GħSL’s Law: the First Step is back!

Are you interested in studying law? GħSL recognises the difficulty of starting a new course and having to face a million different questions — we’ve all been there – as exciting as starting the law course is, and its members are here to lend you a helping hand as individuals who were in your position not too long ago!

The main goal of Legal: The First Step is to inform you about the law course, its format and prerequisites, the university system, and ultimately, to assist you in determining whether the law course is right for you.⚖️👨‍⚖️!

GħSL will also answer any questions you may have and speak with you about their organisation, and its continued dedication to helping students throughout the years.

WHO are GħSL?

Għaqda Studenti Tal-Liġi (Malta Law Students’ Society) is a faculty-based non-profit organisation at the University of Malta representing all law students. GħSL was founded by a group of law students back in 1943, led by Joseph Ganado, later Professor of Civil law and Dean of the Faculty of Laws.

Every year, law students have been given the opportunity to elect students to head the organisation, as well as class representatives from every year in order to maintain the best possible communication between students, the Society, and the Faculty.


Join GħSL on the 22nd of August at 11:00am at the KSU-PwC Common Room on the UM campus, right next to the canteen! 📚


Attendance is free for all participants.🆓💸

Fill in this form to confirm your attendance at the meeting! ✏️


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