The Pink Month

During the month of October, many organisations and companies change their logo to add a pink background or a pink ribbon, and landmarks worldwide are illuminated with pink. But why?

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World Press Freedom Day

Today, we commemorate ‘World Press Freedom Day’, in remembrance of the vital importance that journalism, the media and the press hold in a civilised democratic society. However, we still come across instances where this is just an ideal and is not put into practice. We cannot afford to be complacent and neglectful of today’s significance, […]

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SURVEY: Sexual Harassment in Malta

Over the years there have been multiple news articles, stories and shared posts online about sexual harassment. Although, the stories we hear about are minuscule compared to the number of stories left unshared. The aim of this survey is to shed light and give a voice to those who don’t have one, creating an anonymous […]

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Low Turnout: Apathy or Protest?

The post-independence political scene in Malta has always shown that an extremely high percentage of the population is interested in their leadership and is willing to go out and vote. This is evident by the continued high voter turnout that the country has experienced, with only the first independent election in 1966 having a voter […]

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Vote for a sustainable Malta

Extinction Rebellion Malta is organising a rally tomorrow in front of parliament as a response to the upcoming election, with the group wanting to see an end to “politics as usual”. Statement from Extinction Rebellion Malta: The parties aren’t doing enough. They claim that they want change, yet the system itself incentivises short-term gain at […]

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