JCA announces first annual Moot Court

The Junior Chamber of Advocates’ (JCA) has just launched its first annual Moot Court for the academic year which will be based on Family Law!

JCA’s Annual Moot Courts are a perfect platform where students are provided with a practical scenario of what they will be facing while practising as lawyers in court.
Over the past few years, JCA always strived to provide students with the opportunity to participate in a model scenario, which is as realistic and factual to the legal profession.

The model scenario of this case deals with a variety of civil law issues within a family such as maintenance, post-divorce matters, and health issues.

In such a set-up, students are allowed to form part of teams, so as to challenge a mock case presented to them according to the rule of procedure applicable in the Maltese Law Courts. This encompasses the preparation of oral and written submissions, the mediation process, the selection of witnesses, examination and the cross-examination procedure and other possible situations presented to a warranted practising lawyer.

Due to the high concertation of academic material, the law course does not provide practical exposure to students who would eventually end up practising in court. Thus, this offers students an opportunity to start practising, in a monitored environment, their legal skills with a hands-on approach, hence putting their theoretical studies into practice.

Organising such a huge event would not be possible without the constant help of the Law Courts administration who, every year, along with the Chamber of Advocates, do their utmost to ensure that students get the best possible memorable experiences.

Lastly, JCA highly encourages law students to apply as this kind of experience will surely equip them with skills which are necessary for the legal profession. For more information, one can check out the event here. Applications close on the 26th of October, and places are limited!

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