Amidst the crisis we find ourselves in😷, we’ve decided to help address the many doubts about COVID-19 facts, instilled by the barrage of fake news⛔️ brought around by every single happening.

Stay safe, and stay inside🏠


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Measures as of 19/08/2020

🏬 No establishment can allow people standing while being served;

🎶 All discos and nightclubs are closed;

🍻 All bars and band clubs can open if they serve food, such as platters and snacks with drinks, to clients who must be seated;

⛵ Boat parties are not allowed under any circumstances;

⛪ Sit-down weddings are allowed to take place, however dancing is not permissible. Restrictions that were already in place are still in effect;

👥 As of today, groups of more than 15 people in public spaces are not allowed;

😷 The use of masks is extended to indoor public places, with fines to those who do not abide by this measure;


COVID-19 Common Myths