World Mental Health Day

Stigma about mental health is, unfortunately, still very common in today’s world. We tend to isolate the mentally ill and, hence, we are possibly making the situation worse for that individual. Today, on World Mental Health Day, we are raising awarness and saying that “it’s OK not to be OK”. 1 in 3 people go […]

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Outlining freedom in politics

We often hear the word ‘freedom’ uttered in speeches given by politicians and lobby groups whose aim is to convince people, that through the support of certain political decisions or actions, citizens of a country would be able to achieve a state of enhanced freedom. However this state of ‘enhanced freedom’ is very rarely described […]

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“Teaching today involves adapting to new challenges” – Themis Christophidou

A month ago, I had requested an interview with three officials from the education sector in both Malta and the European Union. These three indvduals were: the Maltese Minister for Education and Employment, Hon. Evarist Bartolo; the Malta Nationalist Party Secretary General & Spokesperson for Education, Human Development and Challenges of the 21st Century, Hon. Clyde […]

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When We Become What We Hate

Often times, one will speak out against his/her opponents for their actions as they see them as representing what’s wrong with our society in this day and age. More often than not, it’s a warranted argument for one to call out their counterpart’s tactics, especially when it runs along the lines of bigotry, intolerance, disrespect, […]

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