

The following is a map of the route:

hundreds arrested in russia protests

11:30 – 6 Mar 2022

According to the monitoring group OVD-Info, more than 600 demonstrators have been arrested in 21 Russian towns after jailed opposition figure Alexei Navalny called for Russians to protest the war in Ukraine.

According to the monitoring group, more than 200 people were held in Novosibirsk, Siberia, citing local media sources.

Navalny has called for rallies in Russian cities’ main squares at 14:00 local time, which is 11:00 GMT in Moscow and St Petersburg.

In Russia, mass detentions have become the norm during anti-government demonstrations. Since the war in Ukraine began 11 days ago, at least 8,000 demonstrators have been detained or jailed in Russia, according to OVD-Info.

more than 1.5 million have fled ukraine

10:30 – 6 Mar 2022

According to UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, more than 1.5 million individuals leaving Ukraine have crossed into neighboring countries in the previous ten days.

Since World War II, it has become Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis.

new ceasefire announced

09:30 – 6 Mar 2022

According to the city council, a new temporary ceasefire has been declared in Mariupol, a port city in southern Ukraine, from 10:00-21:00 local time (09:00-20:00 Malta time).

From 12:00 a.m. local time, civilians will be permitted to depart the city via a pre-determined path (11:00 MT).

Due to renewed bombing, a similar plan proposed on Saturday fell apart shortly after it was publicized.

russia targeting populated areas – uk mod

08:30 – 6 Mar 2022

Russian forces are targeting populous areas in Ukraine, according to British military intelligence, although opposition was slowing their approach.

In a recent briefing, British military intelligence stated, “The extent and strength of Ukrainian resistance continue to surprise Russia.”

“Moscow has retaliated by striking populous regions in a number of cities, including Kharkiv, Chernihiv, and Mariupol,” says the statement.

“Russia has previously used similar techniques, deploying both air and ground-based bombs, in Chechnya in 1999 and Syria in 2016,” according to British military intelligence.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) to close in russia

07:30 – 6 Mar 2022

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) has announced that its operations in Russia have been halted.

It said in a statement that its Russian entity was undergoing bankruptcy procedures and that police were targeting its journalists.

“It is with great regret that I must inform you that our physical operations in Moscow have been suspended today.” RFE/president RL’s and CEO, Jamie Fly, stated, “This is not a decision we made on our own volition, but one that has been forced upon us by the [Vladimir] Putin regime’s assault on the truth.”

He stated that the organization will continue to strive to reach Russian viewers through “any platform available.”

Russians trying to take hold of dam – ukraine army

06:30 – 6 Mar 2022

The Ukrainian army has issued a warning that Russian soldiers are attempting to take a critical hydroelectric power station dam south of Kyiv.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed in a report released early this morning that Russia planned to seize the Kaniv hydroelectric power station’s dam, which is located 150 kilometers (93 miles) south of Kyiv on the Dneiper River.

Several energy infrastructure sites have been damaged, attacked, or captured by Russian forces so far, including Europe’s largest nuclear power station in Zaporizhzhia.

india under pressure to take stance

06:00 – 6 Mar 2022

India is under a lot of pressure to take a stronger stance on Ukraine.

It has stayed away from UN votes against Moscow so far, preferring instead to rely on dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the problem. Delhi has emphasized the need of territorial integrity in its pronouncements, but has refrained from criticizing Russia.

Delhi faces a difficult problem in balancing its defense and diplomatic ties with the United States and Russia.

Nearly half of India’s defense purchases come from Moscow, which has also shown to be a reliable partner on global concerns. At the same time, India’s relations with the United States have improved dramatically during the last two decades.

us to shore up relations with venezuela

05:30 – 6 Mar 2022

According to reports quoting persons familiar with the situation, senior US officials will visit Venezuela this weekend in an attempt to restore relations with President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

The highest-level US visit to Venezuela in years comes after the two countries severed diplomatic ties after Washington accused Venezuela’s president of stealing his election.

When the United States imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s oil exports in 2019, the South American country looked to Russia for assistance.

imf warns of severe global impact

05:00 – 6 Mar 2022

The International Monetary Fund warned on Saturday that the fighting in Ukraine would have a “severe impact” on the global economy.

