15 Productivity Tips for Students

With schools supposedly opening in the next coming weeks and University students gearing up for a new year, here are some tips for students of all ages that might make your next scholastic year bearable.

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Another Year, Another Soirée

Sixth form, lasting just two years, may at first glance appear a brief moment in the lives of students, a halfway house between school and university. And yet, many people looking back later in life consider those two years to be some of the most memorable and enjoyable of their lives. For a large number, […]

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An Epicurean Insight on Life

In the midst of today’s constant chaos and madness, we often forget to spare a moment to pause and ponder. What is the point of life? Why do we do what we do? Or perhaps, most significantly – what makes us happy? Is it living in the lap of luxury? Is it a life of […]

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Events Worth Sharing – Plato and the Arts, by Prof. Joe Friggieri

The Classics always fascinated me, probably since reading ‘Percy Jackson’ which instigated my liking towards certain areas of it, especially mythology. A few months ago, my mother informed me about a course the Malta Classics Association were doing during summer, which, without hesitation, I applied for, simply for the fun of it. Simultaneously, at school, […]

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What is Poetry?

Truth be told, you may find yourself at your wits’ end trying to define what poetry is, just like any other form of art. Now although good poetry objectifies feeling; attempting to define poetry means objectifying it, yet poetry is something that is utterly subjective.

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An introductory art-icle

The function of art has always been a point of debate, with the definition of the word itself changing with time resulting in a more open and free interpretation of it. One can say that art is the creation of pathways which connect and allow us to respond to our individual perceptions of the world. […]

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Hipsters are the master race

We all have a good idea about what the term ‘hipster’ signifies. Despite what the title says, I’m aware they are not a race. Get over it. For those who live under a rock and don’t know, a hipster would look something like this: owns round specs, probably wears flannels and mum jeans, maybe a […]

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