The Biden Enigma – What has he done?

All eyes now turn to the Social Spending bill debates, and the role that both parties, as well as the the Presidency, will play in its destiny.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

The Labour Party has gone through major changes in its leadership and its perception. However, what hasn’t changed is the memory people have of all the scandals throughout its time in government, and what happened when they were exposed. We now ask: “What happens next?”

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Changing voter behaviour

There are numerous mental shortcuts we take as human beings. We call these biases and science documents a whole list of them. This article explains how such shortcuts affect elections in Malta, and how I would solve this situation.

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Unto the next interlude

Tippreferi bil-Malti? Aqra l-istess artiklu hawn: Għal waqfa li jmiss In the space of just 8 years, Malta has had a total of 2 prime ministers, 2 general elections and 4 opposition leaders. For a relatively brief period, that sounds like a lot of political change to take in. Much like a theatrical production, the Maltese […]

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Love, Politics and Castration

In 1964, an interviewer asked Hannah Arendt the following question:  “Does not man, as a politically active being, need a commitment to a group? A commitment which they can to some extent be called love? Do you not worry that your attitude could be politically sterile?” Can we be politically active with or without groups? […]

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WTF is: Moneyval?

The infamous Moneyval test has dominated Maltese political discourse for the past year. Aside from whether Malta will pass or not, the process remains a cloudy concept to most. So, wtf is Moneyval?

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KNZ’s EGM – What really happened

Politcal squabbles have been reaching what seems like a rare peak as of late, as a controversial National Youth Council EGM led to accusations of discrimination and voter suppression directed to the event. So amidst the heated reactions and individual rumours, what really went on? Was anyone wrongly censored? What was the event? The National […]

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A Directionless System

The best societies of today are those that possess rudimentary democratic consent, freedom, liberty, equality and fairness, environmental sustainability and robust economies. However, none of these can be obtained without a proper and strong educational system, as it is of paramount importance to an individual as well as to society. Since at the end of […]

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Equality Bill

Among the Bills being discussed at a legislative level, the Equality Bill is certainly one of the most prominent. First brought up in the parliamentary discussions as early as 17th July 2019, this Bill pushes further the idea of equality in the Maltese islands to further facilitate and help ease the fight for discrimination. According to […]

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Trump Won

As ballots continue to be counted and a Biden presidency seems ever more likely, one would be well-advised to refrain from celebrating the end of the Trump era, and even better advised to avoid looking towards the future. Because even though the floodlights show us a match where the former Vice President is likely to […]

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Playing to Win

As the US heads into yet another presidential election, what lies in store could determine the future of generations, and what’s at stake could set history’s course for a lifetime.

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Striking a balance

They say that the key to success in politics is pulling off a delicate balancing act. This can be applied to any major political party, be it in government or opposition. In terms of the latter, we can certainly apply the art of pulling off a balancing act to the current state of the Nationalist […]

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A New Age of Opposition

I have never existed in a time where the current Opposition truly had a purpose. Following the succession of Malta into the European Union, the Party lost its momentum and became complacent. Without any real vision or winning noble cause, they spiralled gradually to then lose the General election a mere ten years later. The […]

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