BEV Launches Organisations’ Area

Check out the list of all organisations here.

For those who may not be familiar with A Bird’s Eye View, we are a youth organisation made up of students and activists alike, whose common mission is to help contribute to a community of citizens who look at current affairs from an impartial lens. In the past months, this website has grown quite a bit, and we now have a consistently expanding readership as well as an active following on social media.

Now, although that in itself is great, it would be useless if we didn’t at least try to put it to good use. 

As such, we wanted to start using that audience to give more exposure to other organisations, especially youth organisations, who often aren’t given that much attention outside of their selected niche’s limited bubbles.

We’d like to start doing this by creating an Organisations Area within our website. Here, each organisation would have its own profile, which would contain brief information on the organisation itself, the articles and initiatives posted and promoted with us, as well as contact information in case you wish to know more about the community and possibly join up!

Apart from this, the goal is to have a healthy level of engagement between the organisations themselves on issues such as but not limited to; activities, youth issues and activism, and democracy as a whole.

If you are a member of a youth organisation and are interested in your team becoming a part of this area as another avenue for sharing your initiatives and progress with the rest of the Maltese youth community, feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email on, and we will guide you through the easy process.


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