“The economic effects are already very substantial,” the fund noted in a statement, “yet the situation remains highly fluid and the forecast is susceptible to unprecedented uncertainty.” “The economic harm would be far more catastrophic if the conflict escalated.”

According to the statement, energy and commodity costs have risen, adding to existing inflation. The current broad sanctions on Russia will have far-reaching consequences.

china against ‘adding fuel to the fire’

04:30 – 6 Mar 2022

According to state media, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi informed US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that Beijing will oppose any action that adds “fuel to the fire.”

According to a report in the Global Times, Wang Yi urged direct talks between Russia and Ukraine, stating that the problem could only be resolved through diplomacy and negotiations.

This was the second time the two officials had spoken over the phone in the last two weeks.

us to secure more funding for ukraine

04:00 – 6 Mar 2022

US President Joe Biden  has stated that his administration is working closely with Congress to gain more funding for Ukraine.

On Saturday, Biden made the remarks during a phone discussion with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky. The US president reaffirmed his support for Ukraine and complimented the country’s population and forces for their skill and bravery.

Zelensky’s repeated demands for assistance in establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine were not mentioned in a White House readout of the call.

Such requests have been rebuffed by the US and other Nato states, which are concerned that they may exacerbate the conflict.

3000 us citizens volunteer to fight in ukraine

03:30 – 6 Mar 2022

According to a spokesman from the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC, an estimated 3,000 Americans have responded to Ukraine’s request for international volunteers to oppose Russia’s invasion.

Western countries are not sending troops to Ukraine to fight on the ground, but they are supplying armaments to aid in the country’s struggle.

They’ve also imposed harsh economic penalties on Russia, as well as Russian billionaires and authorities.

protests rage on

03:00 – 6 Mar 2022

People gathered today in Rome, Munich, and London to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It’s the second weekend in a row that people have demonstrated their support for Ukraine in cities all over the world.

finland’s opinion on nato membership has swayed

02:30 – 6 Mar 2022

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has sent shivers down the spines of many of Russia’s neighbors, from the Baltic nations to Moldova.

Finland ought theoretically to be safe, since it has historically been neutral and gave Stalin’s Soviet army a hard time when he invaded the country in 1939. Apart from Sweden, there has never been much support in this country for joining the Nato military alliance. However, when a Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman recently warned Finland and Sweden that any step toward Nato could have military consequences, both nations were taken aback.

Russian airplanes have often violated Swedish airspace since then.

‘do not rely on the canadian government’s help’

02:00 – 6 Mar 2022

Canada’s foreign office is advising Canadians to avoid all travel to Russia, telling individuals there to “leave while commercial means are still available.”

It warned residents that if they stayed, they may experience “shortages of critical products and services” and “may be unable to use your banking cards for payment or withdrawal of funds.”

It also urged individuals still in Russia not to “rely on the Government of Canada to assist you in leaving the country.”

The US State Department issued a similar warning earlier today, advising citizens to leave immediately.

us, poland, could send ukraine soviet era war planes

01:30 – 6 Mar 2022

According to US media, US authorities are discussing a deal with Poland in which Poland would send Soviet-era aircraft to Ukraine in exchange for American F-16 jet fighters.

The newest initiative to help Ukraine deal with Russia’s advances comes after a meeting between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and more than 300 US congressmen, during which Zelensky stated that his country urgently required more aircraft.

“On this topic, we’re working with the Poles and discussing with the other of our Nato allies,” a White House official said. Part of the decision is based on what the US might be able to provide in terms of backfilling Poland if it transfers planes to Ukraine.

Ukrainian pilots are said to require Russian-made planes since they have been specially trained to fly them.

Boris’ ‘six-point plan’

01:15 – 6 Mar 2022

Johnson will be setting out a six-point plan against Russia, including rapidly strengthening defences in NATO countries.

“Putin must fail and must be seen to fail in this act of aggression,” he wrote in the New York Times. “It is not future historians but the people of Ukraine who will be our judge.”

Johnson is expected to repeat his pitch to allied leaders this week.

