WTF is: Moneyval?

The infamous Moneyval test has dominated Maltese political discourse for the past year. Aside from whether Malta will pass or not, the process remains a cloudy concept to most. So, wtf is Moneyval?

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Playing to Win

As the US heads into yet another presidential election, what lies in store could determine the future of generations, and what’s at stake could set history’s course for a lifetime.

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The Pink Month

During the month of October, many organisations and companies change their logo to add a pink background or a pink ribbon, and landmarks worldwide are illuminated with pink. But why?

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Earth tested positive for COVID-19

Economies grinding to an abrupt halt1. The masses purchasing a maddening amount of toilet paper and non-perishable foods. The bewildering number of people sharing fake news on social media. Anxiety, panic and fear crawling around your mind like a swarm of ants, gnawing at your mental state for your undivided attention.

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Pride and Joy

Amongst its many impacts, this pandemic has undoubtedly made many reflect on what to appreciate in life, and not to take things for granted, things such as aspects of our everyday routine, our family, friends, loved ones, and the other people who we may come across, but never really take any notice of.

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