Jacob Callus


Articles written:

Unto the next Interlude / Għal waqfa li jmiss

Taken for Granted? Taken for a Ride? Or Both?

Playing to Win

Striking a balance

News Recap 10/10 – 23/10

The Elephant(s) in the Room

An even deadlier virus

Real Leadership is forged in Crisis

Pride and Joy

Taking Responsibility

Knowing when you’re right, but accepting when you’re wrong

It’s all about the money

‘Nothing has changed’. Indeed, it hasn’t.

When We Become What We Hate

Along Party Lines

Trump’s trade deal with the EU: a marriage of convenience or a recipe for disaster?

To Brexit or not to Brexit: The unfolding political crisis in Britain

Politics and Entertainment: A Beneficial Relationship?

No Holds Barred for Roseanne Barr: The Curious Case of Free Speech

Of Bomb’s and Criminals: Malta’s Underlying Organized Crime Problem

Russia and the United Kingdom: A New Cold War?

The State of the Union: Making a case for the EU


4 Years Ago.