He will be meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Monday and hosting leaders from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia the following day.

Russian Sberbank counters Visa and Mastercard pull out

01:02 – 6 Mar 2022

Russia’s largest lender, Sberbank, has said sanctions announced by Visa and Mastercard will not affect users of the cards it issues in Russia, according to Russian-state news Tass.

“These decisions will not affect Sberbank’s Visa and Mastercards inside the country,” the Russian news agency quoted the bank as saying.

Earlier it was reported that Visa and Mastercard said they were suspending operations within the Russian Federation.

Musk to send more Starlink systems

00:14 – 6 Mar 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tweeted to tank SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for his support, saying that Ukraine will receive more Starlink internet terminals next week, which will help in areas where the internet has been disrupted due to Russia’s invasion.

Visa and Mastercard pull out

23:54 – 5 Mar 2022

Mastercard and Visa have announced that they are suspending their operations in Russia in protest over the invasion of Ukraine.

In a statement, Mastercard said that Russian banks would no longer be supported by its network and any card issued by the company outside of country would not work at Russian merchants or ATMs.

“We regret the impact this will have on our valued colleagues, and on the clients, partners, merchants and cardholders we serve in Russia. This war and the ongoing threat to peace and stability demand we respond in line with our values.”

Zelensky urges Ukrainians to keep up resistance

23:41 – 5 Mar 2022

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday urged Ukrainians to keep up their resistance, saying, “Ukrainians! In all of our cities, where the enemy invaded, go on the offensive. Go out on the streets. We need to fight every time we have an opportunity.”

In a video address posted on his official Facebook page, Zelensky said Ukrainians would not give their country “away to an enemy” and commended the Ukrainian people’s faith.

“When you don’t have a firearm but they respond with gunshots and you don’t run … This is the reason why occupation is temporary. Our people — Ukrainians — don’t back down,” Zelensky said.

Zelensky applauded the Ukrainian people’s resistance and protests.

“They scream at occupants to go home, like the Russian battleship, pushing the occupants out of our territory,” he continued. “Every meter of our Ukrainian land reclaimed by protest is a step forward, a step toward victory.”

(Via CNN)

Russian forces advance towards third nuclear power plant

22:33 – 5 Mar 2022

Russian forces have seized two Ukrainian power plants and are advancing towards the Yuzhnoukrainsk nuclear power plant, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Russia currently controls the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in the southern city of Enerhodar, the biggest nuclear power plant in the European continent, and Chernobyl, which is not active but was still staffed and maintained.

Although still denying the validity of these claims, Russian forces have fired at and shelled both these sites, and therefore the threat of a potential issue occurring while Russia attempts to take over these nuclear plants grow ever more concerning.

Shell Oil to commit profits from Russian oil purchase to Ukrainian refugees

22:07 – 5 Mar 2022

Shell, the oil and gas company, yesterday bought Russian oil at the current discount despite international sanctioning and the thousands of companies refusing to conduct business with the Russian state.

Today, they provided the following state on the matter.

UN scales up humanitarian operations for Ukrainians

21:13 – 5 Mar 2022

The United Nations said that it will be scaling up its humanitarian operations to help both Ukrainians who have stayed as well as the millions who have fled, according to secretary-general Antonio Guterres.

He relayed the promise to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in a phone call today, with UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric saying the two also discussed the conditions for safely evacuating civilians from combat zones.

The UN estimates 12 million people who have stayed in Ukraine and 4 million who have fled to neighbouring countries will need humanitarian aid for the foreseeable months.

Blinken visits Poland’s border with Ukraine as refugees pour in

19:31 – 5 Mar 2022

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stood at the Polish-Ukrainian border to meet Ukraine’s FM Dmytro Kuleba earlier today.

Kuleba thanked the US for its help – but also reiterated his hope for more military support, specifically a no-fly zone.

Blinken’s response to the latter has always been no. He says forces in the sky could put Nato into direct confrontation with Russia.

As Blinken entered, he asked a soldier how long people stay. He was told that some have friends and relatives in Poland but “half don’t know where to go”.

