Mass protests planned for weekend after road closures

This post was written as an April Fool joke prior to the arrival of the Pope in Malta.

Hundreds of people around the country are planning on organising protests around Malta this weekend after Robert Abela decided to close several major roads which will impact all drivers who wish to go out and enjoy the end of a stressful week in peace due to some old Argentinian tourist petitioning the country to let him pass through without any of the traditional gridlock traffic.

These road closures are already impacting the hundreds of thousands of car owners, being forced to remove their vehicles from the majority of roads in Malta.

The closures are also said to impact public transportation, with many buses having to drive on bicycle lanes and one-lane roads to avoid the closed roads.

Similar protests occurred back in 2010 when a German tourist successfully petitioned for similar treatment. Tens of thousands of people were estimated to have attended the numerous protests that occurred around the country during his two-day visit.

Protests are scheduled to start at 10am near the airport, where demonstrators plan on shouting at the tourist as soon as he leaves the plane.

As it is being assumed that the Argentinian visitor will be visiting the capital first, protestors will also be congregating around the Grandmaster’s Palace to continue attempting to gain the traveller’s attention and voice their anger.

Demonstrations will also occur around the Grand Harbour, near the fast-ferry service on Saturday, and at the Floriana Granaries on Sunday. No protests have been scheduled to occur in Gozo since the island does not know what traffic even is.

Migrants will also be joining the protestors on Sunday, who are planning to protest at Ħal-Far in a bid to show that everyone in Malta is united against these road closures.

Will you be joining these protests?

Written by: Charles Stennienigewwa


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