About Us

What We Are

Our mission is to help grow a community of citizens who do not look at current affairs and politics from the partisan lens but from an impartial point of view, hence, A Bird’s Eye View.

We want to enhance society by presenting opinions and promoting debates for a better chance for our followers to practise their democratic right of free speech and expression of personal opinions.

We aim to do this in several ways;

  1. We provide an opportunity for all people to write their own articles (be it to express an opinion or to inform others on a subject or issue) and publish them by contacting us.
  2. We are committed to helping address and spread awareness about the serious problem of fake news and misinformation, a phenomenon which is currently crumbling the global political arena.
  3. We strive to promote structured and informed debate amongst all citizens.
  4. We want to pass on the message that, whoever you are, your input to society is valuable and needed. The very core of Democratic values means that it is the people who should be the ones to speak out, even more than the politicians do. If this doesn’t happen, a power transfer takes place which undermines all that democracy was ever meant to be.
  5. In an ideal world, young people’s political apathy is transformed into enthusiastic civic participation, and the energy being spent on parties and political polarity translated into a constructive individual debate. We aspire to work relentlessly towards that ideal.

How We Are

Time, Dedication, Inspiration, Commitment.

Since we’re all students coming from various educational institutions, we all dedicate our share of Time to contribute to the cause we believe in so much.

Dedication is the only way a team can keep up a consistent contribution to its cause, and not only retain quality but always improve and innovate.

The ideal mentioned before is the main source of Inspiration for this entire project, and what we hope inspires others including you to contribute or even join us in our mission.

Without a sense of Commitment to carry out what we feel is our duty towards society, this would all be worthless. Instead, we aim to translate that commitment into achieving something priceless, that is, not only having Democracy as our way of governing the country but as a way of life.