Mariupol ceasefire lasted not more than 30 minutes

19:20 – 5 Mar 2022

The deputy mayor of Mariupol, Sergei Orlov, told BBC earlier that the ceasefire agreed in order to evacuate civilians from the city lasted “not more than 30 minutes”.

A 5-hour pause, handled by the Red Cross, was due to be held today to allow civilians to leave Mariupol and Volnovakha, a smaller city to the north.

Orlov said his city had been under “continuous shelling” since shortly after the ceasefire was due to start, and schools, kindergartens and buses meant to be used to evacuate civilians had been attacked.

Orlov accused the Russian forces of “genocide” and said he was “afraid” to think about what would happen to residents now, as the city had no water, heating or sanitation.

Israeli PM meets Putin in Moscow

18:45 – 5 Mar 2022

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett has met Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, his office has confirmed. The talks lasted about two and a half hours.

Bennett’s office says it told the US in advance of the Kremlin meeting.

Russian troops capture psychiatric hospital 60 km from Kyiv

18:00 – 5 Mar 2022

There are reports coming in that a psychiatric hospital in a town 60km north-west of Kyiv has been captured by Russian forces, trapping some 670 patients inside.

Ukrainian news platform Hromadske says Kyiv’s regional governor confirmed the hospital in Borodyanka had been captured.

“Today we do not understand how to evacuate these people, how to help them,” Oleksiy Kuleba said.

“They are running out of water and medicines”, he said.

Russia “won’t forget” British support for Ukraine

17:05 – 5 Mar 2022

Maria Zakharova, the Russian foreign ministry spokesperson, says Russia won’t forget the UK’s cooperation with Kyiv, or with what she calls the “ultra-nationalist forces of Ukraine”, according to Russian media.

The official narrative in Russia is that the threat to civilians in Ukraine comes not from Russian forces, but from “Ukrainian nationalists”.

The UK government has provided weapons and financial aid to Ukraine amid the invasion.

Scenes in Mariupol “heart-breaking” – ICRC

17:00 – 5 Mar 2022

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said its priority was the “safety and well-being of all civilians living through terrifying situations in Ukraine”.

The humanitarian organisation that was going to oversee the evacuation of Mariupol and Volbovakha today has described the scenes there and in other cities in Ukraine as “heart-breaking”.

The ceasefire deal that was supposed to provide relief from the shelling of Mariupol and Volnovakha on Saturday morning collapsed amid continued Russian attacks.

Fastest moving refugee crisis in Europe since World War Two – UN

16:45 – 5 Mar 2022

The number of refugees fleeing the Ukrainian war will soon exceed 1.5 million people, according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR).

“This is the fastest moving refugee crisis we have seen in Europe since the end of World War Two,” the UNHCR’s head told Reuters news agency.

Around 1.3m people have already fled their homes since the invasion began. It is said that Poland has taken in roughly over half of all the refugees so far, according to the country’s president.

£85m raised in two days to help Ukrainians

16:30 – 5 Mar 2022

More than £85m has been raised in the UK to provide help for Ukraine.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) – which is made up of 15 UK charities including the British Red Cross and Oxfam – thanked everyone who has contributed since the appeal was launched on Thursday.

The latest total includes £25m from the UK government.

Russia to impose sanctions on UK

16:29 – 5 Mar 2022

Russia’s foreign ministry has vowed to impose tough measures against British interests in Russia.

It continued to say that the United Kingdom had clearly chosen to move towards an open confrontation with Russia.

Putin threatens countries that attempt to impose no-fly-zone

16:16 – 5 Mar 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned that he would consider any countries imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine as participating in the conflict.

“We will immediately consider them as participants in a military conflict, and it doesn’t matter members of which organizations they are,” said Putin.

“It is impossible to do it, on the very territory of Ukraine, it’s possible only from the territory of some neighbouring states. But any movement in this direction will be considered by us as participation in an armed conflict.”

No services in surrounded Kherson

16:04 – 5 Mar 2022

The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Kherson said that the city is surrounded by Russian forces. He also noted that “The city is without power and without water,” as ““production, critical infrastructure has been suspended.”

