WTF is: Moneyval?

The infamous Moneyval test has dominated Maltese political discourse for the past year. Aside from whether Malta will pass or not, the process remains a cloudy concept to most. So, wtf is Moneyval?

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Playing to Win

As the US heads into yet another presidential election, what lies in store could determine the future of generations, and what’s at stake could set history’s course for a lifetime.

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Taking Responsibility

In the aftermath of the European parliamentary elections and the recent political crises engulfing countries across Europe, some political leaders have opted to remain in their positions, while others have recognised the bigger responsibility they have towards their constituents and those who they serve, as opposed to simply satisfying themselves and those closest to them. […]

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Why Adrian Delia Should Resign

A healthy democracy comprises of quite a few major characteristics. Examples of these include freedom of expression and universal suffrage. However, another very important characteristic is the government and its leaders being held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, this concept is often overlooked by Maltese citizens and voters.

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En Marche: Macron’s Rise to Power

Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the 2017 French presidential election was widely regarded as a victory for liberal Europe, for the European Union and, potentially, for the concept of Europe itself. The populist tide, which had run almost unhindered from Brexit into Trump, had been – it seemed – stemmed. And yet, just a year and a half on from […]

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Outlining freedom in politics

We often hear the word ‘freedom’ uttered in speeches given by politicians and lobby groups whose aim is to convince people, that through the support of certain political decisions or actions, citizens of a country would be able to achieve a state of enhanced freedom. However this state of ‘enhanced freedom’ is very rarely described […]

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India’s Fiscal Civil War

The deputy governor of the reserve bank of India, Viral Acharya came out saying earlier this week that undermining the independence of the Indian central bank could be potentially catastrophic, in his own words. Understandably so, but what caused this threat and how is India reacting?

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