Improve the Work-Life Balance Law Now

We are a number of civil society organisations representing parents, carers, workers and those working for gender equality and the rights of LGBTQI+ people. We are holding this press conference outside Parliament to demand that the Work-Life Balance law be revisited with the aim of improving it. The law – which came into effect in […]

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The Pink Month

During the month of October, many organisations and companies change their logo to add a pink background or a pink ribbon, and landmarks worldwide are illuminated with pink. But why?

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What can we do about Scooters?

If you haven’t yet seen a few scooters stacked up in the middle of a pavement or in front of doorways, then you’ve definitely seen them clogging up your social media feed, with everyone showing off the worst places they’ve found them parked.  There are even reports of elderly residents locking themselves up in their […]

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