We have a lot of people here in need,” he said. “We have cancer patients, children who need medication. This medication is not currently getting through to them.”

AP Photo/Serhii Nuzhnenko

ceasefire fails, evacuation unlikely

15:30 – 5 Mar 2022

After a failed ceasefire, it is understood that evacuations from Mariupol and Volnovakha will not take place today, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Shelling has resumed across the port city, according to Mariupol municipal council, as inhabitants prepared to board buses at 11 a.m. local time (9am GMT).

“We continue to speak with the parties about ensuring the safe transit of people from conflict-affected cities,” the ICRC said in a statement.

“Today’s scenes in Mariupol and other cities are harrowing. Any move by the parties that provides civilians with a break from the violence and allows them to flee to safer regions is welcomed.”

Ukrainians protest in occupied Kherson

14:51 – 5 Mar 2022

Approximately 2,000 Ukrainians are protesting in the Russian-occupied Kherson this morning. They marched through the city centre, waving flags and singing the Ukrainian national anthem as they shouted “Russians go home” and “Kherson is Ukraine”.

Russian military checkpoints have been set up all over the city and stop all passing drivers.

Putin says sanctions akin to a declaration of war

14:36 – 5 Mar 2022

President Putin has warned that Western sanctions on Russia are essentially a declaration of war, as he continued to defend his invasion of Ukraine.

On state television, Putin said that Russia wanted Ukraine to be “demilitarised”, adding that the country should have a neutral status within global politics.

He also repeated his justification for the “special military operation”, that is, to “de-Nazify” the Ukrainian government.

PayPal suspends services in Russia

14:03 – 5 Mar 2022

In a letter addressed to the Ukrainian government, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said the company was suspending services in Russia.

“Under the current circumstances, we are suspending PayPal services in Russia.”

It’s the latest payment organization to sever ties with Russia as the country faces larger and larger sanctions.

Town of Bila Tserkva after bombing

13:52 – 5 Mar 2022

Russian Aeroflot halts most international flights

13:44 – 5 Mar 2022

From the 8th of March, Russian airline Aeroflot will halt all international flights except to Belarus as sanctions continue to mount. 

Russian flights have already been banned from numerous airspaces, including that of the US, UK and the EU.

In response, Russia later banned British flights from its own airspace.

Russia blames Ukrainian nationalists for shelling Ukrainians

13:22 – 5 Mar 2022

Mariupol’s deputy mayor Serhiy Orlov had said that Russia continued to shell the area despite a supposed ceasefire that should have occurred this morning until civilians could be evacuated from the warzone that the surrounded city has become.

But Russia’s defence ministry has now claimed that it was the “Ukrainian nationalists” who prevented the Ukrainian civilians from leaving the cities, according to Russian state news Ria.

The ministry said that Russian forces came under fire after it had set up humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave the city.

UN: 1.3 million have fled

12:59 – 5 Mar 2022

The UN refugee agency says that at least 1,300,000 people – mostly women and children – have fled so far.

“This is the fastest moving refugee crisis we have seen in Europe since the end of World War Two,” UNHCR head Filippo Grandi said.

Mr Grandi added most refugees were linking up with friends, family and other connections already living in Europe.

The UN Refugee Agency says this number could grow to 1.5 million by the end of the weekend.

British nationals urged to consider leaving Russia

12:11 – 5 Mar 2022

“If your presence in Russia is not essential, we strongly advise that you consider leaving by remaining commercial routes,” tweeted the Foreign Office.

Mariupol stops evacuation as Russian shelling continues

11:34 – 5 Mar 2022

The evacuation of civilians from Mariupol has been postponed, according to the Mariupol city council. It says the Russian side has not been observing the temporary ceasefire that was agreed upon. The mayor continues to say that civilians were getting shot at the supposed humanitarian evacuation corridor, as the shelling continues as if no ceasefire was in place.

It says residents should disperse and find places of shelter, and that more information will be given soon.

“It’s not safe to go by this road because of these fights,” said the Mariupol deputy mayor.

Volnovakha devestated

11:14 – 5 Mar 2022

The residents of the small city of Volnovakha say that 90% of buildings have been fully-destroyed or partially damaged by Russian forces.

