Earth Day 2022

Our planet, our environment, our oceans and our trees. These are things which we’ve grown to appreciate and treasure beyond belief. However, we must never take them for granted. As the world continues to face numerous environmental challenges such as climate change, deforestation and pollution amongst others, it’s simply not enough for our leaders to […]

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Game over for Boris Johnson?

If there’s ever been a time where the past few months have been an absolute disaster for a British prime minister, it can most certainly be said that this has been the case for Boris Johnson as of late. Having experienced, and in some cases even engineered, one political calamity after another in the past […]

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Why the Unvaccinated Claim Victimhood

Comparisons are indeed odious. That much can be said when we see historical events, political figures and pretty much anything else of a political or historical nature being lumped with one another. These comparisons can be applied to any other field quite frankly, be it culture, socio-economics or any other field for that matter. At […]

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On a Personal Note

As I start writing this, I feel that I’m probably going to write and re-write several drafts of this article till I get it right. Mostly because I think I’d only be happy until I know that I’ve struck the right chord in terms of what I want this article to be about, and also […]

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Where Do We Go From Here?

The Labour Party has gone through major changes in its leadership and its perception. However, what hasn’t changed is the memory people have of all the scandals throughout its time in government, and what happened when they were exposed. We now ask: “What happens next?”

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