The first university semester is well underway, but that doesn’t mean that all the events are over. ASCS is leading the way with a great event they’re organising this weekend!

BLACKLIGHT is ASCS’s annual open bar, which will be taking place at The Playground, Paceville. The party will start at around 10pm, going on till 4 in the morning. A great DJ line-up will be making sure that the night is unforgettable, with DEJII, Xiki, DELA, and the DJ duo BAK set to take the helm at the booth. The entrance fee for BLACKLIGHT is €25, unless of course if you’re going to the “Get connected” live-in – in which case it’s free!

If you’ve been to last year’s BLACKLIGHT, then you won’t need any article to compel you to come back for another round. But if you’re new to university life, or still need some convincing, here’s a sneak peek at what went on during previous editions.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re only interested in joining, click here! (This event is strictly for people aged 17+)

Very limited spots remain for this event, so sign up now!


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