I Like To Look At Suicide

Amid several cries that Malta has lost its soul, one can hardly be faulted for wondering…why did we encourage this person to lose his?

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COVID Passports: Aye or Nay?

Last week, massive protests have erupted within major cities – including New York, London and Valletta – in countries that have started implementing the use of COVID-19 vaccination certificates. While people have more or less gotten used to this new normality of having to live with this ongoing pandemic, there is growing concern within the […]

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WTF is: Moneyval?

The infamous Moneyval test has dominated Maltese political discourse for the past year. Aside from whether Malta will pass or not, the process remains a cloudy concept to most. So, wtf is Moneyval?

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Masking Our Problems

Today marks the day I first wore a face mask in public. No, not in a shop. And no, not because of this pandemic. I wore it because I decided to go for a walk. A simple walk in a normal street. A few cars passed by me and I suddenly felt like I could […]

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