The local MP, Dmytro Lubinets, said the fighting was so intense that dead bodies lay uncollected.

66,224 reportedly return to Ukraine

10:06 – 5 Mar 2022

More than 66,000 Ukrainian men have returned from abroad to fight for the country, claimed the Ukrainian defence minister Oleskii Reznikov.

mariupol evacuation details

09:45 – 5 Mar 2022

More information regarding the brief ceasefire and evacuation of residents from Mariupol, which has been surrounded by Russian soldiers for several days, has become available.

The city government of Mariupol provided this information.

The ceasefire will be in effect from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time (08:00-15:00 Malta time)

At 11:00 a.m. local time, citizens will start being evacuated (10:00 MT)

The corridor runs from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia, a city in western Ukraine.

Buses will depart from three places throughout the city, and private vehicles will be permitted to travel along the route as well.

The city council advises drivers to utilize all available space in their automobiles.

It is strictly forbidden to deviate from the agreed-upon path.

‘we have no choice but to evacuate’

09:00 – 5 Mar 2022

Vadym Boichenko, the mayor of Mariupol, issued an emotional speech following the announcement of a humanitarian corridor from his city.

“Mariupol isn’t just streets and houses,” he explains. “It’s the people who live there.”

“There is no other choice but to allow residents…the opportunity to safely depart Mariupol under the conditions of incessant, brutal shelling by the occupiers,” he says.

temporary ceasefire has begun in besieged mariupol, volnovakha

08:00 – 5 Mar 2022

It is not yet known how long the ceasefire will last, and no confirmation has been published by Ukrainian authorities as to the details of the ceasefire

washington post to remove byline, datelines

07:00 – 5 Mar 2022

According to a Washington Post reporter, The Washington Post will delete bylines and datelines from reports created by its correspondents in Russia as a result of Russia’s new law.

russia to allow humanitarian corridor out of mariupol and volnovakha

06:30 – 5 Mar 2022

According to Russian official media, Russian troops would “halt firing” at 10 a.m. Moscow time (7 a.m. GMT) today morning to allow humanitarian corridors out of Mariupol and Volnovakha.

The revelation was first published by Interfax, which cited Russia’s defense ministry as its source.

china censors IPC peace message – (read censored part in next story)

06:00 – 5 Mar 2022

A prominent Paralympics official’s remarks at the Games’ opening ceremony in Beijing were suppressed by China’s national broadcaster CCTV.

In his statement, Andrew Parsons, Chairman of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), made a passionate plea for peace.

“Tonight, I’d like to begin with a message of peace,” he stated in English, addressing President Xi Jinping and those in the audience.

However, his voice was muffled in CCTV’s broadcast, and a sign language interpreter ceased translating his statements onscreen.

“As the leader of an organisation with inclusion at its core, where diversity is celebrated and differences embraced, I am horrified at what is taking place in the world right now.

The 21st Century is a time for dialogue and diplomacy, not war and hate. The Olympic Truce for peace during the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a UN Resolution adopted by consensus by 193 Member States at the 76th UN General Assembly. It must be respected and observed not violated.”

1.2 million have fled ukraine

05:45 – 5 Mar 2022

According to the latest UN High Commissioner for Refugees numbers, 1.2 million people have already fled Ukraine as a result of Russia’s invasion, with more than half of those fleeing to Poland.

As of Thursday, March 3rd, the most recent date for which numbers were available, 650,000 people had gone to Poland, 150,000 to Hungary, and the rest to other European countries. The next-largest number of refugees came from Moldova, Slovakia, and Romania, which are all neighbours.

The UNHCR stated, “Many more are on the move both inside and beyond the country.” “They require protection and assistance. As the situation worsens, an estimated 4 million people may be forced to escape Ukraine “

Before the invasion, Ukraine had a population of around 44 million people.

us senate to speak with zelenskyy via zoom

05:45 – 5 Mar 2022

According to rumors, the US Senate has been asked to speak via Zoom with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

President Biden has been in communication with Zelensky, but today will be the first time the Senate as a whole speaks with him since Russia invaded Ukraine more than a week ago.

