Ukraine-Russia War – Updates and Analysis (13/03 – 18/03)

EU considering creating solidarity fund for Ukraine 23:02 – 18 Mar 2022 The European Union is considering creating a solidarity fund for Ukraine, European Council President Charles Michel has said. Mr Michel said the fund would provide basic services in the country and “meet citizens’ immediate needs”. He tweeted: “The Fund would give liquidity for […]

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The Third Parties. Who are they?

Although the voting system in Malta is somewhat favourable for the creation of a multi-party-political scene in Malta, for several decades, even before our independence, two parties have held an absolute majority within Parliament, the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party. The Democratic Alternative Party (now AD+PD) was also present since its split from the […]

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Argument for a Living Wage

Growing up I was always taught that if I put my mind to it, work hard and don’t let myself get distracted I will have a good and happy life. My parents were a living example of that mentality as was the majority of my family. The ones I heard of that were not as […]

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Ukraine-Russia War – Updates and Analysis (28/02 – 01/03)

This page is no longer being updated. Click here to view the latest batch of updates from the Russo-Ukrainian War. residential bombings in kyiv, kharkiv 23:00 – 1 Mar 2022 According to Ukraine’s State Special Communications Service, Russia bombs Kyiv neighbourhoods and Vyshneve city outside of the capital. Rusanivka, Kurenivka, Boiarka, and the Zhuliany district […]

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Putin Won

Putin does not need to invade Ukraine to get what he wants. He’s already won. For weeks running into months now, the Russian president has kept NATO countries on edge, all waiting to see what his next move will be, all ready to drop everything and whizz into diplomatic meetings like dogs waiting to be […]

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Beware of Abela bearing gifts

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. An English phrase referencing the ancient story of the Sack of Troy, when during the Trojan War, the Greeks faked a truce by giving the city of Troy a massive wooden horse, which, after the Trojans got black out drunk celebrating, opened up to reveal Greek soldiers hiding inside, opening […]

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Game over for Boris Johnson?

If there’s ever been a time where the past few months have been an absolute disaster for a British prime minister, it can most certainly be said that this has been the case for Boris Johnson as of late. Having experienced, and in some cases even engineered, one political calamity after another in the past […]

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Why the Unvaccinated Claim Victimhood

Comparisons are indeed odious. That much can be said when we see historical events, political figures and pretty much anything else of a political or historical nature being lumped with one another. These comparisons can be applied to any other field quite frankly, be it culture, socio-economics or any other field for that matter. At […]

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MPSA: Exams Should be Online for all

Pharmaceutical students are highlighting the ‘discrimination’ they’re experiencing within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, with no plans in sight for physical exams to be converted to their online alternatives, in the midst of a record number of active COVID-19 cases, and quarantined citizens. The students are saying that the faculty’s decision to conduct the […]

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