MaltMUN joins BEV Organisation Area

Malta Model United Nations Society has officially joined as members of the ‘A Bird’s Eye View’s Organisation Area’!

The Malta Model United Nations Society is the first official organisation of its kind in Malta. It commits itself primarily to training and preparing youths to attend and actively participate in Model United Nations conferences abroad. It does so by means of various events throughout the year which aid participants to hone various skills: public speaking, speech-writing, debating, negotiation and compromise.

MaltMUN is a non-profit organisation committed to investing in its members’ personal development and nurturing leadership skills, whilst embracing the spirit of the United Nations. It is further committed to participating in and organising Model United Nations Conferences for the benefit of its members. To date, the Society has organised five successful local conferences. The success of this inaugural edition of MaltMUN led the local office of the European Parliament to encourage the Society to submit a bid for consideration for the Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016, an award for projects run by and for youth who actively participate in European development. The Society went on to be recognised as the National Winner of the Prize. MaltMUN’s principal goal is to foster excellence amongst youths through participation in MUN conferences.

MaltMUN has also been represented at several MUNs across cities in Europe, America and Asia. On the occasions when the Society has been represented abroad since its inception in 2013, numerous delegates have won awards spanning the full range from Best Delegate; Outstanding or Distinguished Delegate; and Honourable Mention, to the Award for Diplomacy; the Award for Best Ideas Contributor; Commendation Award (UNEP), Best Judge (ICJ); Best Advocate (ICJ); and Best Position Paper. The full list of award winners on behalf of the MaltMUN Society may be found

We welcome MaltMUN into this project and look forward to working together!


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