Ukraine’s US ambassador, Oksana Markarova, met with Senate lawmakers last week and stated that her country urgently needed more supplies to combat Russia.

singapore to impose sanctions on russia

05:30 – 5 Mar 2022

Singapore has announced that it will apply sanctions against Russia in response to Moscow’s war in Ukraine. This is a rare act.

Export controls and targeted financial restraints will be imposed on some Russian banks, as well as restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions and a ban on financial institutions offering services that could benefit Russia’s central bank.

Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore’s foreign minister, previously informed parliament that the country intended “to act in concert with many other like-minded countries to implement appropriate sanctions and limitations against Russia.”

mariupol calls for humanitarian corridor amid blockade

05:15 – 5 Mar 2022

In the face of a continued siege and what he describes as “ruthless attacks” by Russian troops, Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichenko has appealed for a humanitarian corridor.

Since Thursday, the port city has been under siege, and Boichenko has already warned of a humanitarian disaster.

The city, which has a population of 450,000 people, has been cut off from power and water due to severe shelling.

telegram bans russian state media

05:00 – 5 Mar 2022

On both sides of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Telegram has become a major source of information as well as disinformation.

The messaging app has announced that it will no longer allow Russian state media, especially RT, to use its services in Europe.

On Friday, a spokeswoman confirmed that all RT channels had been stopped. It’s unclear whether other news organizations, like Sputnik, will be affected.

After the European Union announced sanctions against Kremlin-backed media networks, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok have already blocked RT. Telegram was apparently used “as a form of war propaganda,” according to EU officials.

Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov established the social network in 2013. Since then, the latter has fled Russia.

pressure to expel russia from council of europe

04:45 – 5 Mar 2022

According to the secretary general of the pan-European rights group, pressure is growing among member states for Russia to be ejected from the Council of Europe, which was suspended following the invasion of Ukraine.

In an interview with the AFP news agency, Marija Pejcinovic Buric said, “Today, more and more voices are advocating that the next step be the expulsion of the Russian Federation.”

almost 600 nigerians have returned home

04:30 – 5 Mar 2022

174 Nigerians who have fled Ukraine, returned home late Friday, raising the total number of citizens evacuated to nearly 600.

A group of 415 people, the majority of whom were students, had arrived earlier from Bucharest, Romania’s capital, one of the centers from which African governments are trying to retrieve stuck compatriots.

brazil to issue visas to fleeeing ukrainians

04:15 – 5 Mar 2022

The Brazilian government has announced that it will offer temporary humanitarian visas and residency cards to Ukrainian nationals and those displaced by the violence.

According to the document published in the nation’s official gazette, the visas will be valid for 180 days, and arriving Ukrainians would be able to apply for two-year resident cards. A certificate attesting to the person’s clean criminal background will be required, among other documentation.

more international news broadcasters pull out of russia

04:00 – 5 Mar 2022

CBS News, the BBC’s American broadcast partner, and ABC News have joined the list of news organizations that have halted operations in Russia.

It comes as a new rule issued by President Vladimir Putin threatens anybody accused of propagating “false news” regarding the Ukraine conflict with prison sentences of up to 15 years. The rule effectively prohibits independent reporting in Russia, where news organizations are prohibited from referring to the crisis in Ukraine as a “war.”

“We are monitoring the circumstances for our crew on the ground given the new media rules,” a CBS representative stated.

blockade imposed on mariupol

03:45 – 5 Mar 2022

The Russian army has imposed a “blockade” on Mariupol, Ukraine’s important port city, following days of “ruthless” attacks, according to its mayor, who has called for the formation of a humanitarian corridor.

“For the time being, we are working for answers to humanitarian issues as well as all potential options to get Mariupol out of the blockade,” Vadim Boychenko stated in a Telegram message.

sanctions not aimed at regime change – borrell

03:30 – 5 Mar 2022

Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy leader, stated that the war’s sanctions were not aimed at changing Russia’s rule.

