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The City-state of Malta

Low Turnout: Apathy or Protest?

The Third Parties. Who are they?

Free Buses will not get more people to use them

Climate Change: You and your children are doomed

Afghanistan: Back in Taliban Hands

ICTSA’s The Million Dollar Idea

Gender Quotas: The Answer to Increased Female Representation?

The Pink Month

Belarus: The Last European Dictatorship

COVID and the Spanish Flu: History Repeating Itself

Transnistria: The Last Soviet Republic

The Death of Hong Kong

Pol Pot: The lesser known genocidist of Southeast Asia

Thank you, England, for taking one for the team!

9 Reasons Why People Always Fall for Clickbait!

Sea Level Rise

Should Marijuana be Legalized?

American Media and its Role in Violence and Mass Shootings

Are exam grades a mirror of a person’s capability?

The Death Penalty, legally justifying a breach in morality

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Quotes from the Trump-Putin Summit


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