How does GDP affect me?

In the last article, ‘WTF is: GDP’ I tried to briefly explain what GDP is and how its calculated – but a very often asked question does remain…How does it affect us? Sure, governments tend to do well politically when GDP is high, and people seem to be more satisfied when it is – but when you think about it, if someone didn’t tell you how much GDP grew, would you really notice?

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If you were to put everything that was produced in the country, in one single bag, and give it all a value, that value would be the country’s GDP.

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WTF is: Inflation

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – everything’s getting more and more expensive nowadays, or, back in the day we used to buy with a penny what you buy today with a tenner. And this isn’t without reason, things are getting more expensive, or at least, they seem to be.

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KNZ’s EGM – What really happened

Politcal squabbles have been reaching what seems like a rare peak as of late, as a controversial National Youth Council EGM led to accusations of discrimination and voter suppression directed to the event. So amidst the heated reactions and individual rumours, what really went on? Was anyone wrongly censored? What was the event? The National […]

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A Directionless System

The best societies of today are those that possess rudimentary democratic consent, freedom, liberty, equality and fairness, environmental sustainability and robust economies. However, none of these can be obtained without a proper and strong educational system, as it is of paramount importance to an individual as well as to society. Since at the end of […]

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Equality Bill

Among the Bills being discussed at a legislative level, the Equality Bill is certainly one of the most prominent. First brought up in the parliamentary discussions as early as 17th July 2019, this Bill pushes further the idea of equality in the Maltese islands to further facilitate and help ease the fight for discrimination. According to […]

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Bernard Grech For PN Leader

As you by now all are aware, the PN leadership is set to be a two-horse race, with Bernard Grech being the only candidate to face off against incumbent leader Adrian Delia. Recent surveys have indicated that Grech is, by far, more popular in all districts amongst PN tesserati than Adrian Delia is. Why is […]

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There’s Nothing To Wake Up To

The streets of our capital yearn once more for the marching of those who would choose to stand up to the wicked. Months after the initial protests last December, very little headway has been made in hindsight. The institutions were left to work, and the best they could produce is a nearly unconfirmable testimony, with […]

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The Neoliberal Golden Calf

Perhaps some of you might know the biblical story of the adoration of the golden calf, but for those who do not, I will give you a short summary of it. Moses is receiving the Ten Commandments from God on Mt. Sinai and leaves the Israelites for forty days. In the meantime the Israelites feared […]

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Don`t blame immigrants – they aren’t the ones wrecking Malta

The Government`s supposed resolute and decisive stance on immigration is nothing but a pretence. Does the Government think that its stand on the current immigration issue, which sees 350 migrants being stuck on board a Captain Morgan ferry outside our territorial waters, would fool the general public into thinking they have an anti-immigration administration? Will […]

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Meta jofrogħ il-baħar, inkellmek, ja Malta. Meta ma jkollix iżjed kliem għalik, niċċassa. Meta tiġri warajja bin-nar taħt saqajja u naħrab, interraq x’imkien ‘il bogħod, ibkini. Meta ma toffrilix aktar għażliet u nitlaq, xejjirli. Meta l-mewġa tibda’ titħabat għax ma tiflaħnix iżjed, teħodnix lura. Meta t-trejjaq ma nkunx nafhom aktar u meta niktiblek is-sentenzi u […]

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Be our guest- but not for long

Multiculturalism. It is a word we throw around a lot these days, and it is an increasingly relevant topic in Malta, with more and more people of foreign background calling the tiny island their home. But have we stopped to consider what multiculturalism really is, and how we currently apply the concept to our nation? […]

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Better People

In general, people are very interesting beings. We have various traits that identify us and set us apart from animals or other species. One characteristic that identifies humans is that we can adapt and change our lives according to our environment. One might ask: “But how can we as people create a more welcoming environment […]

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Bejn sema w baħar

Ibgħatuni lura pajjżi ħalluni ħanintileffix-xefaq u allura ħalluni negħreq bilmodnitbandal u negħleb u nitbennenfuq mewġ jinki bejn nifs u għarqafuq sider jinki bejn bikja u tgħanniqa għax wisq barranija għad-daru wisq barranija għal hawnu qatt biżżejjed għat-tnejn *** ma titlaqx mid-dar jekk mhuxqed tiġri warajk bin-nar taħtsaqajha – titlaq biss meta d-darma tħallikx toqgħod iżjed […]

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The Virtue in Nationalism

Recently Malta has again been hit by the controversial issue of immigration. This issue has spurred various forms of xenophobic and racist comments on social media from a vast number of people. Although I condemn any form of hatred of people due to skin colour, I also think it is not fair to bin nationalism […]

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