“The war has triggered sanctions,” he explained.

pro-putin rallies in serbia

03:00 – 5 Mar 2022

Thousands of people took part in a big rally in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, to show support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

After meeting in front of a monument to Russian Tsar Nicholas II, where they sang the Russian and Serbian national anthems and praised the two countries as brother nations, about 4,000 people joined the march.

Protesters marched across the city, carrying Russian flags and images of President Vladimir Putin, to the Russian embassy.

mariupol is ‘totally besieged’

02:30 – 5 Mar 2022

The port city of Mariupol is “totally besieged” by Russian military.

Several reports from Lviv show that “it is cut off from supplies… heat, electricity, as well as internet and mobile phone connectivity.”

“As a result, it’s difficult to obtain a whole picture of what’s going on inside, save from what we’ve heard, the city is being bombarded very consistently.” It’s a typical siege scenario.”

americans support import suspension, no-fly zone

02:00 – 5 Mar 2022

According to a new poll, a large majority of Americans from both parties say the US should stop buying Russian oil and gas.

The United States presently imports about 500 million barrels of Russian crude per day, accounting for nearly 10% of its total oil imports.

A suspension of imports was backed by 80% of those polled by Reuters/Ipsos, including Democrats and Republicans.

According to the poll, which was conducted online over the previous two days, 74 percent of Americans believe the US and its Nato allies should enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine to safeguard the country from Russian air assaults.

The Biden administration has effectively ruled such a move out, saying that it could lead to “full-fledged war.”

US flew B-52 bombers over NATO’s eastern flank

01:55 – 5 Mar 2022

The USA flew B-52 Stratofortress bombers over NATO’s eastern flank on Friday, exercising with the German and Romanian militaries in a sign of unity as the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its second weekend. 

The B-52s flew to Romania – the edge of NATO, which is adjacent to Ukraine – where they conducted more close air support training as part of the bomber task force missions.

Italian police seize oligarchs’ yachts

01:40 – 5 Mar 2022

Italian police have seized yachts belonging to two of Russia’s wealthiest oligarchs in a raid on Friday, as EU sanctions begin to bite.

Officers impounded a 65 metre yacht worth €24m owned by Alexey Mordashov – a close ally of Putin and Russia’s richest man – in the northern port of Imperia, officials told local media.

Another yacht, owned by Gennady Timchenko, an oligarch with close ties to Putin, has also been seized in Imperia, officials said.

US & NATO officials believe Russia going to “bombard cities into submission”

01:30 – 5 Mar 2022

US and NATO officials monitoring the war in Ukraine noticed a pronounced shift earlier this week in Russia’s strategy; Russia now appears to be preparing to “bombard cities into submission,” which could increase civilian casualties, a senior western intelligence official told CNN.

“The heavier weapons are not just heavier in their in the weight, they’re also heavier in terms of the damage that they can inflict,” the official said. “And they’re far less discriminant. So, more casualties.”

“It is a very crude approach,” the official added. He said his experience with Russian leadership and Putin “leads me to judge that they have a completely different standard when it comes to respect for human life.” 

Russian forces approaching Ukraine’s second-largest nuclear facility

01:15 – 5 Mar 2022

Russian forces are approaching Ukraine’s second-largest nuclear facility, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said at the UN on Friday.

“Russian forces are now 20 miles, and closing, from Ukraine’s second-largest nuclear facility,” she said without naming the plant.

According to Energoatom, the authority of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, Ukraine’s second-largest nuclear facility — in terms of power generation capacity — is Yuzhnoukrainsk Nuclear Power Station in southern Ukraine.


01:00 – 5 Mar 2022

The Institute for the Study of War has released the following map showing an approximation of what areas of Ukraine are, as of yesterday afternoon, under Russian occupation.

Ukraine officials release video from inside nuclear plant after attack

00:15 – 5 Mar 2022

The video shows the inside of the control room of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant as an announcement rings out on a PA system, which was taken over by Russian forces late on Thursday.

Watch here:


00:00 – 4 March 2022

Hello, and welcome back to our rolling coverage of the Ukrainian crisis, having drastically escalated in recent hours with the advancement of Russian forces in what is widely recognised as a full-scale military invasion

Refer to this article if you’d like to revise the events from the very start of this invasion.


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