ASCS joins BEV Organisation Area

Association of Students of Commercial Studies has officially joined as members of the ‘A Bird’s Eye View’s Organisation Area’!

The Association of Students of Commercial Studies (ASCS) is a non-profit making association, representing all the students falling under the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy (FEMA), amounting to around 2000 students. Its goal, as outlined in the statute, is to ‘serve as a catalyst, to promote and enhance the student’s professional presence and image through awareness in our society.’

ASCS started way back in 1989 when FEMA was still in its infancy and commerce students were only a few. But still, the need for unity and representation was felt among commerce students, mainly in having a ‘say’ in the direction of FEMA – and that is when ASCS was born. The mission and objectives enacted that day, although changed in words, are still fundamentally the same as today’s.

We welcome ASCS into this project and look forward to working together!


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